Saturday 6 October 2012

Port Klang could be site of next Dredd movie (UPDATED)

(Note: Updates at the second half of this posting)

Been busy the whole day. No time to do any posting in between work.

Only now back in my place, that I can lay down and rest and think of something to write.

Well, looking around this room, I think some of the commentators were right.....I do need to stop living like a bum. I admit, I'm really pathetic when it comes to my living condition.

Very well, I'm hereby making a resolution; I'm going to buy a bed. And I am going to save some money for it. And I will not let this endevour to fail, like my laptop project. Don't want anyone to donate me a bed, like the laptop thing. Honestly, it's embarrassing. So, before the end of this year, I must have a proper bed, ok?

Ok, having said that, let me confess that I do miss my life in JB. Klang Valley, is to me, such a miserable place.

The traffic jam is enough to drive me crazy.

I actually live here for many years a long time ago. I don't really like it back then. But now it seems to be even worse.

Inner city KL for instance looks quite much more run down than before. The Petaling Street-Central Market area looks distinctively shabby now to me. In fact, the stretch of Jalan Pudu could actually be used as the set for the ultra violent scenes in the next Judge Dredd movie due to its unfortunate condition.

If people in JB want to bitch about the way road upgrade works being an eye sore due to the haphazard ways of developers in Iskandar Malaysia, then they should try take a drive along Jalan Pudu.

And for an even better filming site of the next Dredd movie, the producers should  really try Port Klang. The place looks dreadful and the crime rate now probably could rival Judge Dredd's MegaCity1.

It also reminds me a bit of a drive I had through the slums of Mumbai.

BTW, what had the Selangor's Pakatan government done for the place since they took over in 2008?

Honestly, I don't know.

What? You said the previous BN State government didn't do anything either? Well, BN is evil, what. Of course they didn't do anything.

Pakatan on the other hand is HOLY and GOOD. So, now that they are in power in Selangor for the past four years, they should be doing something by now, aren't they?

So, why didn't they?

Real crap, aren't they. Talk only all the time.


Meanwhile, here is a good news for Johor -

Johor to be richest state by 2025

Johor is to emerge as the richest state in Malaysia by 2025, overtaking Selangor, if the current trend of development pace and investment inflows continues, an analyst with an investment bank said today.

Dr Nazri Khan, Affin Investment Bank Vice-President and Retail Research Head, said the projection was not something impossible to achieve with Iskandar Malaysia, one of the five economic corridors in Malaysia, having attracted more than one-fourth of the RM383 billion total investment target by 2025.

He said the economic growth brought to Johor by Khazanah Nasional Bhd, the government's investment arm, is seen as among concerted initiatives by the government to establish an economic hub in Johor outside the Klang Valley.

"We will see Johor transform into an Orlando in Florida and become Asia's Theme Park Hub with the presence of at least four theme parks in the state.

"They include Legoland Malaysia which opened recently, Puteri Harbour Family Entertainment Centre and Austin Heights Water Theme Park is due to open its doors soon. All these parks will provide ample jobs to our youths," he said. 

The 2012/2013 Economic Report issued by the Finance Ministry on Sept 28 said job opportunities in Johor are expectex to double when some projects come on stream in the next five years such as Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, MSC Cyberport City and Urban and Resort Wellness. 

At the same time, Nazri said efforts to attract cash-rich Middle Eastern investors, who have the capital to invest, must be pursued to maintain the development momentum in Johor. 

He said the massive oil and gas project in Pengerang is being initiated at a timely juncture when the world demand for oil and gas was spiralling. 

"Moreover, Pengerang's demographic location in the middle of the international shipping route to Indonesia and Singapore provided an added advantage to us than to our neighbours," he added. 

Meanwhile, a restaurateur in Skudai, Mohd Kassim Ali, 52, readily acknowledged that he could feel the spinoffs emanating from Iskandar Malaysia development. 

"When I first started this restaurant business 10 years ago, there were not many customers then, but now I can sense the change over the last one year as a result of the development impact brought about by the government. 

