Saturday 10 December 2011

BIGCAT rambles on

Still on the road and can't post anything proper. Really lots of work to do.

Well, of course there is that Irda nonsense. Later lah I write more about that. U all probably got the basic info at Rockybru's or Mole. Stupid pricks la these Irda people. Well, what do you expect from an organisation whose HOD of legal department is someone whose experience closes to practicing law was teaching external degree students at some backlane private college. Like that also monthly salary over 20k. Sheesh...tegur sikit lodge police report, kerah MCMC. What, tired lah talking about these people.

Need to get off now. the lorry driver giving me a ride is calling for me outside this cybercafe (really need to get myself a laptop lah). No time to get good picture to go with this posting. Maybe another song eh....this one made me cried the first time I listened to it. I am that sentimental....hehehehe

Ok. Continuing my journey. Cheers everyone.

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