Sunday, 23 September 2012

Waiting and thinking of Muslims

Sitting quietly with a book and this laptop at this new place of mine. The room I'm renting is next to the kitchen and has no attached bathroom. But ok la for Rm300 per month, the same as my place in JB.

I'm actually waiting for my Chinaman to pick me up for lunch. The fella was still asleep when I called just now. Really useless.

Been searching for something significant to write about but couldn't find anything really interesting. Most are the usual stuff.

Even the images of Nik Aziz stepping on pictures of the American flag and president doesn't really drew my interest. That one normal lah. What could we expect from Muslims such as the Pas leaders. It's the only way they can express their anger towards the Great Satan.  As if the Great Satan care at all about the whole thing.

To me such symbolic acts and gestures only signify Muslims impotence in the face of their enemies. They serve no purpose at all other than showing others that Muslims are so hopelessly weak that all they can do are to scream and shout their anger without being able to do anything about it. And then there's Nik Aziz's call for Muslims to boycott American-made products and brands, which I find rather silly as I had heard this call since many years ago. It's lame and never works, ok? Anyway, there are not that many real American stuff to boycott anymore. Most are made in other countries. Nike is made in Indonesia, ok? Levis is made in Thailand.....errr, Apple products are made in Samsung factories, I heard.

Why can't Muslims instead get together and plan on something smart to get back at their improving themselves to be on par or better than their enemies. We shouldn't be lowering ourselves to the level of the scums that attack us, I think. I think that's the way of the handsome old man Dr want to fight, make sure you are capable and equipped to do so.

For once, I'm rather ok with what KJ and gang did on Friday. If we still want to vent our anger, let's do it in a rationale manner at our own place. Muslims gathering at mosques and holding special prayers in protest is better than behaving like monkeys. We don't really have to showcase to the world our own weakness. UNLESS OF COURSE THE WHOLE THING ABOUT SHOWING OUR ANGER IN FRONT OF THE US EMBASSY IS JUST TO SHOW HOW ISLAMIC WE ARE SO THAT WE CAN GET MORE MALAY MUSLIM VOTES IN THE COMING GENERAL ELECTION. Well, let Pas continue with that. Good Umno people should know that they are better than that.

Anyway, I'm trying to practice the same principle of being cool in dealing with my detractors in this blog. I need to restrain myself from reacting to these sorts of provocations -

Big Cat, "lots of responsibilities to fulfil and they put a lot of strains on my finances".

What about the rest in your family, well we can leave out the nutter but the rest? Don't tell me they are leachers and penniless church mouse. Well there is pejabat kebajikan and zakat for people like you.

Yes, I am particularly sensitive about people insulting my brother because of his mental condition, but I guess that's the way it is with these DAP cybertroopers. They respect no rules of engagements.

Good also, it shows the other readers of this blog what type of people they are. Even my Chinaman who is partial to DAP was quite upset when he read such personal attacks directed at me by those cybertroopers. He feels that I have been quite restrained even in my postings about loathsome DAP personalities such as Guan Eng. He said I just mostly made jokes about Guan Eng more than anything else and the DAP cybertroopers should not need to make personal attacks at me.

Well, I am not asking for sympathy. They can continue with it and I will still let through their comments. I think it will be a good practice of self-discipline for me. And I believe it will make me a better person than those people who made such personal hate comments towards me.

Errrr....the guy here already....waiting outside the house. Need to go now. Hope you all good people have a pleasant Sunday.



  1. Welcome to your new address BC, have a good day and many many days in future.

    Don't worry too much about the DAP Cybertroopers, small minded fellas lah.

  2. What ever thier belive ,human are human they had feeling,that is part of thier nature'fitrah',that's part of God creation .I think every religion followers also will react if thier religion are being insulted becous that what the belive trough out generation.Should we blamed them when they react voilently, though they unreasonably terrorising thier own's and killing amomgs themself to fulfil thier beyond control anger towerd the unreacheble subject.
    The objective was fulfil ,and the whole world is looking down on the Muslim world ,and Muslim and Islam as a religion suffer serious embarresmment ,that was thier main objective aftr all ,unless Muslim learned to overcome thier anger.
    Among's our so called Malaysian brothers and sister's who are not Muslim also are taking full advantage of the situation and labelling Islam and thier followers with all sort of name's,'just read trough the comment's in your blog and other blog as well',well to me at least gave us a clear picture wather they are really trully our brothers and sister's.

  3. Big Cat,
    For once i think you have more balls than the Anonymous DAP cybertroopers that made such low blow. I noticed the DAP cybertroopers are only able to come up with their "macho" talk when their identity can remain as anonymous. If you are really serious of expressing yourself, they should be man enough to reveal their identity. Baling batu sorok tangan...


  4. How about some jokes on Najib? I am sure you will bring down the roof if you can tell a joke about Nazri Aziz, Rais Yatim, Noh Omar and the foot in the mouth Hishammuddin Hussein Onn.

    Since you have said enough jokes on Guan Eng and Nik Aziz, lets hear you BN jokes.

  5. Here's some thinking Muslims response to a problem which even Nik Aziz, Khairy and the rests couldn't find.

    Why did these thinking Muslims (Not Nik Aziz Khairy and the likes)- I think its their sincereity to the MUslim cause: you see these people are not speaking as politicians, because they are not politicians, but they are sincere scholars of Islam.

    SO it is pleasing to learn that the US Ambassador to Libya will have his chance to get even with his murderer on the day of Judgement over his murder!

    The blog is still under construction and intend to build it up to help MUslims understand their own religion, insya allah.

  6. Keep on good writing BC , and dont stop to write about DAP wrongdoings , the more you write about DAP , their cybertroopers will show how low moral they are and the funny thing they even cant write the good comment based on an article .. now we all know the real DAP lowlife cybertroopers , hypocrite and hatred towards Malay and Islam .

  7. kucing besar tapi tak kurap i hope...anyway u mentioned abt have a pleasant Sunday??my sunday yesterday was indeed very pleasant..managed to wash my car and my missus, then went for a walk buy newspapers, Utusan is a must!!!but the nost pleasant of all is that my team MU won 2-1..if you read the blogs all the other teams people rant the refreeing..but if watch the replays, the refrees made all the correct decisions..and better still the niosy neighbours didnt get 3 points. Also made most pleasant and most hilarious was to see my cucu of 3yrs old doing the Opa Gangnam

  8. BC - Your Chinaman is a human? No feelings when Mad cow Dumno used unkoran words and calling people PIGS. Your Chinaman accept such words thrown at people? Then I wonder if he is a VCD seller or educated with manners and sense of courtesy and most of all a Gentleman. Those DUMNO bloggers are not unmannered.

    1. "Those DUMNO bloggers are not unmannered." hahaha #ROFL deyyy you already said it . something its quite funny reading this Pakatan insane commentar , show how stupid they are and trying to be know about everything .