Thursday 1 March 2012

Teaching Pakatan MPs how to shut down radioactive plants

The guys at The Mole today came up with this rather hard to understand article -

MP blames BN for Shah Alam rare earth magnet factory

Well, at least it is hard for me to understand because the two MPs they quoted seems to be quite incoherent.

 If you all can understand them then good for you all lah. But sorry ya...I don't really get what they are trying to articulate.

Ok, first there was Pas' Khalid Samad the MP of Shah Alam where the Japanese rare earth magnet factory is located.

He was quoted as saying this when asked what should be done to the plant which could and probably has turned some people of Shah Alam into mutants due to its use of rare earth raw materials -

"We cannot do anything about it. What could we do? It has been operational for years and we cannot simply stop it. This is the failure of the previous BN led government. 

"The government in the past had made the mistake by approving such a plant in Shah Alam. Now we in Pakatan Rakyat are more aware and would not allow such factories to operate. Look at how we are standing up against Lynas," 

Hmmm....first the handsome YB said cannot do anything and then blame the previous BN government. So, the plant dangerous la and it's all the fault of BN...but is that all to it?

What he really meant by cannot do anything? Pakatan-led Selangor government cannot just pulled the plug ka? The plant could be as dangerous as Lynas you know. Don't want to at least investigate the plant ka and see if there is any radiation? Check first la, probably the radiation at the plant is worse than the one in Lynas.

Pakatan people kan very concerned about the environment. Why not do demo in front of the plant. Pas people can lie down on the road in front of the plant and stop the lorries coming in and out of it. Ala, like that one you all did in Perak last time. Better still if you all can get your DAP friends to lie down on the road with you....hehehehe....see la can or not. After awhile sure close down la that place. Eh, that one also I need to teach ka?

Hmmm....wonder if these charming anti-Lynas ladies are willing to join the Pas people lying down on the road to save the Malaysian environment.....what do you all think?

After Khalid, the Mole people went and interviewed the heroine of Lynas Fuziah Salleh, the MP of Kuantan. I told you all this lady blur blur you all don't want to listen and still want to get her quote, see, she just made your article even more hard to understand.

Fuziah claimed the rare earth magnet producing factory in Selangor and the Lynas rare earth plant in Gebeng, Kuantan were two separate matters.

The PKR vice president said, "rare earth element in Shah Alam factory is not radioactive as it has already been processed."

"Lynas is the rare earth ore processing plant which processes the rare earth element such as crushing and extracting it, while leaving the waste that contains radioactive. Thus the factory in Shah Alam is safe as it only involves downstream activity".

Hmmm...I wonder how the hell she came to that conclusion. Simply simply said one ka? Makchik, you check your facts properly or not? Why not you at least ask for experts to be appointed by the Selangor government to check check first the place. You as a number one environmentalist should at least demand that what. Or is it you simply tembak your facts like what you did on the Lynas issue. Experts said also you don't want to believe.

Oh, in that article, Fuziah also confirmed my suspicion that she tend to say something simply to look popular even though it makes her sounds not very intelligent and contradictory. See this -

Fuziah also took time to explain that she was not totality against the setting up of the Lynas rare earth plant but was concerned about the safety of the people and the environment.

She also denied politicising the issue.

Quite blur isn't she? Told you, you don't want to believe....sheessshhh....


  1. Fuziah is correct. The shah alam factory makes magnets from rare earth metals. These metals itself is not radioactive. I work in the electronics industry and i know about this field since we use a lot of it in our product

    Lynas on the other hand is a refinery. It processes minerals to get out the rare earth metals. same thing like how a refinery process iron ore to extract iron from the rock. back to lynas, the mineral also has radioactive metals in it which is the waste

    the mole and Khalid Samad should do some simple research before making silly comment and remarks. You too, bigcat.

    1. Oh, you also cari makan at a place producing stuff made of rare earth metals la like that. Guess the one used at the factory u work for not radioactive any more la. Lucky you. Err, before those rare earth stuff reached your factory, guess it was still radioactive then, and some poor sods somewhere where it was process have to become mutants la so that people like u can get employed over here and Fuziah and the other anti-Lynas people can have their handphone and electronic gadgets. Hmmmm....interesting. Anyway, r u some sorts of a nuclear scientist?


