Friday 23 March 2012

The Chinese slap and talk gambit

I have to admit that I'm at the moment feeling a sense of dread whenever I think of what's going to happened this Sunday.

The DAP-backed  Dong Jong Zong's Save Chinese Education rally looks ever more likely going to proceed.

This was an excerpt of an article by The Sun -
DONG Zong (United Chinese School Committees Association) president Dr Yap Sin Tian says the rally planned for March 25 in Kajang is just an additional means to voice its concern over the shortage of teachers in Chinese primary schools.
He said the question of it shutting its door on having dialogues with the government to highlight Chinese schools' grievances does not arise, Chinese dailies reported today.
Yap said this in response to the fear expressed by Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia president Tan Sri William Cheng that the so-called "325 Rally to Save Chinese Education" might block the channel of communication between the Chinese education group and the government, at a press briefing on the gathering.

The article by the Chinese-own The Sun however did not mention anything about the DAP factor behind the rally and made it as if it's going to be purely motivated by Chinese education issue.

How the newspaper failed to see the real danger posed by the possible outcome of the scheduled rally was beyond me. OK, DJZ said they will also invite non-Chinese to speak at the rally, let's wait and see what type of non-Chinese these individuals are, and how many of them will be there.

I had expressed my fear of the whole thing being turned into a racially dividing wedge between us Malaysians in these postings -
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So, DJZ said they are still going to negotiate with the Education Ministry after the rally.

Isn't t that like slapping someone in the face and then to sit down and talk nicely with the person? Isn't that like the Israeli bombing the Palestinians (or the other way around) to bits and then calling for them to negotiate peace?

What makes the DJZ think that they can strong armed the ministry to concede to their demands? Can't they see that the government would only harden it's own stance as it will be under pressured by the other side of the divide not to look like sissies being bullied by some Chinese gangsters?

Being a supporter of the Chinese education system, I'm at a loss as to why DJZ decided to go down this path where a right thinking person will know it would not end nicely for the Chinese schools. The schools will be seen more than ever as the breeding ground of Chinese chauvinism after the rally this weekend.

What could we expect from the majority of non-Chinese when they see thousands of Chinese shouting and demanding on the streets for only Chinese speaking teachers be allowed to teach in the Chinese schools? What would they think of the Chinese school graduates after that?

The answer by the racial extremists within the Chinese community would probably be that the Chinese don't give a crap what others think of them as long as they get what they want. The Chinese are after all, the political king makers of this country at the moment. The rally is to show everyone else that if they can't get what they want, then there is a price to be paid for it.

With that kind of attitude, what will happen to this multi-racial country?

As far as I am concerned, DAP will be the sole beneficiary of the rally. It will win big among the Chinese voters for being perceived as the defender of the Chinese interests. That is all that matters to them.

My final question to the DJZ crowd - Throughout the history of the Chinese education system in this country, what had DAP contributed to the Chinese schools that now with the general election around the corner, they are to suddenly become the champions of those schools?


  1. Melayu ex-SRJK(C) St Joseph23 March 2012 at 09:06

    Chinese schools, Indian schools, Religious schools - they are all cancer to our society. BN should have long time ago stamped their foot and closed these schools long time ago.

    Our societal fracture came from minority demand for all these nonsense. Offer vernacular languages and all religious studies in national schools and government should bear these costs using taxpayers money.

    No other sensible nations have various streams of school except for our clown country. End this now.

  2. I think the answer to these Axis of Chinese supremacists who insists that their children be totally segregated from the general public is a Lee Kuan Yew Solution..One School For All

  3. Kuching Besar, it's people like you who pretend to support Chinese education, and then spin the story to drive a wedge between the races. Dong Ziong Jong is not rallying to complain about non-Mandarin speaking teachers in Chinese schools. It is complaining, as I understand it, the LACK of mandarin-speaking teachers in Chinese schools which make communication difficult. The Ministry of education cannot abdicate this responsibility if it has made the promise to the DZJ earlier.


    1. Pretend? Go read my other past postings on Chinese schools, ok?

    2. I have read your previous postings, or rather posturings. Your political objective is clear - whatever that can be politicised you quickly dump the shit on DAP. Dong Ziong Jong is a long time supporter of MCA, so why don't you complain about the MCA ? It's because the MCA leadership has no balls and is quivering. You know that, but you won't say it. Good BN boy, Kuching Besar.

    3. Not my fault that DAP is full of shit already what. Yup, I'm pro-BN, so what?

  4. For the record, I don't agree with the existence of vernacular schools, but for many Chinese, it was seen as a hedge against the gradual erosion of the English syllabus from the 70s.

    The government should simply have ONE type of national school - that teaches science and maths in English. There can be extra hours where the Malays learn religious studies, the Chinese study some Mandarin, and the Indians study their Tamil. All in ONE school.

    What your political masters can do now is to give a period (5 years maybe) to phase out the vernacular schools. If the races still want them, they have to find their own funding after the grace period. If DZJ object to this formula, tell them to fund their own schools, hire their own teachers.


    1. You tell that to your DAP masters, ok? Maybe Guan Eng can do as you said in Penang. See what happened.

    2. Ok la, since u r so clever, tell Guan Eng to make your suggestion into an election campaign promise can or not?

  5. i agree with Melayu ex-SRJK(C) St Joseph comments... if possible burn them to the stakes as well... can u imagine if 90pc of chinese go to vernacular schools every year, what would be the scenario in 100 years? then every chinese in malaysia cannot speak the national language by that time... is the Federal Government stupid or what?

  6. Many times wasted - if Malay championing the Malay = total racist; so what next?

  7. Anon 08:52, I think we should burn MCA at the stake since they have been the strongest advocates of Chinese education since Merdeka based on your quest for Inquisition. Burn TAR College and University while at it. Unfortunately, DAP is again hijacking another issue while MCA keeps quiet (of course for a reason). Not sure where you are coming from but 90% Chinese do not go through vernacular schools. In fact, Big Cat's idol - Shuzheng (well until he started to do a number on him... her?)laments that these Chinese are the great Anglophiles - lovers of all things Anglo... speaking English, Western thinking.

    Bahasa Malaysia is also taught in vernacular schools. However, when they integrate to mainstream schools, they are placed in "remove" classes which is a waste of time plus you are quiet correct, their command of Bahasa Malaysia is comparitively weaker. Some don't even make it pass Form 5 but for the more hard working students, many score "A" in BM and are fluent in the language.

    However, the argument is, why isn't an optional second language offered in schools before we consider removing all venacular schools? Is there a lob-sided agenda? BM is a must with students but they must be allowed to choose a compulsory second language...

    I have a colleague who petition the headmaster to hold Tamil language classes sponsered by the Indian community (not on school budget and after school hours)for his children. Answer: Education min. guidelines, must have more than 10 pupils before can get green light. They only had 6 students. I told him to go rope in the Chinese students!! Why cannot meh?? We also want to learn Tamil.... Many foreigners are amazed that Malaysians speak so many languages... My Indian colleague... he is fluent in Malay, Mandarin, Hokkien & Cantonese besides Tamil & English.... So Anon 08:52, burn as many as you want on the stake while others evolve and grasp globalization. Go figure!!

    1. U har...where got I idolize or hate shuzheng. I'm fine if he/she wants to be an ultra Chinese. Malaysia is a free country. Don't kacau other people enough la. I rather don't like people talking about burning this and that, ok?