Wednesday 3 October 2012

Pakatan's truly funny faces in power

There was this report I read somewhere on Monday about jolly man Anwar Ibrahim dismissing PM Najib's challenge for Pakatan to form their shadow cabinet.

He said Najib was being silly as there was no such thing in the US, Indonesia, Philipines etc.

They only have shadow cabinet in the UK and Australia, he said.

Well, Anwar has never been such a good student. He only studied some sorts of Malay literature stuff while at Malaya University. I don't think he really know how to argue this one properly.

But, of course he knows how to talk. Very convincing (for those who are not very smart la). Yup, I am one of those idiots who sympathized with him back then. Well, not anymore.

The thing is, the parliamentary system of UK is the model of ours. Ours is also very similar to the one in Australia. It's the legacy of our colonial past. Ours is less similar to those in the US and the other countries. Eh, go and read the books yourself la. If too lazy, read them at Wikipedia, can also.

Now, I am actually ok if Anwar and his gang don't want to have shadow cabinet. The problem is, they are the ones who are itchy to have "shadow budget" la, "two party system la", bla bla in the UK and Australia. See, talk only, can la.

To make it even more crap, I heard that Anwar's wife DS Dr Wan Azizah the eye doctor today told some reporters the same bull crap with an addition that in UK and Australia, the shadow cabinet got allowances and facilities and stuff. Here don't have such things, so cannot do.

Kak Wan, I used to sympathize a lot with you and your kids when your husband was thrown in jail. I thought you are a decent person. Now you also talk like a snake politician. You and the others can't have a proper shadow cabinet, just say so la. No need for you to twist and turn like that. all the holy and clean pejuang for the people need allowances ka to present your real face to the people?

Why can't you just say the fact that you all can't made it known to the people what your would be cabinet looks like because you all don't want to scare the people of its composition.

Since you are too shy to tell what your face really going to be once you all take over Putrajaya, then let me give everyone a glimpse of how the scenario would be -

1. Pas people will be horrified that the DAP handsome Cinapek leaders are grabbing all the important and juicy posts.
 They were supposed to only hold the ministry of hal ehwal Cina, what....while Pas people enjoy themselves setting up funny Taliban-like state complete with hudud to flaunt around and show of their Islamicness and sure go to paradise ways.
 Now, how come the DAP fellas want all the posts deemed important to the Chinese....minister of finance, because Chinese good with money; minister of education, because education is the most important thing to Chinese, also need to give face to Dong Zong, must give that Yap fella with funny PhDs the sec-gen of education post....errrr many more lah....

2. DAP people will be equally shocked that there are actually Pas people given some places in the Pakatan cabinet.
 Errrr....Kit Siang, we thought all these Islamic Malay numb-nuts are just for getting the stupid Malay votes only?
 How come they are here now demanding the minister of law post and other important stuff?
 They want to have the hudud law, how?
 Eyeing eyeing our beautiful and fair womenfolks for their harem collection some more? Now cannot even wear short shorts to go to shopping mall anymore.....
 Can you and your son Guan Eng tell these funny Talibans to go away aaarrr? Really uncomfortable la like this....

3. PKR people......eeerrr they are not around to discuss this la....busy dividing the contract for you, one contract for me....what to do, ex-Umno people like that lor...errrr....the Chinese and Indian PKR leaders?....eeerrrr, they all have joined DAP think they really can stand those Umno rejects in power ka?

Ok, the rest, you all visualize yourself la harrr....


  1. Bigcat you said it what we Malaysians always said ". . . .PKR people. . .busy dividing the loots, one contract for you, one contract for me. . .what to do, EX UMNO PEOPLE." How correct.

    This is what UMNO has been doing satu untuk engkau, dua untuk aku, dua untuk saya satu untuk engkau. Just see how the tenders and contracts are given to ministers children. Everything within the UMNO elite.

    Bigcat, just see how Sharizat's family, Raja Nong Chik family, Jamaluddin Jarjis family to name just a few got contracts even though there are more qualified Malays.

