Thursday 18 October 2012

Najib on Chinese education in Malaysia

I had written about it here -

What education means to the Chinese

And this is what Najib had to say about it yesterday -

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 17 (Bernama) -- Malaysia is the only country outside China that recognises Chinese education as part of the national education system, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today.
Describing this as being of great significance, he said no other country in the region recognised Chinese education.
"We are the only country outside China which has got Chinese education as part of the national system. We have recognised Chinese education in Malaysia, and I think that is of huge, great significance.
"Please see that in that context, in that perspective, that we have recognised Chinese education as part of the national system," he said during an hour-long interview with deejays of Melody FM, Astro Radio's second Chinese radio station, here.
Najib was the guest on the station's breakfast show 'Melody FM Morning Boss' with host announcers Chui Ling and Jentzen Lim.
The prime minister was responding to a question from one of the deejays on the efforts taken by the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (UCSCAM), or better known as Dong Zong, pertaining to Chinese education.
Najib explained that when he was the education minister, he had removed Section 21(2) of the Education Act 1961 which allowed the minister to convert a national type primary school to a national primary school.
This, he said, indicated that the government was sincere in recognising Chinese education.
He also said that the government recognised the existence of the 60 Chinese independent schools.
"The rest of the schools are conforming schools. In other words, they take the national examination," he said.
Najib also said that the government had come up with a creative solution to a recent request from the Chinese community in Kuantan to have a Chinese school.
"We said, you can have the school, provided you take the SPM (examination) but if you want to take the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), that is up to you.
"They decided to accept that offer. So, it will be a secondary school, the kids will have to take the SPM (examination) but they will take the UEC in addition to the SPM. So, that is a kind of a win-win situation," he said.
Answering questions from listeners, Najib said he had announced a RM100-million allocation for national type Chinese schools in the country in Budget 2013.
He also said that the top 50 students of Chinese independent secondary schools were given scholarships to pursue their tertiary education.
On the shortage of teachers in Chinese primary schools, Najib said the eight-point plan to address issues in Chinese vernacular schools was being implemented now.
"It is under the purview of the deputy minister of education and he is making sure that it will be implemented," he said.
Najib also said that vernacular schools, including Chinese schools, would be part of the exercise to improve the quality of education under the National Education Blueprint.
"I believe we don't have any kind of stigma. My own son, Ashman, speaks fluent Mandarin.
"I believe it is good for the Malays to learn Mandarin just as it is important for Malaysian Chinese to be fluent in Bahasa (Melayu) as Bahasa, of course, is our national language," he said.


  1. Najib can't get his facts right. China isn't the only other country that recognizes Chinese education. For over 80 years, Hong Kong had Chinese education even when under the Brits. Taiwan and Singapore also have official Chinese schools.

    Learn Chinese and you will prosper.

    1. Hong Kong is part of China now. Najib only missed out Taiwan, probably due to the sensitivity of Chinese claim that the island is part of it. I had nonetheless mentioned about Taiwan's education system in my earlier posting. Singapore used to have Chinese schools and a Chinese university, but they Lee Kwan Yew and gang closed it down due to politics.

    2. HK part of China but different $$ and EDucation. Why not HK uses Yuan instead of HK $$. HK uses more orang puteh than China. HK Chinese uses old chinese whereas Malaysia uses Communist Chinese character.

      LKY closes Chinese schools but encourage everyone to speak own language and any language which one thinks there are future prospects.

    3. What if Najib closes Chinese schools but encourage everyone to speak own language and any language which one thinks there are future prospects? You okay with that?

    4. Najib is clueless18 October 2012 at 17:49

      I believe that Najib dont know what he is talking about. He doesnt know chinese mentality and what he plans for the Malays beyond shouting slogan and making the right perception. Politics is about perception he said.

      So as long as you pretend to say the right things it is ok as long as the voters vote for you.
      Such stupidity. Who would say that politics is about perception and not reality?

      Such cynicsm doesnt deserve our votes.

