Saturday 17 March 2012

Race relations' scary future

In my last two postings about Chinese schools, I had suggested an initiative on how to solve the shortage of Mandarin speaking teachers here -  A plea to young Chinese school graduates
and expressed my worries about the future of the schools here - Racial extremists endangering Chinese schools.
Probably it seems weird to many that a non-Chinese, like me should be so concerned about the Chinese schools. Especially that I'm not a former student of such schools and can't speak a proper word in Mandarin.
I had written about my support for Chinese schools in my previous postings. You can find them here - Chinese schools.
The reason for my support for the Chinese schools is simple - some of my best friends are former students of those schools. None of them are more racists than my other friends from sekolah kebangsaan. All are decent people. For me, the country's Chinese education system is a unique aspect of this country's overall education system. It's part of this country's heritage and should be preserved. As for unity, it should be nurtured, instead of forced (such as by closing those schools).
Ok, back to my last two postings on the Chinese schools, they seems to have attracted the attention of  書 政 shuzheng , a Chinese blogger, who writes mostly in English.
You can read his/her latest posting on the Chinese school issue here Pig Pure Shiite, Amok in the Sty.
These are two paragraphs from that article which made direct reference to me -

"There is of course this ‘brilliant' solution – temporary hire – that MOE officers throw up each time teachers are needed quickly. But, without an existing pool of hanyu teachers, there would be no takers naturally whether the positions they offer are temporary or permanent. BigCat’s bellyaching about there being no no-takers showed not only her gullibility and ignorance into the situation. But it especially revealed her Malaiyoo stupidity (such as believing in Anwar Ibrahim in her halcyon days)."

" One call (BigCat) made out to Chinese school graduates to join the teacher-force was typical of Malaiyoo mentality – appealing to race loyalty. Worse for it, teacher availability is treated like Campbell bean production from a factory. Press the button, machine comes alive, more beans.
These bloggers… so naive. Where did they go to school?"

I'm actually bringing up shuzeng's response here to highlight the hardening stance of  ultra-Chinese such as the blogger towards the BN government. Well, the way shuzeng writes, I don't think he/she minds too much if I describe him/her as an ultra-Chinese.
As was mentioned in that article, the problem with the shortage of teachers at Chinese schools started years ago. Why then the scheduled Save Chinese Education rally is to be held only now? With the support of DAP? With the general election around the corner?
Is the rally really about saving Chinese education or is it about flaunting Chinese political muscle?
Will the rally help solve the shortage of Mandarin speaking teachers at Chinese schools?
Based on the language used, I don't think my support for the Chinese schools and suggestion on how to solve their problem are appreciated at all by Chinese individuals such as shuzeng.
But really, if graduates of Chinese schools themselves are not interested to return and teach at their own schools, what do you expect from the incompetent Malaiyoo teachers? Want them to master Mandarin some more....sheeesshh....and then blame Umno, blame MCA, blame the government....will all the blaming around increase the number of Mandarin speaking teachers in those schools?
Well, I'm fine if the likes of shuzeng think that my suggestion was typical of Malaiyoo stupidity. Just that it's too bad if the rest of the Chinese community share the same attitude as the end result I'm quite sure will be the vanishing  middle ground of race relations in this country.


  1. Not too be too worried about Shuzheng, this person is so full of himself, he is a chinese supremacist who hides behind chinese poetry and songs who never think twice about degrading anyone who is not of the same wavelength as himself.

  2. The Chinese political parties like DAP blame the govt for every shortage of Chinese in the police force, MOE and everything else. Dont they read reports? MCA had once gone around town pleading the Chinese to join the police force and how many turned up? They said the salary was not attractive enough...So must the Govt kow tow to this kind of demand...for the Chinese sake? The Malays can work in Govt depts but not good enough for the Chinese and now they blame the Govt for it? Open up your mind and look at the reality Dong Jiao Zhong!

