Sunday 14 October 2012

Malaysians born free

It's quite a nuisance, having the water supply cut off this morning.

Lucky that I woke up early and already had my shower and performed other necessary water related activities.

Waiting for my travelling companions to pack up, so decided to jot down this nonsense to while away the time.

Wished I don't have to go back to the city. It's like paradise here, where I am.

But still, life has to go on, responsibilities need to be fulfilled, the country need to be saved, etc etc.

Hahahaha....I would have laughed at myself if I had read this stuff I'm writing when I was young and not so exposed to the world.

But these are the realities. Things come in packages. The good and the bad come together in life. Born a man, and you have all sorts of arrogant privileges but of course you will behave like a bastard of a certain degree. Born a woman, and you will be subjected to the bastard behaviour of men but of course you have the advantage of being a bitch  yourself and getting away with it because you are a woman.

The same with having BN or Pakatan ruling over us. The good thing is, in a democratic country like ours we can still choose which package we want in these sort of things. We are not  in China where they only have the communist party or in India where the choices offered were too diverse that the people ended up not knowing what to choose and in the end making all the wrong choices. Oh, and we are also not some mickey mouse country like Singapore which is run by a family like some kedai ubat.

Not bad actually for a country which had been ruled by those kaki relax Malays for half a century. Quite prosperous, even.

Well, if you all still want Anwar as PM, then go ahead lah. Vote Pakatan in, ok? No need to gaduh gaduh. I'm leaving for Taiwan anyway after the election. Why should I care. But remember, everything come in a package. Must think of the bad as well as the good. Everything have a price, ok?

Sit for awhile and think of those who will be in power - Anwar, Kit Siang, Hadi Awang, Karpal, Wan Azizah, Mat Sabu, Guan Eng, etc etc. Also think for awhile how they will get along once they have the power to rule over us.

Well, are you sure you still want them to run the country after properly thinking about it?

If you still do think so, then, all the best to you and your children and your decendants. I'll be off to Taiwan, buy a bicycle and explore that country....until all the  mess fromyour experimentation with Pakatan rule had been cleaned up....that is hopefully before I die lah.

Ok lah, need to go off now. The others are ready to go. Cheers Malaysia :-)


  1. how to go to Taiwan without becoming a Malay Murtad ?

    1. NST and the corrupt18 October 2012 at 18:01

      The problem is not with UMNO. It is with the corrupt personalities like that Indian fella with his Indian lawyer. He kept his Indian identity, while he has an Indian economic advisers, appoint Indians crook in front of Sogo, give free planes to another Indian crook, give rice licencse to another Indian, is now Adviser to Petronas, get 120 million free gift for DRB etc. Nagalingam westport, mydin monopoly, national asset satelite to pariah Ananda all these are done without the Malays approval or knowledge.

      Once the leader is corrupt and self serving all the corrupt crooks like Affendi Nawawi, Ling, will plunder the nation.

      With NST as their publicity organ, Munir became CEO of so many govt owned companies, Kali make big money, KJ got some, these crooks are the baned of the Malays. But their time is running out. SPRM will be out to get them..

      It has become the norm that once you read so and so being hyped in the NST, the question next is, what is this guy going to steal? What contract is involved? How much are they going to make?

      Serving the Malays are not their intent. Filling their pockets with easy money is.

  2. Big Cat
    Once the highways are toll free, I bet you that there will be potholes and lobang here and lobang there, the toilets at the rests areas will be so very horrendous , you think trice if you have to stop to use them. Also since there is no more tolls, and no more PLUS, all the barriers that shuts the highwys from the kampongs and the new villages will be breached and people will make own makeshift entrance and exits like near Ipoh, near Spg Ampat, Pagoh. The highways will be turned into killer highways and help to accidents and all emergencies will be dealt with very very theres no PLUS .
    Malaysia will be a Third world, worst than dark Africa
    This is just one example to malaysia when YAB Dato Seri Anuar is PM
    Plse ask yr Taiwan's friend to help me as a Malay migrate to Taiwan becos I like Taiwan very much as i dont think Spore would want to take us Australia is too rascist!

    1. satu lagi melayu murtad ?

    2. Look here anon 00:07,
      You really must seriously consider if you can adapt to Taiwan. Kat sana mau kerja rajin, tak ada affirmative action, diskaun 10% kerana warna kulit. Boleh ke. Try Brunei .

    3. yg duk sebuk counting Melayu murtad ni kena cari pakar sakit jiwa yg bole menolong penyakit - terasa diri di pilih sebagai Allah's representative on this earth. Bahlol is as bahlol does.

    4. Taiwan where got halal vs non halal kitchens ? where got places selling halal meat ? better go China - Beijing got a huge Islamic section.

  3. Yeah...we have given those kaki relax Malays 50+years and guess thats the best they can do.Maybe its now time to give these fighting different dreams malays a chance and see what they can do.Everyone deserves a chance at the cookie jar right?

  4. Get rid of BN and the stealing will stop. BN has become synonymous with theft of public funds.

    Curi2 Malaysia

  5. Pencapaian diutamakan
    Rakyat didahulukan

    Ptui !

  6. Big Cat:

    Don't defend the indefensible. Everybody knows how corruption has ravaged this country. What BN - and troopers like you should do is to go down on your knees and beg for another chance. Tell the rakyat that it won't happen again. Say you'll use the next 5 years to reform. Maybe - just maybe - some of the rakyat may give you another chance.

    Don't insult the rakyat's intelligence. Don't go round saying that a project initially budgetted at RM 2 billion and now escalated to RM 6 billion is due to a change in BQ. Don't say RM 6 billion is good value, and what do we know about value. Don't say evaluation was done, and what do we know about evaluation.

    Arrogance is never a virtue. Humility is, and act like we are the bosses, and you are where you are due to our generosity at each election. Boleh tak ?

  7. he..he..he...get rid of BN and the stealing will stop. whoever write this surely is a mental retarded. look what happen in selangor, penang and kelantan. talamgate, the crazy development in penang hill and the non stop bulldozing of kelantan jungle, give them a bigger check book and you will see what i mean.

    1. Betoi cakap anon 10:21.....the scorpene case never happened. no commission was ever paid. no Mongolian died. we never lost RM 30 billion on FX speculation, that's why we promoted Nor Yakcop to be full minister. USD 100 billion never left our shores illegally - itu semua fitnah...Bank Bumiputra was never bailed out by petronas - it was a capital infusion.

      Hallelujah !

  8. shylah...born free to be robbed in broad daylight by the very people we voted in...

  9. "Get rid of BN and the stealing will stop..."?? Balderdash!!! uou'll get to know where by just tendang one crouching tiger but letting another hidden dragon dancing in the park.. we should be throwing all the politicians and go back to old school democracy, greek-style!!! everybody go to parliment everybody bring their problem and everybody vote to the issues, senang... cut cost on hirng mp in parliment.

    1. irwan, cut cost on hiring or hanging mp in parliament ?

    2. hanging the mp..???? hmmm, why not??? hahahaha :p

  10. Cycling in Taiwan... sounds nice.