Saturday 24 March 2012

Checking on Kamilia

The relatively quiet deputy to Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Jalil, Kamilia Ibrahim is suddenly in the news.

And what a way it was for her to do so, calling on Shahrizat to resign over the cow living in the condo issue, not only as a minister but also as her boss.

It is not everyday these sorts of things happened.

For the record Shahrizat is not even resigning from her ministerial post but it was rather that her senatorial time period is expiring and not renewed.

Of course Kamilia was immediately machine gunned by Shahrizat's people. That's expected lah.

Such was the havoc caused by Kamilia's boldness that Umno president DS Najib Razak had to tell everyone yesterday to calm down and maintain the status quo.

I agree with Najib, Umno need to remain united and avoid all such nonsense at least until after the general election. They need to remain focused.

However, I do not think Kamilia's stand on Shahrizat was wrong either.

By right, Shahrizat should not wait until someone tells her to go. Her position has become indefensible as the NFC issue has become so messy.

I am not saying she is guilty of anything yet but she has indeed become a liability to Umno due to the perception that her position in Umno and the government was behind the awarding of the money to her husband and family to run the cow farm.

In politics, perception is everything. Shahrizat should know this and if she love the party more than herself (as they all always claim) she should not be dragging it along through the mud with her. She should just resign....for agama, bangsa and tanahair. After all,  the party is facing the most challenging general election in its history and it could do without being saddled with such baggage as the NFC mess.

Well, at least that's how I see it. Probably Kamilia shares the same idea as mine.

Najib is of course much smarter than me and Kamilia. He knows what is best for Umno, and I agree that since Shahrizat refused to do the honorable thing, then everyone should stick together and weather the coming storm. Everyone can always settled the issue after the general election. Well, guess Umno simply has to absorb the blows and make the best out of things.

Back to Kamilia, honestly, I don't know who exactly is she. But I think she is quite a tough nut to be so bold that she dare to tell off Shahrizat like that.

So I googled her and found her website at She may not be a "stunning beauty" like Shahrizat, but I'm quite impressed by her credentials.

Well, at least I know that she is not just some useless air head diva simply going after her boss' position lah. After all, despite being rather quiet, she managed to win her Wanita Umno number 2 post what. Must be quite something isn't she? Oh, I also like her name...sounds tough but sweet leh.

These are bits about her which I took from that website  -

- Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim is the Wanita Umno deputy chief.
- She is the Kuala Kangsar Wanita Umno division chief
- She runs a law firm, Kamilia Ibrahim & Co which was established in 1984. Previously Kamilia was a law lecturer at the Property Management Faculty of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She completed her Masters in Property Law and Law of Restitution and Comparitive Constitutional Law.
- She also runs a Certified Company Secretarial & Management Firm.
-  She holds the post of non-Independent  Non-Executive Director of KUB Malaysia
- She is the secretary-general of PEMADAM (Anti-drug Abuse Association Malaysia.)

There are a few other things which Kamilia does. You can find out more about her at the website.

My bet is, things will get very interesting for Wanita Umno after the general election.


  1. ya i cant wait for the finger-pointing between them when UMNO and BN lose big because of the way this whole issue has been managed to the party's detriment!!! Stupid so-called leaders in UMNO!

    - 3rd Generation UMNO member (soon to be former UMNO member)

  2. Big Cat

    I read that most of the state Wanita heads went for the jugular - Dato Kamilia's that is. This is akin to the proverbial "killing the messenger because we do not like the message".

    What should have taken place in the Friday meeting -- was a well informed, rational and cool debate on the impact of NFC on the coming election -- with Dato Sharizat IN and with Dato Sharizat OUT as the Head of Wanita.

    List out the pros and cons. Juts like we used to do for PMR and SPM karangan. Tak kan itu pun tak boleh buat!.


    Wanita UMNO do not even need to have Dato Seri Najib to decide for them. Looking at what had transpired at the Friday meeting, including the decision by the President on the position of Dato Sharizat -- one wonders if UMNO had matured enough, even after MORE THAN 50 years of existence.

    The culture in UMNO -- where one person decides for everyone -- had rub on the Government. We have many cases where this is evident, not least the Lynas and MAS-Air Asia episodes.

    This type of culture -- will NOT do well for Malaysia -- if we are serious about making the nation a developed democracy.

    Thank you

  3. BC, there's nothing bold about what kamilia did. Its bloody and a bloody fool's agenda. She's confirmed her status of the Brutus of umno women and umno politics. She maybe a lawyer like sharizat but it doesnt make her wise. She's managed to project herself as a conniving ambitous woman, waiting in the wings, marking time. We can take ambition but not connivance.

    But why is it many have not heard about her? Because she did not do much and does not deserve to be deputy. As Brutus ,she secured number 2 in wanita movment quite easily.She will not make a good leader, because as number 2 she's sulking and gives an impression that she's putting a wedge to undo sharizat's work.

    Like what other senators and poltiicans are doing ,she's positioning for PM's attention , zeroing in as candidate for election.
    If you want to look for fault, be honest. You should be staring at the highest authority who signed off the loan.