      Source: Los Alamos National Laboratory

      1. Boron: Elemental boron and the borates are not considered to be toxic, and they do not require special care in handling. However, some of the more exotic boron hydrogen compounds are definitely toxic and do require care.
      2. Cobalt: Exposure to cobalt (metal fumes and dust) should be limited to 0.05 mg/m3 (8-hour time-weighted average 40-hour week).
      3. Iron: Iron is a common material that is found in abundant quantities in the environment and in the human body.
      4. Neodymium: Neodymium has a low-to-moderate acute toxic rating. As with other rare earths, neodymium should be handled with care.
      5. Samarium: Little is known of the toxicity of samarium; therefore, it should be handled carefully.

      Dear lolcat, are you sure materials for rare-earth magnet production are non-toxics? Los Alamos National Labaratory, U.S.A. based on their research and testing proven otherwise.

      Do you any other factual data stated otherwise?


  2. Do you see what's the problem with Lynas issue?
    Just three comments above from our three experts.
    1) lolcat, based on working experience.
    2) Bigcat, based on Lynas corporate comm press release & BN media thrown in
    3) Man Jebat, based on Internet search

    Everyone has a voice because Lynas is an environmental & economic issue, that impacts people's lives...

    Everyone is also an expert because the industry is shrouded in secrecy with no help from past local history like Bukit Merah.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Dear Kluang girl,
      I never claimed myself to be an expert in this rare earth thingy.

      That's why I said get the experts to at least check the plant in Shah Alam. Don't simply simply say it's ok like Fuziah and lolcat or much easier play politics by blaming the BN government like Khalid.

      The Lynas project had been checked by independent experts and given the ok signal by them but people like Fuziah and the DAP gang don't want to accept it as they saw a political opportunity to exploit in the issue.

      Even when the Pas nuclear expert and Hulu Langat MP Dr Che Rosli Che Mat said the Lynas project is ok, they still refused to agree with him. It's too good an opportunity to get people rile up against the BN government to let go.

      So, it's no longer an environmental issue but a political one lah. The radioactive scare nonsense is to me just a gimmick only.

    2. Since you say it is a political issue, and it appears that politically the residents in Kuantan/Gebeng don't want this plant, why should your masters continue to push for it ? What is the hidden agenda ? We don't even get income tax for 12 years, and the plant hires around 400 people, not all local. So why the agenda to keep pushing and making all sorts of stupid comments like the AELB guy stating that shipping the waste to Australia is still an option.

      I would have liked the plant to be shifted to Pekan to prove that it is not an environmental issue, boleh ?

      Big Godfather

    3. Aloo godfarther..
      Siapa kata resident in kuantan/ gebeng tak mau Lynas? Penduduk kuantan ada lebih kurang 600 ribu. U dah jumpa semua mereka ke? yg datang himpunan hijau dulu mostly not kuantan folks pun. Typical argument. Sikit sikit nak transfer to pekan...macam budak budak...

      Air putih kuantan...

    4. I agree with zack. Been in kuantan (i reside in tanah putih) for more than 10 years and all that i can say is the majority came from outside kuantan... just like any opposition rally. most of them are outsiders and i dun really care about it except that is the rally really, REALLY represents the majority of the people in gebeng/kuantan?

      - Trollz Web

  3. Well said, Bigcat. Can't be any clearer than that!!

    1. Kuching Besar:

      Let me also make myself clearer. I will stop my objection to the Lynas plant if the sponsors can find a suitable site for disposal of the waste (maximum accumulation to be based on the capacity of each bulk carrier) to another country, NOT MALAYSIA. If for some reason that other country should stop accepting the waste, then the production in Gebeng must stop until another alternative location is found, NOT IN MALAYSIA.

      Setuju tak ? Kalau setuju, saya authorise BigCat to speak to AELB and the 4 dumbass ministers tasked with finding a solution to this environmental problem.


  4. You know what, Big Cat ? UMNO Pahang decided that it wants this plant in Pahang badly. Your boss Najib agreed, so asked MITI and MIDA to process the Lynas application. Lynas asked for all sorts of conditions esp on pioneer status exceeding the normal 10 years, and waiver of all sorts of issues from import duty exemption to waiver of environmental requirements. Then the clincher: Lynas imposed a compensation formula that allows it to be compensated at a multiple of its investment should their investment be disallowed at any time. The stupid folks at MITI and MIDA agreed, so now the country is saddled with a project that, if cancelled, would cost the government a huge sum of compensation plus the exposure of the stupidity of the Government.

    This is the most likely explanation on why your boss continues to support the project even though it is a huge political risk that could easily go away by just terminating the deal.