      Where do you want to go with Chinese education? With Dong kecong? What will happen to the chinese educated chinese students? How will they adapt to Malay Malaysia in 10 years time, in 20 years time? It can all end happily if vernacular schools is a spring board for self deportation.

      Most Chinese vernacular students drop out in sekolah menengah as they cannot cope.

      According to NST columnist they become gang members and such. They provide the kulis for the chinese mechanics shop but they are not part of Malaysia mainstream which is malay based.

      They remain on the outside.

      It can all end happily if vernacular schools teach skills to go back to their homeland.

      But if vernacular schools means isolation, unreal expectation then things can get nasty. Of course by then Najib and his brothers will be long dead and the situation have to be handled by other Malays.

      Will the chinese children accept this is Malay land with Malay King or will they hankered after their Chinese emperorS? Will they step on UMNO president head? The Chinese amoi, student and auntie who stepped on his face is proof that they are strangers to Malaysia.

      There are reasons why other nations dont allow other nationality in their schools systems. It is to create homogeniety of society and patriotism.

      This is just a cop out by Najib and current UMNO leaders.

      Speaking mandarin is a step towards backward integration with modern rich China who can take back their poor citizens who came as coolies to malaya.

      This must also be emphasised. Instead some stupid fools wannabe CEO from Talent Corp, Indian Merican to bring back chinese, it is so stupid of UMNO to agree.

      They do not have the interest of the malays at heart are fools but who will sell their soul for money.

      And the votes.. will the Chinese vote for Najib and UMNO now that he has given them Chinese schools? Will they be quietly intoning mandarin and leave the malays in peace?

      Of course not. They will still vote for dAP for the Chinese are communistic and racists if allowed. And Najib thinks the Chinese will be grateful.

      Najib should see the faces of the chinese who stepped on his face. If he doesnt understand then Iam afraid he is just not good enough to lead the malays.

      It is power that keep the Chinese in place. There are reasons why strong govt is required in China. There were strong reasons why the British keep the Chinese behind barb wire.

    5. Nanyang University was a fully-chinese language university in Singapore but was later shut down by Lee Kuan Yew in 1980 and assimilated into the University of Singapore thus forming the National University of Singapore. Did Kuan Yew regret his decision? NO - Mr Lee: “No, I regret not doing it faster because politically, if there’d been a violent electoral protest in the next elections because they’re so wedded to the idea that language means, culture means, life means everything. But I’m a pragmatist and you can’t make a living with the Chinese language in Singapore. The first duty of the government is to be able to feed its people, to feed its people in a little island......By that time, the university was also losing its good students and getting bum students. Because they took in poor students, they graduated them on lower marks and so the degree became valueless. So when you apply for a job with a Chinese university degree, you hide your degree and produce your school certificate."

    6. Najib is clueless 2;49

      I am very much agreed with you that Najib did not know what he is talking and he does not know where he is heading . He promote the concept of 1 Malaysia but at the same time he is promoting vernacular school which are the core factor which had failed uniting the people of Malaysia in which 1 Malaysia had to be propagate in order to over come the critical situation of disunity among Malaysian resulting from language barrier and different environment up bringing.
      Born to different race ,go to different tadika then different school then expected to become ONE Malaysia ,what a joke !,

    7. So are many malay parents sending their children to chinese schools.
      And Dumno members. Those putras send their children to matselleh countries but ordinary have to study local. Ask how many putras send their children overseas to learn english?

    8. All those madcow disease Dumno with forked tongue. If Chinese are so bad, then they will refuse National Service. National Service is promoted by UMNo. All the people are happy in the camp during training but once outside the camp, we have Dumno shouting again at chinese. So is Dumno spending millions for what end result?

  2. Not trying to refute your argument, but I think it would be good if you can provide how much did these countries, as mentioned by you, allocate for the benefits of Chinese education.

    So that we can do a bit of comparisons between Malaysia and these countries.

    Thank you

  3. Ini lah Melayu bangang - dah org mintak peha dia kasi lagi satu badan sekali gus!! Kasi aje lah tanah air datuk nenek ko pada depa.Nak baik tu berpada-pada lah sikit.

