Saturday 17 December 2011

Rain Song

The rain had stopped....for awhile, I guess.

 It's been non-stop the whole day here for the past three days. Let's pray there will be no major flood this time around.

 I am not feeling very peachy. Had to turn down a very good offer today....just not fated I guess.

Can't write much. I'm writing this using a borrowed netbook. Can borrow just for awhile only. Maybe I ll buy myself one of these when I have the money.

 Maybe next year...I am unlikely to get any bonus this year. My bosses had made it clear that they hate me....they said I talked too much. Well, I have to agree with them on that one....hehehe

 Need to sleep all take care. I leave you all with this nice song. Be cool ya.


  1. Same here buddy, my boss and my immediate boss really hate my guts. The have the upperhand though, my contract not extended .... but its ok, will try to get other job ... need to survive anyway. Cheers.

  2. Dear CDR, sorry to hear that. All the best my friend. But its ok, insyaallah, rezeki are everywhere to be found. Have faith and Allah will provide. Cheers.

  3. Hey Big Cat,
    Hopefully you'll get that big fat bonus next year. Anyway, this Led Zep's song is one of my favorite. It has been quite along time and still sound good. Good choice.
    Happy New Year to you.

  4. Hey Billy, happy new year to u too. A bit early, but what the heck eh. Well, not really hoping for the bonus la. I talk only that one. The company I'm working for is not healthy actually. Furthermore, next year the economy doesn't seems to be so good. The truth is I ll be happy if I still have a job by end of next year...hehehe