Tuesday 27 March 2012

Reloaded : My choice - Johor MB

Ok, I'm giving this another try - who should be my favourite candidate to replace Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman as Johor MB?

My posting on this same topic yesterday had caused some discomfort among some good people, so that I decided to take it down. It was out of respect for those people that I did that for the first time. Apologised some more. Actually, I'm so fond of joking around that sometimes I forgot that some people have rather poor sense of humour. Bad people I don't mind offending too much, but these ones are good people and I rather not cause them too much distress.

To start with,, of course being a supporter of Ghani, I wish he could continue as MB, but I know the man now just want to retire and rest. So, let him be lah. Ghani has already done a lot for Johor. He is already 65, been an MB for 16 years (the longest serving Johor MB ever) and quite fed-up with some of those ingrates who keep on attacking him to get his post.

Now, with the general election being just around the corner, and Ghani's departure seems more certain than ever, candidates for the MB post are lobbying like nobody's business. It's actually quite intense, but fortunately it doesn't affect Johor BN's preparations for the coming general  election too much.

Ghani and his band of people continue as usual, criss crossing the State, checking and tweaking the Johor BN machinery to ensure everything run smoothly once the election date is announced. Looking at the way they work, no one would expect that Ghani is going to retire and his followers need to look for new jobs soon.

As it is typical of Johor Umno, they do fight against each others on certain matters, but the fight will largely be confined among themselves and once they need to unite, they will somehow able to do so, especially when facing external threats. Probably its good decipline and leadership which help them along.

Of course there are some exceptions, particularly in cases of absolute greed or plain selfish stupidity causing cracks within the rank. These however are exceptions rather than  norms.

As for the struggle for the Johor MB post, these are names listed in several previous postings in this blog (rearranged as according to their current chances of getting the job) -
1. Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed
2. Datuk Dr Latiff Ahmad
3. Datuk Razali Ibrahim
4. Datuk Seri Mohd Khaled Nordin
5. Aziz Kaprawi
6. Datuk Othman Yusof
7. Jais Sarday
8. Datuk Osman Sapian

Yup, really, Jazlan is now at number one. Khaled, who used to be at the top spot had slide to go all the way behind Razali. Those with super duper contacts at high places in KL should double check this in case you all think that I am bluffing.

However as we move along, let it be known that my choice is none of those eight guys in the list.

Mine is a very tough guy.

Nope, he is not Darth Vader. That picture is just for fun only....please aarrr....nobody get offended ya.

This candidate of mine is a tough guy because he works really hard for Umno and BN, not a glamour seeker, and had proven to be capable of administering the state's affairs. Most importantly though, this man is incorruptible. He is also arguably the only one capable at the moment of ensuring the continuation of current good works being done by the present State administration.

This choice of mine is really a long shot though and therefore his identity is not important to be revealed here.

I will just pray that PM DS Najib Razak would not overlooked this guy while considering a suitable candidate for the Johor MB post...that is, once he has to do so. 


  1. Kampung Politician shouldn't be MB27 March 2012 at 10:02

    Johor is an advanced state, therefore the next MB must be competent in both politics and business. Johor Corp, KPRJ, KEJORA, JSIC and IRDA are among the institutions that he has to manage other than the normal grass-root politics in the state.

    Not to mention the need to be Bukit Serene-friendly as Tuanku is both a businessman and frequently meet the rakyat through his own meet-the-people events.

    With many acreage of land now up for development through the big master developers like UEMLand, IIB, Johor Corp, Danga Bay and KPRJ, perhaps Nur Jazlan would be a good candidate. He surely have picked up some knowledge or urban development while heading UDA.

    Whatever it is, we cannot have kampung politicians appointed as MB. Kalau setakat jadi ADUN di Mersing, Pontian, Kota Tinggi tu tak payahlah mimpi nak jadi MB. Jadi ketua kampung boleh lah. Please step aside and do Johor a favour. MB Johor is a big position, it must be filled by an educated person with experience as either a Federal Minister - like Khaled Nordin - or top executive in big corporation - like Nur Jazlan.

  2. ghani has done a lot for Johor...biar benar...nak muntah beb...gua.

    ghani should go ASAP...

    muo mari

    1. Nak muntah pegi tempat lain lah. Sibuk la engko ni. Dah tau aku ni penyokong Ghani engko baca juga aku tulis ni buat apa. Macam mana pun, buat pengetahuan engko MB Johor yang akan datang ni bukan dari Muar. Yang tu aku pasti.