    But frankly does all that matter to you. I suppose, the answer is NO. You are blinded by your loyalty to BN and taksub dengan UMNO untuk menyatakan yang benar iaitu UMNO sekarang ialah UMNO BARU bukan UMNO zaman 1946. Yang dulu berjasa kepada bangsa, yang sekarang untuk keluarga dan kroni.

    1. Yes BC readily admitted that oll those rejects and najis from umno are now in pkr. Sebab pkr memang suka najis dan lubang bernajis.

    2. dia macam ini. Kau tengok, aku amik ni, kau tengok tu, aaku mik ni. Eh Eh aku asyik tengok, kau asyik amik.


      satu untuk kau, satu untuk aku, dua untuk kau, dua untuk aku, tiga untuk kau, tiga untuk aku, lepas tiga berapa dah. lepas tiga berapa dah untuk kau, lepas tiga berapa dah untuk aku, eh eh. eh eh untuk kau, eh eh untuk aku. kau nak mampus apa, kau nak mampu apa untuk kau, kau nak mampus apa untuk aku.

      manusia mangkuk ni buat rakyat geli, benci dan menyampah.

  2. I am the law minister and I'm gonna catch you for khalwat and zina.

    1. Its not me.. look at the boroi perut.. my watch is here with me.

      Looks like mee but not mee...

      Sperm not mind. Was taken involuntarily when unconcious. Put in someone anus dont know why..hehe

      and I gonna whip you for false accusation hehe...

  3. Posing as a minister is also a crime. U don't know law ah?

  4. ha ha ha ... spot on !
    Minister of Education : PAS ? DAP ? PKR ?
    Minister of Law : PAS ? DAP ? PKR ?
    Minister of Finance : PAS ? DAP ? PKR ?

    WoW ! Sure headache one !

    1. Agree. But if you want to give yourselves nightmare, imagine Anwar or Kit or Nik Aziz as PM. Aggghhhhh!

    2. The real nightmare scenario is where the BN thieves are elected for another 5 years to rape and pillage, and then abandon the country when it goes bankrupt....

    3. PR supporter always using the same reason robbing that and this by BN ....there is no diff with the Pr robbing lands and the kayu balak as well so why vote the PR and get dongkeys...

    4. "...why vote PR and get dongkeys..." The correct word is "donkeys" lah. We put chimpanzees against the BN candidates, and the chimpanzees win !

    5. Headache? Take chinadol.


    Stand up and fight, that’s the call made by BN chairman who is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the opening of Gerakan’s assembly last week. The call was appropriate and timely given the general election is around the corner and all preparations are almost ready…except of course…the component parties in BN. For the oppositions, election preparation started immediately after the 2008 general election…well…they have nothing else to do becaquse they are not the government and in states they won, they are still not governing instead busy loooking for faults of previous BN government and leaders. So for the oppositions, governing is consider ‘alien’ to them and fulfilling their election pledges is something they have not thought of as they feel they do not owe the voters anything but the voters owe them a lot – most important allegiance. Based on that, they have no qualms or guilt feelings towards the voters and their job is to find as many faults with the previosu administration and higlight them in every ways they can think of. Their strategy is simple – give BN hell and implant in the voters’ minds BN did not do a good job and they are there to rescue – so fulfilling promises and pledges have to wait until they have done all the so-call cleaning up. Since after the 2008 general election, most of the component parties in BN faced an inferiority complex or rather felt very down and ashamed of themselves to the extent they did not want to appear confident nor want to hit back at all the onslaughts from the oppositions. Even some leaders of these component parties were thinking of ‘jumping ship’ or quiting. Their spirit were down and they did not know what to do, particularly Gerakan as the party was practically ‘wiped out’. Najib took the lead in 2009 when he took over the BN helm and has been fighting all alone to bring back the dignity and credibility back – fighting the political war alone – as leaders of the component parties were still contemplating whether or not to go along. After two years of fighting alone, showing the way to other component parties leaders on how to fight back, MCA and MIC began to appear, putting out their heads and began to open their eyes, flex their muscles and now they stand right behind Najib fighting the ‘war.’ So when Najib called on component parties leaders to stand up and fight, it is about time that these leaders and their parties are in good shape to go to the battle field. Gerakan especially must wake up and fight to the end as Penang was lost mainly due to the party’s weaknesses rather than BN because Umno still stood with most of the state seats. Thus, now is the time for Gerakan and MCA to fight ‘tooth and nail’ as Najib has shown the way how to fight, how to win, because winning is not just sitting in an air-cond room and do charting on the table. Winning is about going down to the grassroots and meeting them, winning is about rebutting the oppositions’ manipulations using the same method they used, winning is about not being shameful to say out loud that they are not wrong but the oppositions have been manipulating the facts that made BN seems wrong. So the battle begins with Najib’s call for standing up and fighting back, not running behind and hiding in the shell.