  5. godfarter,
    what u don't want is not the Lynas plant la. What u really don't want is the BN government. Say like that easier leh. All u want is for DAP to run this country. Why la spin spin as if u care so much for the environment. Kuantan/Gebeng residents don't want the plant? ok la, next time try get just the residents to attend the demo. All those outsiders from as far away as Penang don't have to sibuk sibuk come to Kuantan. See how many turned up, ok?

    1. Nope, Kuching, I don't want DAP to run this country. They won't survive 6 months unless confined to Penang. I want Pakatan to run the country and get rid of a bunch of proven crooks. I want transparency, I want honesty. If I can't get that in a Pakatan government, then I'll vote for change until I get one. What I am certain is that this BN government is crooked to the core, and can only be saved through a revolution at the ballot box. Once BN loses, hopefully a new group of untainted people will helm BN and give the coalition another shot at regaining the past glory of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

      Now back to Lynas. Just shift the plant to Pekan to prove the point that it is safe and it is nothing more than a political issue raised by Pakatan. I'm sure RM 500 per voter in Pekan can take care of this, and vindicate Najib's view (and Kuching's view) that Kuantan residents were misled by Pakatan.


    2. ya ya ya....I know DAP can't go on their own. That's why they need the melayu of Pas and PKR to help them. But DAP as we all know have the balls of Pas and PKR people in their pocket, just like ngah and ngeh have the balls of nizar of Perak in their grasp. DAP want anything, they will squeeze those Pas and PKR balls. That's the sorts of government that people like you want. You think I don't know ka?
      As for the Lynas plant, let's see what happened in the next election whether the people of Indera Mahkota are still going to vote for Pakatan. If they do, then maybe we can shift the plant right in front of Najib's house.

    3. Pakatan run the country? Must be a joke , why isn't anyone demonstrating about the development of a water catchment area near the Teluk Bahang dam in Penang? Lim Guan Eng sibuk sibuk protest about Lynas but is destroying the environment in Penang with all his developmental projects for money for his survival..... and as usual he'll blame UMNO for it!!! Dont have to talk about the other ego maniac clowns like Anwar and daughter, Tony Pua and Tian Chua and that Surendran jack ass.....

  6. wonder what kind of genie actually possesed these so called 'intellectuals'.... somebdy of pakatan can simply put a statement "najib owns a share in Lynas" and no metter how najib answers and prove,even sue, trust me, no opposition will accept we come to this situation, i wonder? I mean, if on of YOU GUYS, a nuclear specialist at that, says it safe, and that was upon ONE OF YOUR LEADERS suggested to get his opinion, instead of from other kind of specialist, you still cant accept it? "its not political" ...weird... its green, and they plan to mix the green with yellow for next Bersih...hmmm.... i wonder... am i too stupid,that im seein it as TOTALLY political then? oh before somebody saying Im UMNO, im not even a pure malay, and im dating a chinese.70% of my freinds are non malays...and if they try to engage me in any political arguments, normally ill manage to make thm admit by the end, tht their main target is as long not BN...doesnt matter whos right..hahaha... so ask urselfs k?sincerely ask urselfs...are you guys really sincere?

  7. I stay nearby pusat atom negara in Bangi for over 20 years.

    no problem so far.

    my friend work as an x ray operator in a microchip factory in Penang and he was recently diagnosed with some kind of cancer. pity him and i wish him well soon.

  8. facts about Lynas.... That you must know...

  9. Dia orang ini tak sedar diuntung. Tak pernah bersyukur dengan kemakmuran ekonomi yang diperolehi. La ni dia guna benteng Melayu di depan untuk lawan Melayu. Melayu yang tak sedar diri ikut macam lembu. Kerajaan pulak tu terlalu banyak berkompromi. Cuba kita fikir, kalau jadi 13 Mei negara huru hara perang di sana sini, orang bunuh membunuh, siapa yang akan lebih rugi. Orang kaya atau orang sederhana atau orang miskin. Kalau di Malaysia siapakah yang kaya dan siapakah yang miskin. Orang miskin nothing to loose. Projek Lynas, siapakah yang akan lebih untung ? Apakah sebenarnya agenda bagi kempen memburukkan projek Lynas ? Kalau projek beratus juta dan berbilion RM ini ke Penang apakah reaksi mereka ?

  10. Just because you worked in Kuantan for a while, u think you know a lot...or are you funded by Umno to write this anti DAP and PKR garbage.Look at your own conscience, what type of an arse you youself are as blur as PKR and DAP in environmental issues. Face it