Wednesday 28 December 2011

The big fishes are not just in the south la

Prominent blogger Rockybru seems quite confident about a Johor assemblman to be charged soon in connection with the IIB corruption matter.

This is his latest  posting -
Next change: A big fish in the South

Well, Rocky, if you are right, then things will really get very exciting. If the MACC boys go after that BN assemblyman, then definitely they will also have to go after some very funny characters in Khazanah too.

Don't tell me those Khazanah directors supervising IIB do not know what were going on?

Those IIB head honchos were after all appointed by the Khazanah BOD. Don't tell me they did not check the background of those they appointed to become head of IIB's major projects such as Medini?

 Eh, I would not have let those characters within 50 yards of my little piggy bank la.

I remember cringing when I found out about some of the appointments back then. Heard it caused the same effect on MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman too.  

Ok, who among you Khazanah directors and big time officials are golfing buddies of IIB people back then? Hah, you all think people don't know ka? Your laptops and Berries kena confiscated by the E&Y people or not back then?

You all think, people do not know the real reason why Azman Mokhtar had to send in the E&Y team ka? Well, definitely not because the Khazanah directors supervising IIB recommended it.

Back to the assemblyman said to be implicated by this IIB thing, well, his constituency is a major battle ground in Johor for the coming general election. The Pakatan people are gathering their forces there. If he is indeed going to be charged with something, then Datuk Ghani may have to adjust Johor BN's strategy. That will be a major headache, I think.

Really, if any Pakatan people say in my face that the latest round of crackdown against several BN people is just a political ploy, I think I will smack their mouth off. How can it be a ploy if you go and undermine your own people manning the most crucial constituency so near the general election ? Even if he is not to be charged, a suggestion of corruption against the assemblyman is enough to undermine BN in that constituency. So, people, get real lah.

P.S Irda people, see, this is what I meant by you all need to clean up your house. It started with bad running of the organisation, then hanky panky, then things blew up and get stinky and in the end the  BN State government people have to bear with the mess in the general election. Now you all got it or not? Want to lodge a police report against me some more....sheesh....


  1. Since it's hot and in the news, don't just go after IRDA; go after the great debacle in MAS as well. Things are not right there as well!

  2. Ya since the MACC is hot on Khazanah's IIB trail of misdeeds to put it mildly, perhaps they should also be looking at another Khazanah controlled company i.e MAS RM18million sponsorship of the below par QPR in the English Premier League, the deal which was brokered soon after the secret MAS-Air Asia share swap really got many tongues wagging and some say did not go thru' the normal tender process.

  3. err bigcat,
    Sharizat herself mentioned that who in UMNO is without problems. If that is not a mea culpa on the level of sleaze and corruption in UMNO then really what is?

    On the issue of the Johor ADUN being soon to be arrested, well, its like this. There are a 1000 rotten eggs in the BN basket. MACC nabs one of them, surprising yes, but not enough to change the perception of the public.

    Or put it another way, MACC is right now 6-0 down at half time in terms of credibility. They slammed DSKT and now assuming they go after this dude, its like pulling 2 goals back but still being losing 2-6 in the minds of the public.

    However, all that said, if there was one fall guy, then might as well be IRDA. I totally disapprove of the way they launched that police report against you, so maybe they get an extra goal for clamping down hard on these kind of folk

  4. eddy my friend,
    one at a time, ok. let the MACC bois do their job properly. cheers

    dear anon 09:25
    before you want to make yoursel sound so smart, please get to know the difference between iskandar malaysia, IIB and Irda first.

  5. Bigcat,

    You are right. Negeri Sembilan to Johore has traditionally been solid "Blue" states. Johore has been the most formidable. GE 2008 saw the North kaput and penetration Southwards in NS. In the crucial GE ahead, Johore has to maintain it's reputation as the "Blue" fortress.
    Question: Will Datuk Abdul Ghani be calling the shots in election candidates?