  3. You have to understand shuzeng by read all of his/her articles shuzeng wants the chinese teachers to be trained and supplied like normal teachers, a instotution that cater excslusively for chinese teacjers
    Ike ask for chinese professionals to return to becoming to become teachers is as good as asking malay engineers in petronas ro become teachers... But the what shuzeng wants it not possible as it will contradict the constitution...we cannot have a teavhing institution that teach in a foreign language...the thing tne MOE cam do train more chinese teachers..but then these teacers eventhough chinese will be considered aliens even in chinese schools..remember in 1987 the DZ ralied to expel non chinese educated teacher in chinese schools...chinese teachers which are trained by MOE are REJECTED.what a paradox!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment. However, my suggestion was actually for an effort to be made by institutions such as DJZ to encourage "young Chinese school graduates" to consider becoming teachers when they enter the job market. Maybe they can do this together with the MOE itself. I think it's a better thing to do than organising a rally which may widen the racial gap and becoming tools of the opportunistic DAP which only care about their political interests rather than the Chinese education system itself.

    2. Yes, DJZ can train the teachers and encourage professional chinese to become teachers, but they still need the training/cerrtification by MOE and the MOE system in considered un-Hanyu, even if MOE train chinese executives to become teachers, they will be rejected by DJZ just like now.

      The most ideal wayto solve this is for MOE and DJZ to sit down together. i see DJZ as a ridiculous organization but they are highly respected among the chinese(minus the anglophiles chinese)so talking with them is the best way to do it but i dunno whether MOE and DJZ have started to engage each other.

      but if DJZ and DAP chose to become combative, well...sorry to say, prepare to pay the consequences...soon it will be worse than just notbhaving enuff hanyu teachers and with dwindling chinese population and children, UMNO or even PAS/PKR if they come to power will see very littke reason to entertain the chinese educationists,

  4. Interesting take. But I'm surprised why you bothered to step into the Chinese education system debate in the first place. Many more things in the Malay education and political system that requires attention. The first of course is the incessant "bodeking" of political leaders by bloggers and MSM. You should read Sakmongkol &/or pirates of putrajaya so that you can contribute towards Malay issues first instead

    1. I feel that a proper understanding of the Chinese schools issue is important to not only the Chinese, but all Malaysians because it need to be handled with care and proper considerations, failing which, it will have far reaching consequences on our multi-racial society.

    2. Whether we like it or not, the vernacular schools are part of the national education system. At the primary level, they are not really an issue, provided integration does happen at secondary and tertiary levels. Given a proper education, language differences in the medium of instruction are still conveying the same scholastic message.

      The real tragedy here is the inability of our education system to catch-up with the pace of modernization and globalization. It doesn't matter if the school is Malay, English, Indian or Chinese, but the real crux has always been the pedagogy and syllabus - the skills, knowledge and values being imparted.

      The rest of the vernacular or satu sekolah untuk semua debate is a smokescreen that serves to distract the masses from a larger malaise. The less educated often falls into the trap of false dichotomies, expecting a linear path forward by flipping to the opposite side of the track.

      As for shuzeng, he is a banana who can't differentiate between Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. End of story. All the verbosity and diarrhea of sinocentrism are meaningless ramblings.

  5. Just close all chinese schools. what can they do after that? Just whine, curse and complaint in blog or facebook but don't have the nuts to let other people comment their post. Typical shy pig.

    1. By shutting down those vernacular schools, chances of leading this country to a instability condition of political situation are higher than ever imagined. It might be working, but not in this era :B

  6. Nice, when Gomen started NEP banyak Malay graduate,then Malay graduate ada duit sikit and give their child better education ,tuition la ,send for seminar etc... etc....then budak Melayu makin cerdik Look at Petronas boleh maju when majority of staff are Malay so hipotesis Chinese are clever than Malay slowly fade away bersama anggapan chinese national school lebih baik dari national school .apa lagi cari sebab la tak cukup cikgu la ,cikgu tak blh cakap mandarin and thousands of nonsense.Actually Chinese don't like competition that why they migrate everywhere in the world .look at shuzeng ,he call pure shiite pig.. when pure shiite argue on Perlembagaan Malaysia...typical chinese la...undang undang tak payah kira, just tutup sebelah mata loooo..

  7. hahaha, i agree with you. Chinese don't like to compete with other races. They can only speak Chinese and think in Chinese..., it happened to every work place i had been.