Sunday 11 December 2011

Bridge to happiness

I think I will be happy about something next month....probably Tun Dr  Mahathir Mohamad and all true Malaysians will be happy too....sorry, can't say more than that. Till next month, ok.


  1. Jambatan Kebahagiaan

  2. big cat, i am pretty sure theres a heavy price to pay for that. not that i am sceptic or non believer but last this that bridge mooted, its kinda checkmate of a kind to singapore n to all kiasus out there

    so many advantages we got over that one. then the little dot men realised it was something bad for them or they had nothing to bargain over, decided NO and mr autopilot bited the 'complications of rules' or whatever bait. then we ended up paying nearly 1 billion ringgit for nothing. even though goh was somehow agreed on it, these people didnt care bout that and threw even their ex pm words into the bin

    thats exactly who they are

    now it seems if what u are saying is real, then i am afraid theres something we are losing. whats the trade off. or was it something to do with that railway line that 'sold' for a mere 100mil jv thing? i said 'sold' because its no longer exclusively ours. now not even 1billion money can buy piece land that go across that tiny island
    or is it the water deal?

    prove me wrong. please

  3. the bridge over troubled waters? can i start smiling now? :D