"My income has also increased by about 30 per cent now, more so after Legoland Malaysia was opened. I think the development pace in this city will accelerate further when more development projects planned by the government get off the ground such as the Puteri Harbour," he said. 

He said the number of Singaporean customers has also increased since Legoland Malaysia, the country's first theme park of its kind, was opened to the people on Sept 1. 

The feverish pace of development in this state will provide more job opportunities for Johoreans, he added. 

A Johorean, Mohd Salleh Ali, 46, said at one time, the youths, including from Johor, have to move to Kuala Lumpur to find jobs but now that trend is slowly and surely changing. 

With the oil and gas project in Pengerang and with various other development projects in the drawing board under the Iskandar Malaysia economic corridor, Johor has become the latest trade focus in Malaysia, he said. 

"Johor has become the focal point now as people from throughout the country are flocking to the state in search of high-paying jobs," he said. 

Development projects implemented by the state government with the support of the federal government have given an "assurance" to Johor-born school leavers of ample job prospects and a decent income, he added. -- Bernama 


  1. repair road where can make money long rumah urut, subcontract rubbish collectiot thats where the moolah is ..road all tak payah ambil pot...just let there be potholes

  2. Yeah la i agree that JB is full of rumah urut and haphazard rubbish collection! Pasir Gudang full of potholes and dust. Not to mention rampant sand smuggling from Johor to Singapore...

    Kantoi... Haha

    ~ Kluang girl

  3. Ha ha ha ... cannot agreed more. Selangor is goin down hill.

  4. JB gonna be owned by Singapore in another 15 years. Then it''ll overtake the rest of Bolehland. With A A A rating. Realistic scenario.

    1. and USS Singapore land also owned by Malaysian (Genting) ha..haa..ha

  5. Feverish development alright. Grab all you can now cos the educated won't be voting BN.

  6. I'm so happy for Johoreans.. Eventho I've left the state more than 20 years ago, I still identify myself as a Johorean. Good that at least one of Pak Lah's "corridors" is slowly taking shape and bring benefits to the people.

    By the way, during sale, a single white wood bed with a simple nice design costs only RM100. No need to save money le... Drama Queen betul lah you ni BigCat. Your seafood meal with your boyfriend costs more than that!

    Hemmm... unless you plan to buy a queen bed at Empire. That one memang mahal-lah... hehehe


    1. errr...that seafood dinner was paid by the Cina boy la. Once in a while only. Normally I just eat at mamak. Mee goring telur mata saja :-)

    2. Drama Queen hahahahaha. Don't know whether she also Dancing Queen. ...?

  7. KL is run and rule by DUMNO. What to expect after 50 years? Worst consider the budget bigger than LGE's Pinang. Under Dumno, Cowok and cewek can go in and out as if KL is part of Indo. Now, weekends, see more Bangla, Nepal and Burma. Of course it is like alien landed in one of their towns/cities. What rating do one expect. Blame Dapigs when even MIC Federal Minister did to Brickfields.

  8. Big cat is not a queen....sandiwara as one. It's a guy.

    1. Of Course Big Cat is James Bond - licensed to shot. This month 50th Anninversary of James Bond

  9. Ya, when Iskandar Mallaysia started, all Chinaman in Johor laughed at it. now these same bastards are making money and saying "very good project". Typical money minded pigs

    1. Money-minded or smart ? Or typical melayu stupidity ?

    2. Why this Dumno don't say selling to PAP Sinkapore. A lot of money will come from PAP Sinkapore. DUMO wants PAP to come to Iskandar but DUMNO bloggers just meow meow and not bark bark

  10. I just hope that the ruling government at that time would put a balanced wealth distribution plan for all as their priority. We wouldn't want Johor as the richest state yet the poor-rich gap is also the largest in malaysia, would we?
    Anyway this is truly an exciting development for johor

    1. the most exciting development in Johor is when BN acquires 4 times the land required for the RAPID project. I think BN wants the extra land so that they can build a nuclear plant next to the most hated Singapore....

  11. American people condemn Republicans & Democrats for allowing Legoland to invade California & Florida. ha .. ha .. ha

  12. Many lands in singapore had long occupied & conquered by foreign investors .. ha .. ha .. ha