    2. You are spot on BigCat. Some readers just don't know what they are saying. They should just read and moved on. Stop making themselves look like FOOLS.

  3. I think my hubby, who's born in Wadi Hana and raised in Larkin Jaya can be the next Johor MB because he has all the positive traits that you'd mentioned. Besides he's a very likable person dan 'berakhlak mulia serta beradab dan berbudi pekerti yang tinggi'.

    Nevertheless, he's not interested at all in politics....for some obvious reasons.

    Well, I'm just joking about that MB stuff......but really how can an honest and incorruptible person become an MB?

    1. If your hubby is like who you said he is, then I must really congratulate you. It's ok that he is not interested in politics. Otherwise you may have to endure lots of heart ache n head ache. It's not easy being a politician's wife, especially if he is a good man who is sincere about berjuang kerana agama, bangsa dan tanahair. But seriously, there are still good men like that. As far as I'm concerned, Johor has been blessed with having Ghani as our MB for the past 16 years. Hopefully, the person who is going to replace him is as good as him or better.

  4. Johor ni negeri maju jika dibandingkan dengan negeri-negeri lain. Pelabur SME Singapura ramai buka kilang di Johor, orang Johor ramai bekerja di Singapura, orang Johor tonton TV Singapura, ramai orang Singapura datang JB untuk makan-makan, repair kereta, minum beer, pergi rumah urut dan spa, nyanyi kat karaoke dan buat shopping beli barang dapur.

    Kerajaan Pusat pun banyak mempertaruhkan wang di Johor atas nama Iskandar Malaysia. Potensi Johor banyak sebab negeri ini bersebelahan dengan First World Country.

    BN mesti meletakkan calon terbaik yang mempunyai CV yang bagus sebagai Menteri Besar Johor. Gaji MB Johor pun mestilah tinggi - sebaiknya di tengah-tengah antara gaji PM Malaysia RM 264k setahun dan gaji PM Singapura SGD 2.2 juta setahun (RM 5.3 juta setahun).

    Kalau gaji MB Johor dinaikkan kepada RM 3 juta setahun tentunya lebih ramai bakat-bakat baru akan bersemangat untuk menawarkan diri jadi MB Johor.

    1. Hahaha! Ah Meng, Ah Meng! Typical Johorean.

      Zain Segamat

  5. Concern Johorean27 March 2012 at 11:25

    Nur Jazlan? The corporate politician? Helll no! What has he done for the past few terms as MP of Pulai? He definitely won't get any vote from me and my family in Jalan Petri/Tarom area. Too bad.

    1. Nur Jazlan attended my son's wedding what? So nice smile and quite affable guy. Give him chance la, educated some more. Can talking English with people across causeway.
      You and family from Jln Petri/ tarom don't like but we all like...

    2. Nurjazlan??? Mengarut laaaaa...Cuba tanya dia ada tak Kg Bakar Batu kat bhg Pulai?

  6. big cat

    you are talking about Fuad Zakarshi.

    1. Nope. My choice is not Fuad. Fuad talks too much but substance a bit kureng la.

    2. Adham Baba?

    3. No also. Adham Baba is so out leh. My choice actually a bit like Darth Vader but very nice guy. hehehe

  7. Ghani once said to repay those ASJ/DJ subscibers..plse ask him to do so before he goes..dudok UK maybe jaga menantu Mat Salleh

  8. Itu JB punya MP la tu...
    Abangnya si Khalid Gereja. Dia nak ke?


    1. Not Shahrir. The guy also want to retire like Ghani but cannot. Umno JB got no replacement. Eh, enough la, no need fishing fishing anymore. When the time come we will know, ok?

  9. uztaz moohydin kot ! pls lah take him away before he destroy the whole education system.

  10. Kiton Al Kubra,

    Are you thinking for Ahmad Zahri?

    So far, I think he's the ONLy Johor Exco who is diligent to criss-cross trotting all over Johor to go to the ground and meet cawangan level BN leaders, accompanying Ghani Othman.

    Yes, he has the understanding of Johor ground movements, as well as Ghani.