    Its such a dumb thing when in the first place no one even realised that the Auditor general was ticking off the NFC- ie the governmtment body. NOT the private company NFCorp. It was dumb to force sharizat's husband and company to defend themselves because the AG wasnt referring to them. Its dumber still that no one is listening to the AG who said the witchhunt is directed at the wrong body.

    So now all blame and attention is shifted to sharizat's husband's company. So no one will pay attention to what the auditor general had said. Look at how the the owner of the govenrment company provide answers - including the minister. Do you feel like you want to hit them on the head for that silly half baked response?
    So the ceo sharizat's husband invested in other matters than cattle. Its that a crime? Did he not pay the bank repayment installments? Then tis between the bank and him. Then get the bank to go after the company. Is it contractual obligation? Again nothing to do with anyone but between them and the body providing the loan, if they failed to repay installments.If he superseded his baord of directors then tis between him and the board.

    Is one guilty of a crime when given a most favoured treatment? All those Chinese , Indiasn and malau millionaires benefitted from the close associations with the govt. You think Ananda Krishnan, Vincent Tan, Daim and Francis Yeoh can do it on their own? We can many more malay businessmen given similar favoured treatment.

    That sharizat will consider herself as having resigned in april is a good tease. Because she would have easily had her senatorship extended. Thats for sure. She 's given the signal to PM so he does not need to extend her senatorship. Because if she didnt say that, PM Najib will have no choice but to extend it.

    The the truth is, there's no one in wanita umno who can fill in sharizat's position currently. Not even for minister position. Becasue they contentedly let sharizat do all the work for them. Just like what politicians and ministers do to PM. Kamilia wasnt even trailing second to sharizat in work done. The PM needs sharizat and Kamilia knows that too. But kamilia believes in strategy and positioning at the right time. So she's done her part for herself. All is fair in politics and business.

    The rest- its up to PM whether he will notice Kamilia. Or not.


    1. shahrizat writing as anonymous!! Lol

      Yo! It doesnt matter wether the attention is on NFC or NFCorp... Sooner or later, the MACC would be knocking on each door.
      Whatever it is, a CBT act which is a criminal offence had been done when the funds in NFC which is partly Govt owned was transferred to a private organization without prior consent. In another word, its stealing... Weather you retun it back in full of otherwise in the first place. so dont talk nonsense. Taxpayers money being spent like monkeys and you are defending these cows?! Pleasela... Dont be so stupid.

      secondly about Kamilia being conniving??! dont be so stupid again. i thank every penny of my tax because of her bold statement. why the hell are Malaysia politicians are so tak tau malu?! sonething went wrong, so pleasela save some face and resign honourably..

      still want to hold on to power??

      Hoi, Wanita UMNO! Still need PM to decide on you Presidents fateka?? already 50years merdeka and cannot decide on your own??! even the State Wanita are like cows now... Of course there were all the Presidents crony.

      Dato Kamilia, youre doing the right thing... Which is moving away from the typical Malay style bodek boss even when he or she is in the wrong/non-credible. Menyampah gile.

      PM Najib, you want to win election or not?! Sack la... Apa lagi?? Still play safe ka? Kamilia pun has the guts.. Cayalu

  4. I share your thoughts on Shahrizat, she is now officially UMNO's elephant in the room, too big to hide, too big to ignore too.

    There must have been some pow wow talk presided by UMNO top guns between the two ladies before yesterday's big hurrah at PWTC, for all the support shown, Shahrizat's body language showed she was not comfortable, Kamilia's body language showed resolve. We all know that political support comes with position.

    So Shahrizat no need to be too happy by the show of support, don't think its for her really it is for the Chair of the UMNO Wanita Chief.

    Someone I know in Wanita UMNO did mention that when Ketua wanita's family got the NFC she kept quiet, but when problems on the NFC surface she wants Wanita to share the problems?

    Yes Shahrizat should spare UMNO the agony, resign please.

    Enough said.

  5. Ms BC
    When the first officer ( co pilot) in an aeroplane ask the captain to jump out of the plane, can or not?

    1. Can, if the captain is endangering the plane and its accidentally tertelan ubat batuk causing her to be drowsy and unfit to fly the plane...something like that.

    2. LOL good one Bigcat!!

      Alternatively, if the 1st officer finds out that the pilot's family is in the plane and endangering the whole flight, safety and wellbeing of all passengers and crew in the plane... Not only the 1st officer is obliged to take over piloting the aircraft.. But if possible, kickout the pilot and her family from 30,000 ft above sealevel!!

      Bravo Dato Kamilia, well done... Definely not a yes man/ woman. It doesnt matter if you want the President post or not... But you did the right thing... Very brave!

      Concerned Citizen

  6. Congratulation Kamilia, you may be the only one left standing in the dewan merdeka PWTC to carry the flag of honesty, integrity and morallity. But out here, there are many more who share your sentiment about this Head Cow in this Cow in the Condo affair.

    From the time of Tuanku Abd Rahman, we don't have many in UMNO or for that matter in WANITA Herd who is brave enough to call a spade a spade. Most are suckers of the highest order.

    Kamilia is a rare breed.

    Now that Sharizat is still the Wanita Head Cow, don't expect the rakyat, to be a cow / cowed too.

