Wednesday 10 October 2012

A good day with little brother

It is raining heavily out there...complete with thunders and lightnings.

I'm in my room. Resting.

Earlier in the day, I had lunch with my Chinaman (really hope he quit eating pork one day), and borrowed his suitcase. That suitcase had accompanied me to all sorts of places around the world.

After that I went to see my little brother.

My little brother is okay today. Took him out, bought him a pizza meal and then we went for a movie. Hotel Transylvania.

Not really a good cartoon movie, but my brother seems to enjoy it. So, I'm fine with it too.

Whenever I'm with him on his okay days, my brother always talks about our past, when we were kids, when our parents were still alive, and when he was not yet afflicted by his ailment.

Yes, I remember all that. How cute was my little brother when he was a toddler. How we played together and ran along the drain at the bottom of the ravine in front of our barrack home.

And when I went to that boarding school in Seremban, he was always happy when I came home for term breaks. At night, I would tell him and my other siblings bed time stories about the free movies that I watched at school. We can't afford to go to cinema at that time.

My little brother said those were the best times of his life. Our family was poor then but we were happy, and with not much care in the world.

My little brother is a proper boy and brilliant student back then. He was 10 times smarter than me before he broke down with his ailment. He would have been such an excellent engineer if not for it.

He would have been a good family man too.

But I always believe that Allah is fair. I believe that my little brother will have his shares of future happiness in other ways, insyaAllah.


  1. Wish you both all the best

  2. things happen for a reason. thank you for sustaining this fresh and exciting blog.

  3. Salam Bro,

    Nothing will make him happier than having a brother like you.

    AkuMelayu @ Don't play-play

  4. salam bigcat..i lov to read your blog.infact a silent follower .and everytime reading your blog,a portion in my brain curious bout who u are,especially when u mention ur chinaman buddy.and at one time u mention bout having birthday dinner with a close chinese family in malacca (i'm not against it but your social life to me its really unique n i like it after all your concern on halal food n eating...i saw u in tv and in newspaper your looks r so chi....

  5. this is the most touching post ever.

  6. Big Cat, its clear you love your brother so dearly. What happened to him when he was 10 years old. Will keep him in my prayers tonight.

  7. Big cat.. U never gonna leave that chinese boy, ever? I still wait , ok!


  8. Touching..nice one

  9. yours is not the first case, the fourth i here over some time regarding brilliant student turning into a fruitcake. They are all male.Is this a Malaysian syndrome since its so common among us - belajar sampai wacko??

  10. Peminatrocky,

    Aku pun tunggu jugak.

    Nanti kita nyanyi lagu P Ramlee..pilih lah aku..



  11. BC,

    Do'a for your little brother always.


  12. My doa Semuga Allah SWT memberkati usaha ur brother to be well and semuga BC & brother terus diberi ketabahan menghadapi dugaan ini.

  13. BC,

    Dugaan Allah dtg dengan berbagai cara. Stay strong. Blood is thicker than water.

  14. Dear BigCAt. I enjoy reading your blog. It's honest and reflects what you think without all those profanities in some other political blogs, so that's good, professional. I disagree how some commentors made rude remarks about your Chinaman or your brother, I do find that low class and unpolished. Its the price of having a public blog, you get good support and morons are always there. For Chinaman, if he's the one, he is, eventually he will give up pork. I did when I converted. As for your brother, we are always linked to our family no matter what. I have one myself, not the closest, but he's still blood that's forever. Stay cool and true to yourself. It;s a beautiful post and stay cool :) MK

  15. interesting read
    may Allah bless both of u

  16. Thank you guys for your kind thoughts.

  17. Saya percaya posting saya ini tidak akan disiarkan.

    Bigcat, kadang-kadang kita perlu berhenti seketika dan tanyakan mengapakah musibah ini melanda saya. Mungkinkah apa yang telah berlaku dan mengapa adik kamu masih dalam keadaan ini adalah kerana kamu menanggung dosa memfitnah orang, bercakap bohong, membela mereka yang sepatutnya tidak patut dibela, menutup mata kepada kepincangan pihak penyokong tetapi amat celik mata kalau hal-hal pembangkang.

    Apakah akan diberkati hidupmu jika kamu menjadi macai dan pencacai blogger upahan BN yang saban hari mencerca PR tetapi menutup mata kepada semua kesalahan BN.

    Jika kamu mahukan Tuhan berlaku adil, bermula lah dengan dirimu. Teruskan dengan kejahatanmu dan terimalah azab dan dosa sebagai bekalan akhirat.

    1. Saudara,
      Adik saya jatuh sakit dah lama dulu. Masa tu saya pro-pembangkang, ok? Agaknya sebab masa tu saya pro-pembangkang lah adik saya jadi sakit sampai sekarang, kut.

    2. Woii mat,
      Dah berapa banyak kau masuk duit dalam tabung jihad lepas ceramah yang kau ingat kau dah beli tiket masuk syurga haa....
      piraaaah mabuk...

    3. Kalau fikiran macam ni akan terguris hati Karpal Sing pulak nanti, kesana kesini atas kerusi roda. Sabit kerana Karma juga ke?

  18. Apalah Anon 07:36 ni mengarut....

  19. Dah takdir, sbar itu separuh dari iman.....ape -apapun hanyatuhan je tahu ....