    BTW, I totally in agreement with you. I am fully convinced, taking the big picture in total and for Johor's sake, PM should retain Ghani for another term. Changing horses now would hv very serious irrecoverable/irreversable consequences for Johor.

    1. Dear BigDog,
      The PM, Tun M and Tun Daim are the WISE GUYS. They are the ones who know best who should lead Johor. Why don't you talk with your friend, that cute cute Tun M loyalist. He should know the answer :)

    2. Big cat,

      Maulizan is good politician, hardworking n clean. But he do not have the muscle to fight all the warlords fr Johor.

    3. Kg Oren,
      I agree with you.

    4. Ahmad Zahri used to be my neighbor but he's already the JB DO when I studied in asrama penuh with his younger sister in the 70's.

      According to his sister, he seldom give favours to his family members, a rather strict and no-nonsense guy. He will make a good MB I suppose. After all, his late father was a respected figure in BP who master-minded and built the Asrama Anak2 Yatim Gunung Soga.

    5. Bigdog

      I love you la ...

      I thought you are chauvanistic Muorian.

      Ahmad Zahri come from Sri Medan Batu Pahat, home of Panglima Salleh Selempang Merah ...

      Hopefully the Batu Pahat curse is finally off.

      Never mind if my second cousin, Aziz don't get. Not that close pun.

      Family no more in Sri Gading. All living in KL/Bangi

  11. Hi BigCat,
    This is my 1st time commenting on your informative blog. I do really respect your point of views & opinions towards Johor political scenes. I know personally that you're Ghani loyalist but you're still a loyalist for a substance Johor political climates. Even though you really a Ghani supporter, but your words of opinion never bias or sounds favoritism.

    Im quite surprise when your latest list Nur Jazlan on top of your list. I never put my hands on him. But after reading carefully your analysis and extend my ears to the high political scene in the capital city, I AM PUTTING ALL MY ODDS ON THE YOUNG NUR JAZLAN. Not because of the popularity, the numbers are against all odds, but the capability and the future of Johor.

    My personal opinion as 'orang kampun johor' and as corporate leader in the capital city, we need leader like him. Strong background as Senior Accountant, vast experience in so many big listed company organizations and ramble on nasty division political scene giving him a good experience to become Johor's Premier. He can speaks fluent Mandarin, have a good relationship with Singapore and have a full respect to the current MB.
    Thanks Big cat. You are the real Johor last hope! Your words might influences the Malaysia Premier to decide who will become the next Commander in Chief!

    1. Jati Johor,
      I don't think Jazlan's Mandarin is fluent. But can la, better than nothing. I admit I don't hang out with him too much because I don't really like his liberal ways. Still, a lot of other people, especially those in KL who seems to like him. Anyway, that list is fluid, as anything can happened from now till the election.
      Oh, please do me a favour, tell Jazlan to learn a bit of Teow Chew. It's better if he tells all those Teow Chew ladies in his constituency that his mother is a Teow Chew too in their dialect, instead of Mandarin. Thank you.

    2. nur jazlan aka broker tanah ????

      kiss my ass first

      not to somebody who is syiok sendiri and greedy. Orang Johor di KL tahu sangat perangai dia ni. semua dia mau mau.

  12. Big Cat,
    To be honest, I never knew that her mother is a Chinese from Teo Chew family. I not know about him merely from The capital corporate leaders and Johor political scene. I do care my state a lot. I don't care about who gonna the next MB. But as long as not bringing Johor down, I'm ok with it. I don't go attack any of my leader on personal basis and to emotional. The next GE is all about the war of capability and factual kinda of war. All the best to you Big Cat. I started like to read your 'kupasan'. Serious but full of humorous art of words. Light and easy to understand. Yet sharp and almost perfectly predicted.

    Anon 28/3 3.53am
    You're too emotional. Relax and loosen a bit. Kesian orang orang Johor.

    1. Oh, like that...thank u then. Do drop by again ;-) Cheers

  13. my 'firasat' is H2O will be back in Johor .. super duper oil and gas development is coming to johor and everybody will look that huge thing to put it in resume. either senior or junior ; or either federal or state ; either old or young ; either corporate player or tokey warung ==> everybody is coming home in next GE.

    -Si Bongkok-

  14. my vote goes to YB Ayub Jamil from Rengit!