    1. Winning is also about presenting a vision for the future which is appealing to the electorate. If Gerakan and MCA's plate was stale for voters in 2008, what has changed since then? Al the smoke and thunder in the world is not going to address some of the deeply held grievances their target community now holds.

    2. Power is in the people hand, in the cyber world not in nst or star or utusan. All spm level journalists..

      no spin can pass scrutiny.

      Only 2 million Malay votes out of 5.8 for UMNO. That means malays were not voting in 2008.

      This time round Malays are going to stick together and support UMNO. But supporting UMNO does not means keeping the old corrupt leadership.

      This is the time for Malays to change UMNO leadership.
      Just do not vote for corrupt individual calon.


      Nor Yakcop
      Nik Az
      sons of corrupt PM etc


      Please feel free to suggest you dislikes. No use grumling just vote them out. We dont want to see their faces anymore.

      Who should lead the Malay? We need honest and berani Melayu. Shahrir Samad maybe?

      all the current cabinet members should be voted out.
      No use.. melayu hampeh...

      Malays must grab what is their birth right Satellite,frequencys, gold mine, tin, forests from Chinese and Indians. The Constitution must be upheld.
      in fact a

    3. Hahahaha....what a DUMNO comment - grab everything from Chinese and tongkat still not enough, must grab what belongs to others....

    4. Lol. Look the kiasu talking. Who in the first place wants to grab everything? economic, wealth, now even want to grab political power. You should thanks our grandfather generation for granting citizenship to your people. If you dont like here can migrate ma.

    5. Koz, sure your grandfather and father had grey hair and great stamina for an old man when you came into this world. The first citizenship laws and rights were passed in Malaya in 1867. So I guess they were passed by the British. So I guess your grandparanets were also British to pass those laws. If no one like you, can mitigrate ma to uk? hahahaha


    6. Time to go

      You are going for ABU,naver gave a vote to anybody that represent UMNO ,retain MCA ,MIC and Gerakan ,may be they could join force with DAP to form the next government ,how that's sound ?. Leave out PKR whom most are ex UMNO if UMNO mentality is going vanished forever.
      OOp I forget about PAS ,yeah PAS will be the opposition because they have people like Mat Sabu that could blast the government then, if they not doing right.
      Who will be the PM ,will be decided later.

  6. BC:

    Give me one good reason why Pakatan should roll out a shadow cabinet 3 months prior to an election. You think the Pakatan people are that dumb ? What I think is necessary now is for BN to think about a shadow cabinet for when they become the federal opposition.

    1. Oi dumbo, what's so dumb about telling the rakyat, who among PR reps are going to take care of 28 million Malaysians?

    2. Oi DUMNO, sabar lah...when we get to Putrajaya, we will let you know. Don't waste other people's time. You vote for the den of thieves, so please proceed.

    3. A lot of people are willing to cut their balls off if PR managed to take over Putrajaya...hahahahahahahaha!!!!

    4. Anon 21:55

      You should start with yours. hehehe....

    5. I will vote for Bn....and many more will....

    6. Yes. I will also vote for BN even though last time I voted PR. There are many others out there like me. We will teach PR lesson.