    1. Najib Melayu bengap20 October 2012 at 01:23

      Najib jenis sedap lidah bercakap. Ini bukan setakat politik biasa. Ini adalah soal Negara Melayu. Najib bangga dia hapuskan akta hapuskan sekolah Cina!

      Bodoh, bodoh. Kita patut kurangkan Cina. Ikut sejarah orang Cina datang Malaya bukan nak duduk sini. Mereka nak cari duit dan balik kampung di Tongsang, hainan.

      Buat apa kita buat mereka nyenyak kat Tanah Melayu, Najib oii.

      Dulu Hishamudin tunggang langgang bagi duit ke sekolah cina, dia orang undi DAP juge.

      tapi apa nak diherankan.

      Noah pun buat Genting dengan Goh Tong.

      Mereka ini jenis Melayu jual negeri kepada Cina. Ini kah yang layak menjadi Presiden UMNO?

      Siapa pilih Najib? Tak ada? Pemilihan UMNO tak pernah dibuat.

      Siapa lantik Najib jadi PM? tak de siapa.

      Begitulah bodohnya generasi Melayu dari Tunku,Husein On lantik India, lantik Pak Tidur, lantik Najib kayakan India juga dan anak beranak.

      Perlepasan cukai untuk kontraktor minyak macam Mitt Romney. Yang kaya dikayakan, lepas tu senyum sana sini bagi RM400 pada orang kampung.

      ORang Pekan tolong jangna undi Najib ye. Pilih Melayu lain saja pimpin UMNO.

  4. Anak tu dari golongan mamat tak ada personality penjilat cibai, malu pada budaya dab bangsa sendiri!!

  5. For countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore chose to reconise Chinese education..well I dont think is 'pelik' considering majority of these countries populations are chinese. Wbp utk negara yang pemimpinnya bukan berbangsa cina dan majoriti rakyat bukan berbangsa cina tapi pendidikan cina mendapat pengktirafan maka ini adalah 'pelik' ..betul tak Ai? Pelik tapi benar..malangnya kebenaran ini tidak mahu diakui...haiiyaa Ding Dong Zong...ini macam tarak bley ooo!

    1. Hello, why kick Dong Zong when the gomen itself supports Chinese education as confirmed by Najib and Muhyiddin ? Kalau nak complain, buat lah complaint kpd gomen.

    2. I kicked Dong Zong because they let themselves be used by DAP to blackmail the government. The leadership of Dong Zong were also more interested to further their personal agenda at the expense of the Chinese schools more than anything else. They tried to influnce the Chinese community into the belief that the government is trying to destroy the Chinese schools.

    3. I dont blame the gomen neither do I want to kick anybody ...cuma nak mengutarakan ada kumpulan yg dilanda 'tiada kesedaran keuntungan' in other words 'tak sedar dek untung' !

    4. Big cat small pussy. What blackmail? Please tell us what blackmail? You must be practising Blackmail to use blackmail. Just look at Government run uni. DUMNO literally run down all the standards of malaysian unis and schools. That is why even non-chinese wanted to go to non-kebangsaan school.

    5. Read star - read moon and roket lah. Read J. tan and go and read Mao Tse Tung.

  6. The story about the Kuantan school is a good case study why MCA is finished with zero credibility. First it sends good news to Dong Zong - MCA managed to get a new Chinese school in Kuantan. Then when the letter of approval came, it was not for a Chinese school, but a national type school that teaches in BM with compulsory exams in SPM. Yes, the students have to take two exams - SPM and UEC. Bukan either or, but both. You fail SPM, and it will be on your school record.

    Wee Ka Siong can't do anything, because he was duped by his boss Muhyiddin. Mahu sekolah Cina ? Boleh....kena ambik SPM dlm Bahasa Malaysia.....Hahaha....mampus lah MCA.

