Saturday 27 October 2012

A black guitar

Saw a beautiful black guitar yesterday.

Going to buy it for a girl. Maybe next month. Bought her an acoustic guitar last year. Now she can play the guitar quite well. I think she's quite talented.

When I was younger, I had always wanted to learn to play the guitar. But I don't have the talent.

Well, I hope to encourage the girl to be a good musician, one day.

I have reached a stage where I would like to devote my life for my younger loved ones. I got no more aspirations for myself. What I want is secondary now.

Need to stop being selfish.

It's the same with this country. Too many selfish people who want this country to be the way they want it to be, without caring that they are actually burning it down and leaving nothing for the coming generations.

Never is the wonderful Li Jie and her guitar -


  1. alah.. balik2 guitar! Nothing against guitar but every jamming session you go to around KL, they sing and play a guitar... bored to death when you go to these places. Kasi lah drum set ke, violin ke keyboards where they can really learn the basics for real.

    1. Well, nothing much I can do about that. She is joining her friends to set up a band and she's going to be the lead guitarist. It's going to be an all girl band. They are 13 year olds. Honestly, I prefer her to be like Li Jie, playing classical guitar, but she seems to prefer progressive rock instead.

  2. BC
    You have a 13 year old daugther?
    She will grow up and be writer like her mom.

  3. Too many selfish people leaving nothing for future generations ? Absolutely right ! Change is necessary and change is coming.

  4. Absolutely. Learn to strum the song Harapan Bangsa and show the bigots about multi-racialism.

  5. It must be Big Cat's niece. You have to love yourself, take good care of yourself before you can love and care for others.