Thursday 8 March 2012

Dreaming of Taiwan

Today was a busy day.

So tired. Can't think of anything to write.

Can't even post any YouTube video. For some reason this old netbook can't perform that function. Something inside it went kaput, I guess. Probably need to send it for repairs.

So....all I can do tonight is post something about my dream of going to Taiwan to further my studies and learn Mandarin properly. That's my dream for after the general election.

Ok, I am going to find a room in one of those flats near this mosque. It would be nice to be able to go pray in the mosque whenever I can.

Then, of course I'm going to buy a bicycle to move around, especially for going to class. Taipei is probably the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. I think I get some thing like this one -

Ok, this is the place where I hope to study. Don't know yet if they will accept me. If cannot, then I will try somewhere less prestigious.

If got the chance I want to join this crowd on my free days.

And if I'm really free, I want to cycle to the beautiful Taiwan countryside. Syiok leh.

Well, that's my little dream.


  1. i ticked sad reaction because Malaysia will be losing one of her good citizen, and we won't be reading articles from BigCat about Malaysian politics....huuuhuuu sad :(

    but, that's what you want. all the best! chaiyokk

    bagus jugak boleh la cerita mengenai Taiwan.

    I've read somewhere that the Taiwanese Mandarin and the Mainland Mandarin differs a bit...don't know true or not. maybe you could enlighten that to us once you mastered Mandarin. shie shie ni :)

  2. Kuching Besar:

    It's a good dream. Make it a reality whoever wins after the elections. Don't wait for a mega project to be awarded to you for being a pro BN blogger.


  3. Yeah

    go to taiwan and come back produce some hatred video

  4. it is scary. you are obsessed.

    1. dream a bit also cannot ka? too much la u....

  5. Nice dream Big cat.. we'll miss your IRDA updates..