Thursday 4 October 2012

We will beat Singapore under Pakatan

I kena scolded kaw kaw this morning for that morbid posting which I took down at about 5am. It was up and around for just four hours in the early morning. I think just a few people actually read it....

Hey, I took it down, ok? Like that also want to be so mean....never mind. So teruk.

Just because of that, my whole day was spoilt.

Really no mood to do anything today.

When my boss asked me if there's anything new on the Pakatan's shadow cabinet issue, I just jotted down a list of names which crossed my mind and gave it to him. No mood to do research.

Told my boss that I only have part of the list but those in this list is for sure going to be in the Pakatan's cabinet-

1. Anwar Ibrahim
2. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
3. Nurul Izzah Anwar
4. Nurul Nuha Anwar (going to contest for the first time in GE13)
5. Lim Kit Siang
6. Lim Guan Eng
7. Betty Chew Gek Cheng
8. Karpal Singh
9. Gobind Singh
10. Jagdeep Singh

Ok, that's 10 of them.

Since the Pakatan people are going to be super efficient in governing this country once they take over from BN, I think they will need just 10 more people to make up the full cabinet list.

These other 10 people are most likely not connected by blood line, I think. And they are going to be the ones who will really have to work hard. The others already in the list are some sort of royalties, ok? No need to really work. Don't believe me, ask Gobind how many times a month he hangs out in Puchong.

Not bad, eh. For once, Malaysia can beat Singapore. Their government is run by A family, while our government will soon be run by THREE families.

Eat your heart out Singaporeans. Try beat us on that one, ok? Can or cannot?

Errr....Pas people, sorry aaarrr....who told you all not to set up such family franchise? Now you all left out la....Hadi, you got two wives also don't know how to do family planning ka? Plan la ya....untuk kesejahteraan ummah tu.


  1. hahahaha ... this is funny. The 10 chosen ones.

  2. Who dare to scold BigCat? But your sense of humour and wit still intact. Be strong and be happy always. Never dishearten no matter what happens. Important thing is jangan stress!

  3. Love this post BC

  4. Corrections. Never get disheartened no matter what.

  5. Two things : First, in your deleted post, you craved to have a very very long undisturbed sleep. Well, rightly that can only happen at your final resting place. The graveyard. So, suddenly fearing that your wish can come true, you took down the morbid post. Second, in write that your boss ask if there is anything on the shadow cabinet. So, you are indeed one of BN's cybertrouper who is remunerated by being in the BN/UMNO linked organisation. Care to swear that its not true ? Why not give Pakatan a rest and write on Ali Rustam's son's wedding where companies were forced to contribute. UTHM Deputy Chancellor charged for CBT, Paralempic Associations president who formed a company and lost RM4 million of money. Oh yes what about news in Metro about two foreigners who were knocked down by taxi while escapping after a smash and grab in JB. Guess what, they just arrived from Batam yesterday and lagi guess what dah banyak kali masuk JB. So what about a write up on this or you are just one big pussy when comes to these issues.

    1. Since u r the only DAP cybertrooper who dare to comment here so far this time, I'm going to entertain u a bit. Firstly, I took down that posting not because I' was scared of my wish, but rather because I know I would be scolded for being so mushy mushy. Secondly your attempt to divert from Pakatan nepotism issue was rather amaturish. You need to be more creative, ok? But not bad la, at least you tried....unlike the other DAP cyberpussies....I know they got no proper answer to this nepotism issue of Pakatan.

    2. She doesn't care about all the issues of corruption lah. She only pretends to sleep on a mattress on the floor, with s small fan, but that's actually her maid's room.

  6. who scold you kaw kaw ......never mind keep up the good post its all worthit

  7. very catty..but I like this posting...ada humour

  8. Ha ha ha ... another spot on !

  9. Ms BC
    Ronnie Liu should be Minister of Local Govt. he can revamp many antiquated statutes to his liking.
    What about giving Ambiga the senatorship and made her Home Minister?
    There should be a Ministry of Religion to be filled by Khalid Samad.
    The Finance Minister should be one with the holier than thou image- TGNik Aziz!
    Tian Chua would be more appropriate to be the Law Minister, considering his many experience or brushes with the law.
    If Anwar is the PM, is it necessary for a "Vice PM"?