    Sad for Najib, he couldn't differentiate between what is the right thing to do from the wrong.

    Honestly, I have very little faith left in me of UMNO.

    Najib, you failed me miserably...


    1. Nagaria

      In any organization or institution, it owes its stakeholders for its continued existence. For a company, it is its customers. For a Government of the day - it is its citizens. For a political party, such as UMNO and Wanita UMNO - it is the voters at large. Members of UMNO/Wanita, although very important, are a very small percentage of these voters at large.

      WIth the general election just round the corner, it is foolhardy to retain the status quo, just based on the current sentiment shown by the Wanita UMNO delegates. The sentiment among the voters at large should have been taken as the only criteria in arriving at the decision to change or retain the headship of Wanita UMNO.

      Had anyone assessed whether the voters at large;

      1. Are ambivalent or indifferent to the NFC saga? or

      2. Are of the opinion that the RM250 million loan for the NFC project has all the trappings of things associated with waste and excesses of and by the Government machinery and therefore are likely to put them off voting for the Government at the next election? or

      3. Are of the opinion that the NFC saga should be how the Government conducts its affairs and therefore, come hell or high water, they would support the current Government because they would very much like to see more and more NFC projects to be created?

      Therefore the past action or inaction of Dato Kamilia should not be an issue (please see the entry by Anonymous above). The character of Dato Kamilia is also not an issue (unless of course she had been up to no good, amounting to another saga ala the NFC).

      As a matter of principle, it is the duty of the second in command to step in and take the leadership role when the incumbent leader is incapacitated in any way. If Dato Kamilia had not done what she did, she not only had failed in her duty and had also nut fulfilled her obligations to UMNO, she may be accused of being complicit in the NFC saga.

      Now that Dato Najib had waded in and did what he did, the list of 5 make or break issues that he had to handle, before deciding on the date of the next election had just been extended by one more.

      Here is the list

      1. The Lynas rare earth project,
      2. The MAS - Air Asia share suap,
      3. The FELDA FGV IPO,
      4. The civil service new pay scheme,
      5. The NFC project, and now
      6. The Sharizat's continuing position as UMNO Wanita head.

      Like you, many voters are disappointed, in fact some are very upset that Dato Najib had waded in on the Wanita UMNO leadership crisis.

      Thank you.

  7. Hmmmm...she is from KK division. Wasn't the ex ketua from there also...hmmmm!

  8. Kamilia is the bestest wanita head.Low profile n god fearing lady.She is always with the Quran.Hope she leads wanita UMNO with care.


  9. Agaknya ... kat PWTC malam tu banyak sangat lembu-lembu berkeliaran ... ikut je kata isteri tauke NFC ... yg lelaki sorang tu, lembu jegak ke ?

    Ade siapa yg berani nak selamatkan Luncai yg dah terjun dgn labu-labunya ?

    Dulu ... zaman Tun Lah ... TSMY yg lantang bersuara ... kini kenapa senyap ... dah jadi macam TPM dulu pulak !!!

    Bak kata BC diatas ... kapten kapal terbang dah minum ubat batuk ... dah nak lalok ... co-pilot kena rehatkan Keptan tu dulu lantas ambil alih steering ... setuju ?

  10. Bila ada wanita UMNO kempen rumah ke rumah, hiburkan mereka dengan moooooooooooooooooooo

    Orang Taman

  11. Did she, Shahrizat, the outgoing SC Chairman and the new Deputy Chairman of SC were coursemates in The LLB programme at UM?

  12. "...things will get very interesting for Wanita Umno after the general election." No, it'll get very interesting when Shahrizat is no longer a Menteri. All those supporters are just "fair-weather" people. Sharizat can huff and puff, but when the cow & condo issue get flogged by the Opposition and the court, those "fair-weather" people will just leave it to Sharizat to fight her own battle. A weakened and hurt leader is no leader; that's when they'll turn to Kamilia to come to the rescue.

  13. Arm chair critics always always reveal common trait of envy and jealousy. Political piranhas also have similar traits.There's no perfect leader, dont pontificate for one. In politics you accept them warts and all. and they will have to accept your opinion of them warts and all.But one other common trait thats never acceptable to the business of politics and will not be forgotten is betrayal of someone who cannot wait to replace. Its a form of betrayal that will haunt you forever.
    That fate have claimed anwar ibrahim for what he tried to do to Tun M. You enter politics with eyes wide open and you know the score.
    The refusal of PM Najib to do a Brutus on Badawi served him well.
    The Prime Minister's done the right thing in sharizat's case.There will be a new leader emerging from this scenario for the women's wing after electons. It will not be sharizat and will not be kamilia. Najib has listened to the voices on the ground.
    Go to the ground,the JKKS ,the out of towners and the kampung- run a quick poll if you must- you will find that most of them have no problem with Sharizat as leader, some even questioned why she should be removed as Minister . Most certainly run a poll and you will find that most of them especailly malays only care for one simple value. Go find out and go figure why. They want to reach out to sharizat. Who would have the right say they are wrong.


  14. Just heard Shahrizat mooo......E Tu Brutus