    Thank you

  6. Maybe the CCM should take a hard look at Sec. 132 of Companies Act for the QPR sponsorship

  7. No to TONY !No to TONY !No to TONY !No to TONY !No to TONY !
    No to Azman !No to Azman !No to Azman !No to Azman !
    No to Danny !No to Danny !No to Danny !No to Danny !
    sudah muak dengan lu orang punya angkuhan.
    sudah muak dengan Najib punya playsafe blue ocean high income nation 1M cool.
    Najib is presiden of UMNO, and will be Ketua Pembangkang Parlimen.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

  8. BIg Cat

    If i were UMNO/BN politicians, i would pay special attention, very special attention to what you said in this piece - that UMNO, and the BN Government will PAY very high political price, when Khazanah, their appointed directors and their highly prized executives misbehaved and mismanaged.

    SO will we see them do what YB Wee Choo Keong does in and put of parliament -- highlights these rotten cases? I certainly hope so.

    Their future is at stake. Time to speak up on behalf of the RAKYAT. That is what they claimed to do all the time!!

    Am i hopeful -- Naaaah.

  9. dear freddie,
    Johor will still be blue if Datuk Ghani is allowed to handle things without any interference. I pray that Datuk Najib has the wisdom to realise this.

    dear goldtrex,
    try not to be too negative. Mine is a pro-BN blog, yet I still cover this Khazanah-IIB nonsense which may be bad for BN. Fyi, the whole thing turned out like this because an Umno leader do not tolerate these sorts of nonsense in his State. I will write about that later when things have settled down. Be patient ya.

  10. Betul juga, kalau pembesar Khazanah tak tahu apa yang berlaku mereka tu tunggul kayu sajalah di situ. kalau mereka tahu tapi buat tak tahu aje maknanya mereka bersekongkollah..macam tu lah apa namanya er Sharizat laki dia buat bisnes lembu macam mana dia tak tahu.. tapi dia menteri..nak kata bodoh tak boleh..nak kata cerdik itulah gayngya..

  11. It's like walking on a road full of "portholes".

  12. Funny enough put the map of Medini in this writeup. Perhaps you might want to find out more on how the Medini land deals were structured with the Arab Consortiums and a Sri Lankan individual, who hides behind few companies registered in British Virgin Island. How the hell Khazanah signed the deal with these suspicious companies is a mystery.

    You will find out that the deal involved:

    1) I sell to you Medini land at x dollar, but you can sell back to me at x+y dollar. (Never mind if you make profit y dollar from me atas angin).

    2) When I sell to you at x dollar, you pay me in many INSTALLMENT over few years. But when you sell back to me at x+y dollar, I IMMEDIATELY pay you cash. (Never mind if you actually RECYCLE my money to pay me as the original land owner).

    3) In addition, if you feel that you cannot make 20% profit from the land plots, you can return the land back to me, and I pay you higher at x+z dollar. (Never mind if you actually pass all the business risks to me because I am stupid).

    3) Together we create many vehicles to undertake projects on Medini, we use government money to fund those projects, either using grant of soft loans. (See, the government cannot let us fail).

    Let's not kill the excitement BigCat. You need to do some investigative journalism. Ask MACC if they are aware about this. By the way, all these agreements were signed by Khazanah people on behalf of IIB.

  13. dear anon 21:31
    no need for me to ask MACC lah, u wrote it down already what...hehehe

  14. Your response is a typical arrogant umno supporter
    had the wrong impression about u
    Was 50-50 but now will support opposition all the way.

    Anon 925

  15. dear anon925,
    but I called u dear and said please what...well, never mind....

  16. Agree with Anon 925.

    Yes, you called him/her 'dear' and said 'please'.

    But, despite his/her attempt to side you with regard to the report lodged against you, you are still sarcastic. Perhaps you need to go through his/her comment again.

  17. dear anon 01:49
    ok lah ok lah...I am a bad girl...sorry la, but really, anon 925 need to know the basic facts first before commenting. IIB and Irda are different entities. Don't get confused ok, make u look...errr, not very smart. Hmmmm...being pro-BN very difficult liao, need to be extra polite.

