Wednesday 21 March 2012

Puss in Boots' potential Johor MB

Had a very nice lunch with some very handsome gentlemen today.

One of them, who looks quite like Puss in Boots told me he got a new list of potential Johor MB candidates.

He said since I seem to be into this new Johor MB guessing business, I probably have some ideas of who among those in the list would probably get the job.

First of all, three out of the five candidates in the list were from the old list I had already posted - Nur Jazlan, Dr Latiff and Razali Ibrahim.

The other two are....well, new -
1. Md Jais Sarday, State Youth and Sports Exco, Kluang Umno chief and Mahkota Assemblyman.
    My verdict - Performance as an exco was not very outstanding. Does not have the required stature to hold Johor Umno together. Kluang is a grey area for BN. Jais need to do more in his area before having any hope of becoming an MB

2. Datuk Md Othman Yusof, Tanjung Piai Umno chief and Kukup Assemblyman
    My verdict - Tanjung Piai is a grey area. Othman need to improve the chances of BN winning comfortably in his own area before harbouring any hope of becoming an MB. My last check in Tanjung Piai indicated that the BN machinery there was still kalam kabut. Othman however was said to have strong backers in KL and a lot of "resources".

Ok, going through the list again, I noticed something glaring. Front runner Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Khaled Nordin was missing. That's weird. My conclusion was therefore - the new list must have originated from KL and not JB. Why? If the list comes from JB, there is no way Khaled's name would be missing.

Hmmm....nice entertainment these MB wannabes, aren't they?


  1. Concern Johorean21 March 2012 at 09:42

    One of the main criteria is to get the consent from the Johor palace. Stop dreaming if you don't have the consent from them. My best bet still Khaled Nordin. But still just speculative. Problem with Khaled Nordin is the buaya around him.

  2. Drebar Lima Kedai21 March 2012 at 09:59

    I can confirm with you the cosy relationship between Khaled Nordin and Tuanku. No point betting against him. He's the man. The current top echelon of Johor Civil Service - all of you - good luck. Especially those in UPENJ. No harm in trying to get posted to other irrelevant departments, now.

  3. Moving forward, whoever gets to be the MB Johor must not only be a politician with grass-root support, he must also be someone who knows basic principles of running state corporations and able to be good salesman to investors.

    The next MB Johor must know what to do with Johor Corp, KPRJ and KEJORA. Plus he must know how to lead JSIC and IRDA in marketing Johor to foreign investors.

    These alone will rule out many of the kampung politicians in Johor currently. The next MB need to have experience at Federal level.

    Khaled Nordin sounds like a qualified candidate. Others should step aside.

  4. piai...dekat tanjung piai sendiri pun dah sesak nafas..bahagian sendiri pun silap hari bulan tergolek anjing...

    Latiff is the front runner.....:)

    muo mari

    1. my bet, next MB would still from muor.
      tuanku sudah ada nama.

      orang muor jugak

  5. CVC deal with JCorp wrt KFC must be dead. Yum Foods reportedly wont approve an LBO that strips cash at the expense of development program.

  6. How about having CM from Batu Pahat...teringin jugak nak orang BP jadi MB...

    1. Kluang and Kukup grey areas ? What have you been smoking, Kuching Besar ? Those are BLACK get your boss to pump money, cepat.....


  7. Ghani Othman Akan terus jade MB.....mungkin setengah term lagi.....

  8. i nominate myself lah..from Batu Pahat [ok ke?]

  9. I guess, YB KHALED NORDIN WILL BE THE NEXT MB. But his intelligence is needed more by the Ministry of Higher Education :D