  7. Dr Mahathir said Chinese are the top tax payers in this country. The government gets billions from Chinese tax payers, so adalah hak orang Cina di Malaysia untuk kerajaan mengembalikan sebahagian wang untuk pendidikan sekolah Cina. Sekolah Cina dan pendidikan Cina dijamin oleh perlembagaan. Akhir sekali,80000 pelajar Melayu belajar di sekolah Cina dan justru itu sekolah Cina menjamin masa depan 80,000 orang Melayu. Setidak-tidak tak masuk universiti boleh kerja bengkel kereta orang Cina.

    1. The malay is through civil service is the top spenders in the countries..if they dont spend, the chinese cannot pay tax... what say you?

    2. Go to hell hak orang cina. The biggest tax payers are GLCs. Much more than all you chinese tokwey, pimps, individuals and what not been paying. This already been clarified and explained by LHDN. So, it is very wrong to take those money and dumped into Chinese school.

    3. So join Perkasa and start pick picketing against your bosses. Stop writing and start some action. Cakap aje pandai.

    4. The Malay Civil Servants top spenders. Balls! Gaji bulanan pi bayar loan koperasi, bayar utang rumah dan kereta, bayar utang kat Courts Mammouth, bayar utang ah long. So what big spending are you talking?

      Have you seen your Malay restaurants? See type of standard food they sell Tom Yam, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Paprik. Itu aje yang mampu lepas bayar hutang.

    5. Ya ke ? Explained by LHDN ? GLC mana ada buat duit ? Semua pakai tongkat, tapi masih rugi....shiok sendiri...

  8. Be hardworking...don't depend on crutches...learn mandarin, learn to use chopsticks. And don't be jealous of other people's successes.

    1. and if I berak calit, does it also make me more successful?

    2. Learn also to use toilet paper, anon 01:57. Ask Kuching Besar to teach.

    3. yeah lah also learn how to kasi2 present while smiling that chokiah smile.. the kaki suap kind.Thats how most of their things get done.

  9. Government should just close the vernacular school Nothing good came out of it. Their students unable to mix with other races, can't speak national language properly and always view other races as their enemy. They maybe good in counting money. and at the end of the day they open massage parlour, become triad and gangster, selling CD and pirated items, distribute drugs, become loan shark, open brothels and you name it.

    1. At least they at the end of the day have money from usaha sendiri, bukan macam kamu pi mengemis dan menadah tangan kat Jabatan Kebajikan dan Pejabat Zakat.

    2. From chinese school they become Jane Bond like Michelle Yeoh, Famous shoe designer and invent thumb drive. They come from chinese school. But from kebangsaan, they look for 10%. so who'who from national school?

    3. sekolah Kebangsaan produces mat rempits and bosiahs.

  10. kenapa lah ada Melayu bangsat yg terpersona sangat dgn budaya yg kasar dan kesat ni sampai sangup cium lobang bontot depa.

  11. and with that Jib sealed the fate of this country's chance to be united satu bangsa nation! Way to go Jibbo.

    1. Oi moron. I dont want to be satu bangsa with those who can't speak national language properly. way to go anomoron.

  12. No point in arguing with the natives for they were absent when God was distributing brains. So what we need to do is just stand aside and watch them destroy themselves. Drug addition, baby dumping, incest, divorce, mat rempits, minah boh sia, tukang urut batins,followers of ajaran sesat, shiah, wahabis and other tabligh newly converts, and majority of them cheated by the own kind. They are own a spiral down.

    They know in their heart they are di ambang kehancuran. Silakan. . .

  13. They are very arrogant when their kids are in SJKC. They harp everyday the Govt schooling hopeless and stupid for their kids. All these while I thought they so terror in studies wan.


    When their kids finally enter our National schools (same school as my kids) for their Tingkatan, all will hide their noses like tikus wan..
    ... To catch up wth the SK kids, they had to spend hundreds of Rgt for each kid to attend extra classes, parents like taxi drivers shuttling their kids to/fro the tuition centers 7day week.
    ... PMR/SPM results out, all turned BISU, so silent and too shy to tell after you think they stupid wan, so result secret la.

    Haiyoyo not many from my area furthered their studies even to Diploma levels, all KAPUT.. wonder if they all fail their BM and BI?

    Anyway, don't bother about what they wan la, up to them to chose whats best for their family wan...