  10. So what about PAS?

  11. yes why are you not focusing on corruption cases like anon 5 24 mentioned above instead of angan angan shadow cabinet bashing when there is no shadow cabinet just gossip about it
    the ali rustam story for instance is a real story in the umno newspapers like NST and utusan
    What about forces in umno moving against your hero najib and sabotaging him very strong rumours going around about that
    you go on about DAPsters look at najib google hangout you tube video and his budget video why so many dislikes? compared to anwar so many dapsters around or they just ordinary malaysians?

  12. This is really joke of the year 2012. Kelakar...giler. I really enjoy reading your postings.

  13. LOL Lawak gaban! Like 100x

  14. No wonder you are being made use of by UMNO for all the nonsensical postings. Everything must kick Pakatan. RM 2,000 in Teoh Beng Hock's account must interrogate and force him to jump to his death. RM 2,000 donation from a singapore church must tie the donation to DAP and its support for wayward churches. Stupid UMNO bloggers.

    For your information, nepotism in politics occurs on both sides. That's why Mamakthir is fighting so hard for Mukhriz as Kedah MB over the objections of people on the ground. That's why pornstar Chua can only trust Chua Jr for all of MCA's assets. But BN takes nepotism a step further - giving contracts to enrich the UMNO families. Notice that Shahreezat's family got the RM 250 million soft loan to buy condos and start new businesses ? Notice that Jamaluddin Jarjis' son got the RM 140 million radar contract ? Notice that Nong Chik's daughter got the multi-million construction contract from Bandaraya ? Notice that Sidek's daughter and son-in-law got the lion's share of contracts for solar power ? Notice that the family of Taib Mahmud kept winning contracts in East Malaysia ?

    So what are you trying to say here ? Nepotism in politics is no good ? Singapore became AAA-rated under the Lee regime. Can't be all that bad. The Lee family never ripped off the rakyat. Unlike all the goons in BN who use close relatives to "win" overpriced contracts and rip off the rakyat.

    Enough is Enough

    1. Friend,
      - I don't think I remember writing about TBH's Rm2k. So...?
      - If DrM had wanted to use his influence to promote his son, he should do so when he was PM, instead of after he had retired. See the difference, compared to Kit Siang and his son.
      - Shahrizat's cow condo issue became public after it was made known by BN government's auditor general report. So, under BN, if you got hank panky family thing, you will kena, ok?
      - JJ son got radar contract because he is JJ son? Got proof or simply simply accuse this one? Same goes with the other allegations, ok?
      - So, nepotism is ok with you? Want to be like in Singapore, are you? Eh, in Singapore you try la criticize the Lee family a bit and see la where you will end up, ok? Guan Eng already threaten threaten to sue sue already in Penang. Anwar already suing by the hundreds of millions already. Once they take over Putrajaya, then you all will know la the full true color of their nepotism.

    2. Mamakthir retired ? You are obviously pretending to be naive. Mamakthir is currently the chief spokesman for UMNO. Ask Kedah UMNO who has been lobbying very hard for Mukhriz. Stop the pretense.

    3. How can you criticise the Lee family when they have done no wrong ? Have they awarded contracts to the highest priced bidders ? Have they given soft loans to their friends? You make wrongful allegations, you get sued. That's what's happening there, and rightfully so.

      I support Anwar or Guan Eng or whoever in suing those without any evidence. Regarding JJ's son winning the radar contract, if there is no truth in the allegation, lots of people in PKR would have been sued already. Now the UMNO modus operandi is to be thick-skinned, ignore the allegations, and carry on as though nothing has happened. If they sue, all the worms will come out of the box.

    4. yeah yeah..blah blah blah.

      they say malaysia under bn have too many ministerial post.they bashed bn.yet their shadow cabinet consists of the same number of an extra deputy minister post for pr would create a larger member of cabinet.huh?

      nepotism.remember anwar's interview with bbc hardtalk?how he stammered worse than khalid gagap when asked about how his pkr consists of the triple-A trinity for top post?wow..wonder what will the rakyat says if when tun mahathir was the pm, tun hasmah is the minister while mukhriz is mb of kedah?

    5. Big cat is real DUMNO and plainly cannot think. In the opposition, what did one get if the next in command is the closest relative. UMNO is holding al the power and control Malaysia Treasury. Even Mahatail son is not a minister, just a word, UMNO Financial Minister can kautim just like bailing someone out. Just look at BN, the present head, MCA also all in the family, Gerakan Sohlow LIm and MIC Sammy. Jib himslef say, U tong I dan I tolong U.

    6. Lee's family did not do anything wrong. Singaporean don't even care with the fact that Ministers in that country have been receiving one of the highest salary in the world. Malay Singaporeans also don't care whether the govt is taking care of their welfare or not.

