Saturday 29 September 2012

The quintessential Malay's non-election budget

(Note: Tomorrow I am shutting down my Celcom accounts. Their services are really crap. I was trying to put a picture of Najib here but the bloody line kept being cut off. Real f*^$%*^@$#%&$)  

Just reached home from work.

It's almost 1am as I'm writing this. Very tired but the adrenaline still pumping.....

It's the budget thing, I guess.

Maybe I shouldn't have put it here, THE 2013 BUDGET SPEECH (The whole thing), too long, but thought it would be good for record purposes.

Honestly, all thing's considered, if we go through it with an opened mind, the budget doesn't look very extra ordinary.

I know, there are lots of goodies, but really la, it's actually just another usual BN budget....except, there's no tax increase for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages this time....which probably make a lot of people happy.

Actually, I don't think Najib had gone over the top with the distribution of hands-outs and goodies in this budget to win the coming general election.

For instance, he only gave one per cent discount for my income tax. I don't think that would change the mind of the fence sitters among the middle income group. Let's say if Najib gave 20 per cent discount, then I think there will indeed be a huge swing of votes among that group. But he didn't, probably because he knows if he does that, the country will suffers in the long run. Yes, he can become even more popular if he had proceed with it, but that would be very irresponsible of him.

Honestly, I don't even want to describe the Budget 2013 as an election budget. Yes, it was meant to please the people and make their life a little bit better, but beyond that I don't see that this budget had been tailored exclusively to win the coming general election.

Najib is just like that. The same guy I used to follow around back then in Pekan. He has always tries to do the right thing in a responsible manner. Just look at the way he took over from Pak Lah. He didn't try to be popular and instigate others to call for the sleepy old man to quit. He is the quintessential good Malay man.

If it has been Anwar, then maybe yes, I think he will do whatever necessary to win the coming election.

After all, his "shadow budget" says he wants to make cars cheaper for the young middle class to further choke the streets of KL.

He also wants the Orang Utan of Borneo a chance to play a thrilling game of crossing the highway (which would be built through their virgin rainforest home) from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu.


  1. Nothing wrong with putting the whole speech in. In fact, your readers will thank you for the effort. I tried to open NST online but kept getting the message server down or not found, something like that. May be my own broadband connection got problem. However, I was able to access your blog. So, that means I read the whole damn thing on BigCat's blog first. Thanks Love.

  2. Don't blame Celcom just because you cannot upload Najib's picture. Maybe it is rejected because of corrupt file.

    1. From my experience, celcom line is good for voice but broadband, I would opt for others. The line is slow compared to others.

      Why bare with the problems, just change the line. Problem solved.

  3. Celcom? I am thinking of doing the same.
    I have a blackberry but never signed up for any broadband line.
    The funny thing is every month I've been getting about rm30-rm40 bill for data/wifi usage.
    The answer I get from the celcom staff when I made a complain? Kenapa tak sign up broadband line bila guna smart phone? Itu saya punya suka la kan?
    If not for the inconveneice of phone number change & all,I would have cancelled my post paid account with 4 other lines of family plan.
    Hope that Datuk Shazali is also a BC fan and reading this.
    On the budget, its a sweet budget allrigth.
    Better a sweet budget than sweet promises from a sweet talker that turned out to sweet nothings.


  4. Referring part part 165,

    "is whether life today is better than yesterday, and whether tomorrow gives hope that is full of possibilities and potential. If the answer is yes, please give the mandate to the present Government to further improve what we have today, without any hesitation."

    The big question is "Is life today better then yesterday"?

    Lets not go back to the days before the independence, but comparing now and 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

    I think different people would have different perceptions.

    The traffic in KL do not get better, the people more racist, house and everything so expensive such that husband and wife have to work. I do not think life is less stressful then yesterdays.

    This is only my view but others might disagree.

    Some more, there is the talk of GST tax. (not in the budget). After the election maybe?

    BN need to work harder if it want to say "life now is better then yesterday" and stop referring to the days before independence.


    1. The Malays did not go on a rampage when pigs head were thrown in the mosques because Malays were rational to realise that it was a group of Malays who did that. Macam di Johor when similar incident happened it was later found out that it was Malays who did it. Macam surau di Muar dibakar, police investigation ended with the arrest of a group of Malay youths who admitted. The latest in Taman Daya, Johor incident police kata they arrested the suspected persons who threw pig heads which was balut dengan baik, kemudian letak dalam beg plastik dan kemudian letak dalam beg plastik hitam. Dah lebih enam bulan, masih tiada seorangpun yang ditangkap dituduh. Malays know bila Malays yang buat angkara dan ada segelintir Melayu pakar buat onar, baling batu cuba sembunyi tangan.Tapi malangnya tangan masih berbau tahi, dapat di kesan dan dikenal pasti.

