Tuesday 30 October 2012

Not a Chong Wei-Lin Dan fight (with additional spicy note)

Got sore throat and head ache since early morning. I think I'm going down with a fever. Need to rest my brain.

So, no proper posting for today....just some nonsense for your entertainment instead..

Ok, I leave you all with this nice fight between a Malaysian Chinese and a Chinese Chinese....eeerrr....whatever lah....

Yay! Malaysian Chinese wins!

Additional spicy note : The fight is over that small French fella Jean Todt. The loser Chinese Chinese girl had to settle for a horny Jewish rich boy.

(This posting, if still kena hantam by DAP cybertroopers, I don't know what to say lah)


  1. Eh, Kuching Besar, write lah on the achievements of Low Wee Wern in squash and Darren somebody in badminton. Can or not ? Malaysia Chinese boleh !

    1. yeah cina malaysia memang boleh, terutamanya itu Yim Pek Ha - juara dera amah nirmala bonat !


    2. ya lor, tiada tolok banding kekejaman nya!

      Bab menang sport - malaysian chinese.
      Bab dera bagai nak membunuh - malaysian, minus the chinese.

      Kenapa ya ?

    3. Tak boleh because Dumno always love to tell Chinese in Malaysia as Pendatang dan balek Tai Loke.

    4. Rogol anak agaknya kaum mana yang top class? Itulah beza orang yang minum arak yang tahu bezakan antara isteri dan anak perempuan.

    5. Hai....ya ..!,olang minum alak kalau rogol apa macam report ?, kasi tiam-tiam saja itu anak kasi lali maa lain punya tempat cari wang manyak.
      Bila atak senang balu balik maa ,bolik jadi wakil rakyat loo . tiam-tiam lagi baik maa lagi untong.

    6. Jean Todt didnt know ke was marrying (or just free fucking tunang?) an Ipoh mali Chinese girl..hehe.

      He married her for the screen image. But we know better.

    7. Citizenship for Lin Dan1 November 2012 at 14:21

      Chong Wei the son of a Chinese migrant will never beat Lin Dan.

      There are many good chinese in China. Malays should not limit only good for nothing with nothing on their back
      Chinese to come to Malaysia.

      Malaysia should offer citizenship to Lin Dan with big monthly salaries like Australia do.

      Table tennis regularly import Chinese and offer citizenship.

      Sampai the cow sail over the moon pun, Chong Wei takan menang.

  2. You're sick already. Today just be the crouching tiger even if heavy blows come your way. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. Oi lu gila a bikin star wars movie. Kasi rosak my favorite show la


  4. Aiyaaaa.... 1 Malaysian always wins Cina-Mongo especailly with C4 !!!!

  5. Yg best sekali STAR report dalam lif pun ada Amoy bole kencing... sambil berdiri pulak tu!!..

    ish ish ish ish, Apa le kamu semua ni...

    Cats lagi beradab masa kencing.. hahahahaha

    1. I dont think the Jewish boy was horny. Its LOW SEX DRIVE !1. Aiyo ...how to f88k that kinda bakutah face every nite. One day he's going to flip. Lots of money but So inexperienced one - we oso got one rich mamat like that.