Friday 23 December 2011

Malaysian courts bias?

Back in town. Been busy running around doing necessary nonsense. No time at all to drop by any cybercafe. Did however manage to borrow someone's computer to let go some comments and that' about all. Well, need to earn a living ma.

 Almost a week since my last posting. Lots of things happened. Some good, some not so good.

There was Shahrizat having repeated Press conferences to insist she is still relevant after the NFC thingy. Hmmm...enough la lady. You want to stay relevant so much, go ahead lah. guess Umno have to suffer some fools all the time. Nothing new what.

Then there was the flood in Johor. Not so bad at the moment. I mean not as bad as last time la. Hopefully it would not get worse. Heard the Johor BN machinery who were supposed to go take a short break from their gruelling schedule end of this month had to reverse gear and help in flood relief efforts.  Never mind, people first, politics later. Good also like that.

Hmmm.... then there was that gay Malay-Irish wedding huha....I better not write about it. Well, I am trying to stop using vulgar words in this blog anyway. The best write-up on that one in my opinion was by NST's Chok Suat Ling, my favourite MSM writer. Miss Chok's writing can be quite hilarious sometimes. I like.

Oh, just now heard in the radio that Dr Khir Toyo was found guilty over the purchase of some land when he was Selangor MB. Wah! Umno guy also kena by the courts? I thought lots of people said courts in this country are bias and always find in favour of the evil Umno people. How la this one? Anyone want to say the courts being unfair to Khir Toyo? All those Pakatan bloggers, how? Anyone want to go demo on the streets and demand real justice for Khir Toyo?

 Wonder if they are going to say courts unfair when decision of Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case come out next month, will there be streets demo if the charming boy is found guilty,,,anyone want to bet?

Never mind lah, I think we all know the answers to all that.

On a more sad note - Cesaria Evora, my favourite Latin singer died the other day. This is her in my favourite of her video clips -


  1. The courts should should conclude cases based on facts.

    In the Toyo case, Khir could have done an Anwar by asking the Judge to recuse himself or use some of Anwar's delay tactics but he did not.

    So, if the people still cannot see through it all, they must really be thick in the skull department.


  2. Whatever it is, Khir Toyo sure has got more class than Anwar Ibrahim that's for sure. For sure the Pakatan fan boys will be singing praises at the Judge who found Khir Toyo guilty, I can hear one say enlightened and the other one say honest judge already.

  3. Alao no comments forthcoming for officers being shot in discharging duties.

  4. Khir's case is merely a staged PR job, that much I can say.

    Kiwi, NZ