Friday 16 December 2011

A message from Irda and my reply

Received a message from Iskandar Regional  Development Authority (Irda) last night.

1. No witch hunt

2. Will leave things be

3. Engage media - new and old - better

My reply.

Walaikum-salam En Ismail. Thanks for the effort. Sorry that I can't meet you personally for obvious reasons. Here is my reply -

1. It's none of my business if you want to have a witch hunt. It's your organisation, so, you do what you want with your people. But I can assure you, that those who are send for DI, suspended or sacked will have their names posted here along with the real reasons why they suffered such fate.
Well, you are already witch hunting me, complete with police report etc etc, but I am fine with that. You do what you feels need to be done. I will do the same over here.

2. Leaving things be will not do you any good. You need to improve things. Your aides cannot go around bullying their collegues or be perceived as doing so. You need to clean up your house. No more wasting tax payers' money paying huge sums to useless consultants and some of your HOD conmen. I wouldn't care what you want to do if Irda is your parents' company, but it actually belongs to the people and therefore should have good governannce. I think you know that. The MB had said good things about you to me and I believed him. Please don't let the good MB down. He got the general election to deal with and can do without your people creating nonsense and pissing off the orang kampung.

3. Being nice to the Press is good. For starters, you can ask your corporate comm head to be in JB more than in KL. Do proper engagements with the locals. If she don't want, then get someone else to do it. Do me a favour please, ask your corporate comm people,  when was the last time they have direct interaction with the locals. You will be surprised by their answers.

Ok, that's all. I got other things to do for now.

En Ismail, you want to fix or not fix things, that's up to you. If you decide to let things slide, then that's too bad.

What ever it is, all the I had said previously, you are not such a bad dude, Hopefully I don't have to kacau you and your people again. Cheers.


  1. Well rebutted, Big Cat.

    We, MAS Troubleshooters are with you.

    Let the game begin.

  2. Tiga ayat balas dari IRDA macam lepaskan batuk ditepi tangga. Really, how do you engage the media new and old with short sentences which creates more questions then answers.

    Certainly the Corporate Comm kepala should be where the action is together with the IRDA boss man i.e here in JB.

  3. Dear Troubleshooter,
    thanks for the support. Let's try our best to make things better for this country. Cheers

    Dear Eddy,
    At least the Irda CE made the effort. Despite the stupid police report, I'm still happy that he now realise that I was not being malicious when I first advised him about problems in his organisation.. The 3 ayat were just summary of what he actually conveyed. Let's hope he really fixed things after this. I just want the best for Iskandar Msia, and I believe, so do every good Malaysians. Cheers.

  4. Thanks for the clarification BIGCAT :), its good that the IRDA CE communicated with you directly.

  5. As a long timer who works with him, he is the person with character of cakap x serupa bikin. Lain cakap lain buat. Different talk to different people on the same issue. Cheers