    7. I haven't voted at all. I registered this year so I can vote BN, thanks to the antics of the PR and some good transformation by Najib, although I think the transformation could have been better. I'll vote BN because I think Najib is way better than what PR has to offer, also he will continue to transform Malaysia to greater height. I also hope that he will not field incompetent and unintelligent people for this upcoming GE.

    8. I will also vote for BN and so does the whole family. No more sympathy for PR like last time.

  7. It is not PM Najib only asking. Most of the rakyats want to know too.. before we decide whether to give our votes to the devil we know or to those we don't.

    Come on lah PR.. Shadow Cabinet pun tak boleh buat ke?

    1. Very soon we will be in Putrajaya. Then we will show you the real cabinet. For shadow cabinet, check in with BN.

  8. It seems PR leaders favors the US system where Opposition have personal bus and jet to roam around

    If so, they should drop the Chief Whip concept and allow ppl from PR to voice their true opinion

    Else, please show us a Shadow Cabinet, don't be selective

  9. Yes la Big Cat, please pressure your UMNO boss to release the UMNO shadow government in Selangor & Kedah also.

    I wanna see if that Noh Omar or FD Iskandar will be the new UMNO MB in Selangor?

    Also i wanna see if Mukhriz or Bashah will be the new UMNO MB in Kedah?

    Just announce la and i'm sure all the state UMNO warlords will fall in line to support your new UMNO MBs.

    ~ Kluang girl

  10. Interesting to note that it is Anwar who tabled Pakatan's budget recently. Does that means he has one eye on Finance Minister job as well? Surely, DAP and PAS can't agree with Anwar as PM cum Finance Minister. or can they?

    1. Why not ask MIC, MCA or Gerakan instead of UMNO to prepare and present the budget? Why only DUMNO?

      In Australia, the Opposition Leader has higher gaji and also a Office and staff to help him. During specially events, the Opposition leader goes side by side with the PM.

      Here, UMNO is the regime just like the power regime treating the Palestinians.

  11. Koz 03:27

    Go study the unadulterated version of history. The original inhabitants of this land were the aborigines, the Negritos and Sakais. Your grandfathers all came from Indon, India, Philippines, Arabia, and displaced the aborigines without any shame. Your grandfathers annointed themselves as leaders of a new race called "melayu". Now you worship pendatangs like Mamakthir, Shareezat, Nor Yakcop, Shafie Apdal, Khir Toyo as your leaders. Tak malu ke ?

    1. agree totally. if only the melayus learn to use chopsticks, they won't need to depend on crutches. wasted the chance to learn from admiral zhenghe, a fellow muslim.

  12. The only state that PR has a chance of winning is Penang, even then with a much reduced majority. BN will win Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor. BN will have 5/8 majority in Parliament.

    Had fun listening to KJ tear the PR budget to shreds, especially on the lie of Malaysia credit rating being reduced! LOL! And don't forget the ayat Quran being 'stapled' to the budget as an afterthought! Priceless!

    BTW, the Prime Minister is tabling the budget. He is also the leader of BN. What nonsense is this Anon 02:43 spouting?

    So stupid lar these PR people....

    1. anon 6:13

      If you are that smart, if Najib is that smart, why delay the date for elections ? takut apa ? the spirit of the mongolian woman ?

      so scared lah, these UMNO goons.

    2. Strategy ma....

  13. siapa nak masuk tong taik gua ?

  14. As I see it should Pakatan form the Govt, first 4years they will spend their time selling all the sands and lands and timbers and oils of this nation to enrich themselves.

    By the next election, make their fortunes already all those 4years, the veteran leaders by then already dead (semua currently sudah tua2) or dah alam nyanyok.

    Yg muda2 akan re-migrate or run away to enjoy their newly found harta karun, uhmmmm, most probable balik kampung asal datok moyang mereka and become the village Chieftians there, spending all the money they kebas from Malaysia.

    Don't see them doing much for the progress and the well-being of this Nation...