  18. May be my English is poor. But from my own understanding, based on my poor English, Anon 925 had made no mention of nor allusion to IIB. He/she was only making reference to the report lodged against you by Irda, of which he/she 'totally disapproved.' So,why the sarcasm by asking him/her 'to know the difference between iskandar malaysia, IIB and Irda first?'

    Anyway, this is your blog. The prerogative is yours anything pertaining to it.

    Anon 01:49

  19. joehancl/PRAY, it works29 December 2011 at 22:00

    I say bigcat, if u are pro b end u will certainly want good old fashion values in it. So u should be kicking s when they misbehave. Maybe u are not big enough.

  20. Big cat, you are quite a cow yourself.....Don't bring IRDA in this corruption case of IIB.....Nothing to do with them I think. Look at how you journalists are corrupted yourself by freebies you get and money paid to do write-ups on companies....wanna know some names in Johore of journalists doing it?

  21. dear joe...,
    well, I think if we want to kick ass, we need to be smart and responsible about it. Need to try avoid colleteral damage among the innocents ya.

    BTW, I am not really that big, quite cute and petite actually...hehehe

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Dear anon 10:22 aka KK,
    I am sorry that I can't let your comment through due to possible legal implications. Please try to be a bit more discreet next time. Thanks anyway for your comment, Cheers

  24. Bigcat,

    I must agree with some of the commenters as regards to Anon 9.25. I too was a bit bemused at your initial reply.

    Reading the 9.25 comment, I found it supportive except "scapegoat", which could have precipitated your response.

    Not mitigating on your behalf.

    That being said, @Anon 9.25 to decide your political stance on account of being rebuffed, is naive and if I may say so, immature. No offense intended.

    Merajuk ok lah!

    Dear Bigcat, IMHO an apology is appropriate.

    If it is not forthcoming, fine. If it is, great!

    Thank you

    @Anon 6.30

    No need for bovine comments. Wonder which journalists you are referring to? It's great doing a job you love and getting paid for it, no?

  25. dato sri najib, please take some action now and punish the big fish, public want to see blood so that they can cast their vote without thinking to much. this is not abt puttin anwar in jail, more of voting govt with intergity. cheers.

  26. Dear Freddie,
    I said sorry already what...even admitted I'm a bad girl. Hmmm...but I still think that anon didn't know the difference between Irda and IIB before commenting. Well...cheers.

  27. AMOK must go ... his actions do more harms to is KN & nation..

  28. Dearest Bigcat,

    I still think you need to go through Anon 925's comment again.

    You tell me which part of his/her comment that entails him/her 'to know the difference between Irda and IIB.'

    If your are referring to the comment regarding the impending ADUN's arrest', it was made in the context of BN tainted image. And when Anon 925 made reference to Irda, it was in the context of the report lodged against you.

    There is nothing at all in the comment trying to connect or disconnect the three entities.

    It doesn't matter whether I don't look so smart after having made this comment. I stand by what I have said earlier.

    You're typical of a person with a bloated ego. There's always a 'but' to anything.

    To Anon 925, don't let this bad episode dampens your new year celebration. A comment with a good intention and supportive of the blogger apparently has been grossly misunderstood. What you get in return are arrogance and sarcasm.

    Anon 04:39

  29. Dearest Anon 04:39,
    still at it, eh? ok lah, I got a bloated ego, arrogant and sarcastic. I am also an evil BN supporter.
    I am so so sorry I am like that, I know I know, I am a piece of pig shit, happy or not?

    Ok lah ya, should do isn't it. You and Anon 925, have a happy new year. Cheers :)

    sheeeshhh...the things I do for my readers....

  30. Dearest Bigcat,

    I have been a keen follower of your blog ever since it hits the cyber space. The subjects discussed are prescient and give me good insights into multi-dimensional of issues.

    It is just that I don't feel quite comfortable, sometime, with the language used in the response as it reminds me of a few other pro-UMNO bloggers that resort to vulgarity, name calling, lacking in decorum etc.

    It is just not you to fall into that category unless the commenters deserve it for their uncalled for comments.

    BTW,I am also pro-UMNO.

    Happy New Year, regards and cheers to you and your family.

    Anon 04:39