Thursday 1 December 2011

My old dog

Just got back from the vet. My old dog is sick again. Yes, I have a dog, ok.

 The poor fella is 15 years old and is suffering from bronchitis of some sorts.

So, I am feeling a bit crabby today. Worried about my dog. The vet advised me to put him down but I told her to give my dog a chance for awhile more. Hopefully he will recover.

Arrived at the office a bit late and there are tonnes of work to do.

The papers and cyberspace are full of Umno stories.

Don't really feel like writing about them. Biggest reason was that I am dissapointed with Shahrizat. This was just a dream then -

Shahrizat can be the greatest Umno heroine ever

The election is around the corner....a bit tired whenever I think of that....Johor BN most likely going to lose some seats. Some Umno leaders are still stubborn and refuse to change. The component parties also have not yet gone all out to win back  the votes of the non-Malays. Some government agencies are even siding with the Pakatan people in harassing their pro-BN staff.

Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman may try his best, but he is not a superman. My prediction is that Johor will still be under BN but my beloved home state will be more racially polarised  after the election. Something like Sarawak.

Ok, this posting is a tad sad....never mind....let me spice it up a bit.....

I am dedicating this song to all my friends in Irda. Don't be too tense ya bros and sis. Cheers.


  1. Engkau ni Muslim, Bagaimana boleh simpan anjing,,,,haram!

  2. Anon 04:10,
    where u got that idea from?

  3. Malaysia ada banyak macam anon 04:10 - tambah sedeh?

    And all the red red show at pwtc.......

  4. I hope your dog will get better soon.. Btw, brother Anonymous, I assumed you have not been reading the Quran and understand the words in surah 18:18 and 18:19, per se..

    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  5. Gambar anjing ni is much better than gambar babi itu hari.A swine reminds me so much of that particular person yg rupa dia pun macam babi.
    You know who la.....

  6. anon 04.10,

    siapa kata haram simpan anjing?

    bukan setakat boleh, bahkan boleh juga memiliki anjing pemburu yang terlatih! anjing itu boleh membunuh binatang buruan dan ia halal dimakan (setelah disamak).

    tak percaya? rujuk kitab fekah.

  7. Sharizat is best friend of Rosmah Mansor.Kak Ijat ni loyarrr Beruk.Hoping very much K Ijat stays out of politics n help hubby with cowdung business.He he hu hu


  8. Anon 04:10,

    Apalah bebal sangat kamu ni?

    Sejak bila bela anjing tu haram? Lainla kalau bela babi. Ustaz kampung mana bagitau kamu? Tolong bagi tahu hadis mana yang mengatakan kalau bela anjing malaikat tak masuk rumah...aku nak tengok sikit.

    Or you can go and protest phyisically at the UPM Vetenary Clinic (which is one of the best around) and pi dok jerit kat all the muslim female vets and trainees vets yang bertudung (yang labuh pun ada)who lovingly stick their bare hands in the mouths of all the dogs (dobermans included)of their non-muslim customers even before inspecting them as they do really care about animals.

    Tak gheti baca Quran ke? kalau basah, pergi la samak. bukan aku suruh kau pi makan anjing tu...samdul!

    Aku pun tak bela anjing (kuching yes) but I do what is halal, haram and hearsay from retards religious wannabe bigots.

    So please think before you show your stupdity to all concern.

  9. Ok lah...simpan Babi Di rumah juga, Muslim murtad