Monday 24 September 2012

Caution for morons : This is a FUN blog.

Ok, this I need to say - today is a fun day for me.
Had a KFC lunch, foot massage, watched an ultra-violent movie, Japanese dinner and a bit of shopping.
Why I need to say all these?
No reason, actually. I just feel like writing it in MY blog. Suka hati says lah nak tulis apa pun.

Well, a commentor in Rocky's blog said -

And look at Big Cat, another case of BigBlogger wannabe. His incessant ranting about how poor he is, how he can’t afford some of the most common luxuries in life and how he sounds as if his main blog theme is empathy towards his meagreness rather than pressing issues of National politics make us suspect as to what kinds of calibre of writers do we have out there in trying to protect the government.

What a moron. He really thinks that I want to be a big time government defending blogger. Why the hell would I want to be that? What? Rais Yatim can pay me ka?

I am just having fun la, idiot. If making fun of the Pakatan people makes me happy, then it's up to me lah if I want to do that in MY blog. They are hilarious to me, ok? Not really my fault to make fun of them, isn't it? Well, if you want to make fun of BN people in YOUR blog, then go ahead lah. None of my business isn't it?

As I said before, I just write whatever crosses my mind. If I want to write about myself being poor, isn't it up to me if I choose to do that in MY own blog? Who asked you to read my "incessant ranting"? First time you read my ranting, you should not have read my blog again la. The fact that you said the word "incessant" means that you are reading it numerous times and since you seems disgusted with my rantings, yet repeatedly reading it means you are really of the extremely idiotic donkey variety.

As for having the main theme of my blog not being focused on "pressing issues of National politics", eh, why la I want to be so boring. This is a fun blog la, moron. I have been writing like this from day one, ok? I am not some perasan person who is trying to sound so intelligent and important....well, because I am not like that. I'm just an ordinary person. If you agree with me, then I'm glad, but if you don't agree with me, I don't really give a crap, ok?

Ok, having said all that nonsense, let me get back to what I really want to write in this posting. It's the movie that I watched today- Dredd


A relatively low budget movie but much much better than the one
 featuring Stallone.
Some may not like it's ultra-violent nature.
But not me, I like it very much.
Made simple, yet without losing its depth. 
It is just the right movie for me.
I will definitely watch it again....hopefully in 3D.


  1. Glad to hear that you're having fun in your new environment. That's the right attitude. People can say whatever they want, how you react to it is what really matters. Enjoy life Love, that is your name, right? Continue loving ...

  2. "And look at Big Cat, another case of BigBlogger wannabe. His incessant ranting about how poor he is, how he can’t afford some of the most common luxuries in life and how he sounds as if his main blog theme is empathy towards his meagreness rather than pressing issues of National politics make us suspect as to what kinds of calibre of writers do we have out there in trying to protect the government."

    Aisey BigCat, the fact that he can't figure out that you're a GIRL says it all.... the use of all those bombastic words is just a smokescreen to hide the fact that he is actually an idiot... hehehe

    Write whatever you want..this is your blog and the last I checked Malaysia is still a free country!


    1. No question as to Big Cat. It is not a He man but Big cat is a She man - not Wo Man but MAN. Wo man interested in Aero Planes? Wo Man interested in ultra Violent film. Only Mad Cow Dumno being conned just like UMNO conned rakyat over billions of ringgits.

  3. Why don't you write Malaysian ghost stories ppeople love to read ghost stories

  4. I am with you rick , ghost stories....too much politics ,make me sick....bored to death.....

  5. Its been really fun reading your expose of the oppositions stupidity.
    Understanably being the brunt of the jokes the PR people try to rebutt with more stupid statements that make things more hilariuos.
    BC you are really good.
    When the BigBloggers are having fun at LEGOLAND why do you have move up to Klang??.


  6. I've really enjoyed your blog for almost a year now and I hope you keep writing from the heart. Your mix of lifestyle and politics makes it more like talking with family than reading a serious political commentary (even when you do make serious points). I think alot of other people enjoy your blog for the same reasons, even if they don't feel a need to comment on it.
    I hope that even if you get alot of abuse its because people are taking notice of what you have to say and then do something about it - especially improving mental health care in M'sia.

  7. Yeah la Big Cat, please write some ghost stories especially those from Johor. Your readers will adore you more...

    In our Kluang town, quite a few Japanese WW2 ghost stories among the residents. Haha

    ~ Kluang girl

  8. The DAP are Chinese with no morals like normal Malays. They are the Jinjang who wannabe Gangnam style. So talking to these Chinese wont help you or us malays. Like the communists the end justify the means.

    Just remember that. They are Chinese racists wanting to create chinese schools like Dong jong. They want to eliminate Malay from science just like that Tamil fellow, Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty. Each have their own racist reasons. But the end is the same. Elimination of Malay renaissance from the scientific and mathematic world. To consign Malay to speaking at home.

    Creating a eco system of dynamic Malay people will defend them and their lifestyle from envious Chinese and Tamils.

    So kudos to you.

  9. Its fun laa BC , when see many Pakatan exspecially DAP going insane and showing their stupidity in your blog .. of coz laa the truth is bitter .

    This Pakatan hypocrite talking about you will adore more if not writes about politic, show they undemocratic thinking like we can see in Pakatan , they will expels their members if critic DAP father and son and gag orders if their Party have any scandals or something not favour them . They think we stupid like DAP ?

  10. BC, can you write about your experience on the quality of massage parlours in JB? I wanna compare them against what they have in Mont Kiara and Damansara Uptown. Of course, no political connotation implied ya.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. I have decided that overly vulgar comments will no longer be allowed in this blog. Thank you.

    4. Gutless creep

    5. Why was there any comment of the village raving looney by any commentator.

    6. overly subjective. Need to be grown- ups to play-play being a tough hide blogger :)

    7. very good BC , Pakatan already afraid and can only come with pathethic and lowmoral comments just like their Pakatan

  11. Suka baca your blog..kesian ada juga yg confuse with you gender..nevermind continue with your authentic style Ai..go girl!

  12. "Elimination of Malay renaissance from the scientific and mathematic world".

    Fuyoh! You really must be smoking some strong stuff or you are having an attack of contrivitis. Since when science and mathematic is associated with Malays. Arabs maybe but Malays . . .pleeeeze lah

  13. "Since when science and mathematics associated with Malays"...

    I think it is since 1957 and the new education policy. Doctors and Endigneers have served the nation from UKM, Mara etc in BM syllabus.

    Have you heard of Islamic finance? Have you heard of sukuk? Are they found in Arab Saudi?
    They are too busy defining everything while the Malays have practicalised religion into something commercial.

    Malays are the centre of Malay Islamic finance simply Malays are practical. Even now Malay Islamic finance is not islamic enough for some arabs but it is still good enough for a good banking product.

    Great civilisation built on previous civilisation. No use re inventing the wheels.

  14. When I wrote with facts, figures, types of services and price for the various services at the various pusat urutan traditional in Johor which are almost exclusively manned by Malay girsdetails of which fills a long column in papers like Harian Metro, what did you do Bigcat? You deleted my comment.

    Just one word. Gutless.

    1. Your previous comment was remove because it was overly vulgar. If you are not happy that such dirty words were not given space here, I suggest you set up your own blog and fill it up with whatever vulgar stuff that make you happy. Thank you.

    2. Yeah don t layan these ball less Harian Metro readers..hehe.
      Why he so kiasu want. Malay girls are popular..

      Let them just read Metro Harian and fill their piteously pious sexless envious souls. And die sexless...