Monday 5 March 2012

Rais and gang should do better (UPDATED)


For the latest stupidity on this subject, please click here -  Victims of Badu .
Lodging a police report over such a silly I am seriously thinking that PM DS Najib Razak need a new Information Minister.


There seems to be a bit of rumblings over the past few days among pro-BN bloggers over an allegation that a PM's media adviser and a young PMO officer saying bad things about them.

When I heard about it, I was a bit miffed for a moment. Then, I was like what? What's the big deal?

I thought blogging is for those who want to write about what ever hell one wants. It's not about pleasing anyone else. People like to read our blog , then nice la. Don't want to read, ok also. PMO said our blog are crap...SO? BIG DEAL IS IT?

I don't think so. At least that's the way I see it.

Then again, I am new in this blogging thing. Not even six months yet.

For one, I really don't understand the obsession of some who want to be the No 1 blogger in Malaysia. You all getting paid for that ka?

Hmmm...maybe you do, but, what's the fun in writing with such a motive? It's like having sex but knowing you are just a prostitute being used for other's gratification. The money may be good but can you sleep at night ka? I know, I can't.

Well, if people give you money so that you can earn a living and operate your blog for the good of all....then, ok la. I can understand that. But to take payment to write fallacies...????...and threatening people with our writings so that they pay us....???? That's vile man.

A prominent blogger actually called me this morning and told me not to believe in that allegations against the PM's people.

Considering that this handsome guy normally only wakes up about noon and today he was making a call so early in the morning just to caution me about such nonsense, means the whole thing could be quite serious. Well, my man, no worries, because I honestly don't give a crap about such thing.

I am actually blogging just because it's fun as I can write whatever I want and I don't have to worry about pleasing anyone. Even if the main man Najib himself said my blog is a load of crap, I would not be offended. In fact, I will be happy because the PM took time to read my blog even though he summed it up by saying its crap. One man's crap is another man's manna, isn't it?

It's however different if you are running a TV station, especially if the station is funded by the government. That one you must do properly because it is not your private property like a blog. Cannot simply simply one. Must make sure the ratings are good, improve viewership from time to time, put in quality programme, etc etc.

That bring us back to the thing that sparked the whole allegations against those PM's people.

From what I understand, those guys from PMO highlighted how private tv stations performed much much better than the government-owned RTM during some Cabinet meeting. It caused great embarrassment to our very intellectual Information Minister Rais Yatim. The man sacked his press secretary immediately after. Why he did that is beyond me.

Later on, some pro-BN bloggers (or is it just one guy?) started posting not very nice things about those PM's people accusing them of running down fellow pro-BN bloggers. Hmmmm....guess it's an attempt to instigate everyone to attack the PM people la....tsk tsk tsk

Well, why la have to be like that. What? Pro-BN bloggers are so easy to be manipulated ka? I personally don't think so.

Anyway, I'm more or less operating alone down here in JB. So, I'm immune to such tricks as I'm not beholden to anyone.

Well, some senior bloggers, do help promote my blog of which I am very appreciative (honestly, I don't know why such big time fellas like them want to promote my insignificant anonymous blog). Other than that, I'm as free as a a bird...hehehehe.

Ok, as for Rais and his band of people, really la....I think you all really not good at all, ok?  Let's not even look at the figures as compared to Media Prima and Astro. Just switch on RTM and you know the channels sucks.

Sorry, RTM people, it's a fact. Too bad that the people who supposed to lead you all do not know how to do their job.

The channels don't look any different from those days when I watched Bintang RTM as a kid. Ok, now got color lah, last time black and white....that's about it. And man....those RTM-made entertainment programme featuring some makchik-makchik and pakchik-pakchik singers are simply awful lah. And the props really look like some pelamin from the 1970s. Where got people use those lampu kelap-kelip anymore for props of a national tv programme.


  1. Malas or don't bother? Try to find the synopsis of a drama or telemovie on RTM and its almost always "sebuah rancangan untuk seisi keluarga". Not that other TV stations dont do the same but very seldom. For RTM, its almost always the case. RTM do have some interesting programs but they do not promote them as aggressively as the private TV stations. RTM can and must take the lead- perhaps if its employees are more motivated and they stop giving excessive hours to cronies which are not even serious content producers. But at least RTM is not showing the 20th repeated repeats of programs, like Astro. Or using the same favoured actors/actresses in so many dramas and they're even wearing same clothes/interchanging between drama series, like TV3.

    1. RTM actually those yang sudah veteran go and work with RTM and they got their pencen there. RTM make them look younger and KSU tergedik-gedik dengan artis muda.

      When come to election they go and hantam opposition yang bukan-bukan make people simpati and at they end they were backfired.

  2. Rais Yatim's contribution to blogosphere:

    He started the culture of paying bloggers - pro-UMNO bloggers - to write good stuff about UMNO.

    Ain't that GILA?

    I also dengar he paid some newspapers - MSM like STAR, Utusan, Berita Harian and NST pulak tuuuu! - good money to make sure they write good articles about him.

    BIG CAT. You have to investigate these things I hear.

    1. You have proof ke? Main tuduh tuduh no good la. Selalunya Ministers mana pergi pun- memang news. Tak payah bayar newspaper. Yang bayar tu, selalunya mereka yang ada produk untuk dijual atau promote.

    2. Are you crazy? This minister is the information minister. It is one of m/media's priorities to get him covered. Gila ka Menteri Penerangan bayar paper.

  3. easy to solve this problem.

    KICK out Rais ganti dengan Farid Redzuan... habis cerita... farid pun meroyan nak jadi menteri

  4. methinks pro-bn blogger takes themselves too seriously.

    whoever from pmo office who said that was telling the truth.. what weknow all along. hehehe

    setuju with your take on rais yatim