    2. Anonymous 00.08,

      Is it really about perception?

      The manner then I wrote, you think that I am not Malay. That is your perception but you are wrong.

      Zaman dulu memang ada perasaan perkauman tetapi zaman sekarang perasaan perkauman dicanang untuk maksud politik.

      Kalau banding dulu dengan sekarang, PM kata "Today is better then yesterday. Mengikut wawasan 2020, Tun Mahathir, kita sepatutnya menzahirkan Bangsa Malaysia (refer pada tahun 2020. Nampak gaya tak kesampaian.

      So, is today better then yesterday? Racism is only a proportion of things that I think have not improved. There are other matters as well.

      Please dont say "are you racist? If you say no, then its No". Things are more complicated then that.

  5. 55 years not enough? Greedy to have another 5 more years? Our debt is about 53%. Another 5 years, Europe will see SE Asia in Tanah Persekutuan having protest like them as we are burden with debts.


    1. Europe will see SE Asia "Tanah Persektuan"having pretest like them.

      Malaysian has adopt to the protest culture since refomasi,tank's to Anuar ,and if now they call 'bersih',may be then they will call 'hutang'.

    2. Apa nak buat ? Najib is bankrupting the country, and soon we will have to clean up the mess created by BN...but hopefully we will have enough documents to show that BN squandered billions and billions on cronyism and nepotism, especially in the last 30 years.

      When we get to Putrajaya, we will show the truth about Syed Mokhtar, about PKFZ, about all the highly priced deals awarded to cronies. We will show about how acquisitions have been inflated by 1MDB, by MOD, by almost every ministry.

  6. Bersyukurlah..

    If the 'other side (dark side)' and the 'other guy (omegay)' rule this nation, i believe that malaysians will not even get a single cent from them!

  7. Pakatan Rakyat's shadow cabinet cannot give, still want to propose shadow Budget. Real tak malu punya AnuWar.
    Pee dah mabuk.


  8. A lot of morons here trying to change history. Citizenships were "given" by the Malays ? Why the need to constantly try to change history ? The British archives are available for you to read on how the Brits agreed to the independence of Malaysia, who negotiated what, etc. Oh, I forgot, so many readers here don't understand England. Kena baca edisi Bahasa baru faham, but then the Malay edition is always misinterpreted - on purpose.

  9. Last throw of the dice for BN. If they don't spend spend spend now, they may not get a chance to do anything for the next 5 years but spend time as the next Opposition. Better to take the chance of the country going bankrupt than to try and be prudent when you are already going to be in Opposition.

  10. Bajet yang akan bankrapkan Malaysia. Rakyat lah yang akan derita...bukan orang kaya.

  11. Bajet Curi2 1Malaysia.

  12. Can I ask Najib to give me the contract to supply motorbikes to PDRM ? Tell him boleh bagi komisyen. Harga dari Cina baru RM 3,000 satu, tapi untuk UMNO, saya akan bagi harga RM 10,000 satu. Harga perbezaan kita boleh runding.

  13. BigCat you should read OutSyedThebox budget analysis before saying this is bajet rakyat.

    This is a bajet dasyat for Indian companies like Bumi Armada who got 30% tax cut! This is worth millions.
    This is not a Belanjawan Rakyat. It is a Dasyat Bajet. Dasyat dari keuntungan yang diberikan kepada orang -orang Cina dan India di daolam Oil and Gas.

    Cukai untuk peribadi dikurangkan 1% tapi cukai untuk Tokey Minyak sepert Bumi Armada kepunyaan Ananda Krishnan dan SapuraKencana dihapuskan sama sekali untuk 10 tahun! Dasyat betul! Begitu juga penjual handphone dapat RM300 juta,penjual buku mendapat RM365 juta. Dasyat.

    My heart goes out to the Malays who supported UMNO and who has to beg for RM500 ringgit for a once in a life time payment.

    Begitu juga 20 billion untuk subsidi diesel kepada kilang dan pengusaha Cina diberikan oleh Presiden UMNO.

    May God reward Najib and his greedy cronies with the appropriate punishment. I submit to Allah