      There is something that we can learn from the way of they been handling the country. :B

  15. Nepotism is tolerated if it is not used to further corruption. Nobody questioned why Chua Sr put Chua Jr in charge of all the funds of the MCA. We don't think Chua Jr will run away with the money. But UMNO uses nepotism to steal from the rakyat, to win overpriced contracts. You want us to name the families that use their political supremacy to obtain contracts ?

    Salam Curi2 Malaysia.

  16. You, Big Cat, are forgetting that I shall be the person behind the scenes, and will pull the purse strings for Pakatan. Not that I'm related to Karpal or the Lims. I'm proven in chopping off the arms of those who steal. And I haven't lost RM 30 billion on speculation of foreign exchange.


    1. Godfather,

      Follow this link...

    2. Can u explain to me why I should care about Singapore's 're-statement of finances ? Why should I care if Singapore goes into recession ? Did the report say that Singapore mismanaged their economy or awarded contracts at the HIGHEST prices to cronies and relatives ?

    3. Go read some more can or not?

    4. In the blog, Professor Balding, an economics professor at the prestigious beijing University, says that US500 billion is missing from the national accounts based on IMF data.

  17. Eh, mana ada Curi2 Singapura ? Hanya ada Curi2 Malaysia....

    Salam 1Malaysia

  18. Ismail Sabri: RM386m allocation not only meant for construction of KR1M

    RM 87 million to build 57 shops, PLUS RM 299 million for logistics. Big Cat, do you have a calculator ? You better quickly ask for a piece of the action in the supply of goods and services.

    I don't see such farce happening in Singapore, do you ?

  19. "Leaders at all levels of society must exhibit the right values for their constituents to follow in order to prevent corruption Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today."

    If this had come from Lee Hsien Loong, I would fully understand. But this came from the guy who awarded the Scorpene deal and the hundreds of millions of commissions to his buddy Razak Baginda.

    Whatsamatter with the UMNO goons ? Just pretend that nothing happened, and that all the frustrations of the rakyat will go away ? Just employ dumbos like Big Cat, Big Dog or Big Mole to sidetrack the real issues, and hope that the problems can be swept under the carpet ?

    Just like the DUMNO supporter who wrote in a previous thread that the reason why the cost of KLIA2 escalated from RM 2 billion to RM 6 billion, and the cost of the Istana escalated from RM 400 million to RM 1.2 billion was due to variations in the bill of quantities. The kampung people may not know what a BQ is, but the urban folks are not fooled.

  20. Actually big cat no point defending corrupt umno people.That is a given and a fact everybody knows that Nothing you say will change people s minds.Focus on all the good that umno has done if you can think of some-good luck with that.
    Since now it has been established that you are an umno blogger(the boss in the posting above) why do you complain of being poor.Umno bloggers filthy rich lah! You should demand an increase in renumeration and fancy computers since your blog is popular among BN readers who read English.Unless you start writing ghost stories then it will be popular with everybody he he.

  21. As I see it, should these people be elected, the first 4years they will be clueless of where, what and how to start doing their work and most of their time will be spent to korek lubang ex-deposed (kalau kalah ministers) to learn how they also can KOREK more money to enrich themselves.

    In the meanwhile the ex-staff working under Barisan (say if they kalah) will be busy trying harder how to korek more money before being fired (sure wan) by their new bosses. Then the newly appointed ones will be busy korek how fast they can enrich themselves first...also as clueless as what next to do, so most time, donno what to do so spend their time sapu backside new elected bosses, mau cari makan maa...

    The story will go on and on and by the time they realize, already next election coming... buy that time lots of sink-holes in Malaysia, habis kena korek....

    Don't see anything much they will contribute to this nation...

  22. Ha haha ha.

    Too funny!

  23. Hey, Big Cat laughed at your national cabinet. What about your Exco for your Johor State. Let's have the names and portfolio. Seriously, do a realistic list. Menteri Besar Salahuddin Ayub ..

  24. Hey BC! Lotsa DAPster (to quote Helen) cybertroopers answering your dare la!

  25. BC, you dah buat senarai kabinet bayangan pakatan rakyat. So kenapa tak buat list Exco Pakatan Rakyat Johor? Bolehlah ketawa sikit.

  26. Oppisition Cabinet: The creation of Malaysia nepotisme government.

  27. Theory RAHMAN over, The new theory _ Theory ANWAR :
    N_Nurul Iza
    W_Wan Aziza
    A_Anak Anwa
    R_?? cucu anwa kot??