Tuesday 13 March 2012

A bit on Shahrizat, Irda and a poor little girl

Not been posting anything for the past few days. The recently acquired old netbook really kaput already. I'm back in a cybercafe. Also on the road again. Hard to write too long. A bit a bit can la. Too noisy. The kid sitting next to me is playing a noisy shoot-em-up game.

Ok, what's been happening....

Shahrizat is leaving the Cabinet. Her husband charged. Guess that's take a lot of sting off the Pakatan's NFC attack. Suddenly I don't think the millions worth that much anymore. Really not worth it la. Too bad Shahrizat didn't seize the earlier opportunity of becoming an all self-sacrificing Wanita Umno chief. Would have been better that way. This one was a bit late....Well, beter late than never.

Earlier, the PM's visit to Johor on Friday and Saturday last week was quite successful. Everything went relatively smooth.The best function was the dinner gathering at Sutera Mall in the DAP's hotbed of Skudai which was attended by thousands of Chinese.

As for the PM's other functions on that visit, I think the Iskandar Malaysia showcase could have been better. The story about it, which made it to the front page of most newspapers the next day was actually an old story, already known by most people in Johor. Nothing new really. The usual billions of investments here and billions of investments there. All been told already what. But I guess it needed to be showcased anyway to the rest of the country. Made nice headline, I guess....oh, there were also those advertorials articles....must be quite expensive. So...suka hati lah....just that I wished Irda didn't spend that much money organising the whole thing just to tell an old story. Should had came up with better ideas or spend the sum on something more meaningful. My estimates of the cost of the whole telling an old story thing was around RM1 million.

Then, there's that missing five-year-old girl in Masai, Johor whose charred remains were identified yesterday. Poor little Nadirah. May Allah place her in heaven's safe embrace....

 Hopefully the monster/s who committed the heinous crime pays for it here on this earth too. He/she will definitely pay in the afterlife. Parents, please take good care of your children. Keep them safe.

Ok, need to rush off now...until next time.,,,


  1. If caught I wish the punishment for the monster, the beast, who murdered the little girl would be to tie it to an iron rod and roast it over burnt charcoal so when it die, it die slowly and excruciatingly painfully.

  2. Just because Salleh got charged, you say the millions are not worth that much anymore ? To whom ? To us commoners, RM 250 million is a lot of money. It won't end with Shahrizat's expiry from the Senate. There'll be a lot more to come.

    BTW, do you notice how unashamedly Najib has been going around with his "gua tolong lu, lu tolong gua" message ? Not even a whisper on corruption and on the lack of transparency. Shy lah. Just like Syed Akbar said, "kemaluan ada, tapi malu sikit pun tak ada".

    And before you hammer me regarding the poor kid, let me just say that the killer(s) if caught need to be hanged. Swift justice is needed.


  3. Big Cat, the crap IRDA do must be blamed on its Head of Strategic Communications Zaini Long and her Branding team. She always does this centre spreads because she got no other ideas ma! Kalau pandai ta'apa, konon nya pernah kerja kat Avon. Until today, we people on the ground dont know whats going on in Iskandar Malayssia. IRDA Comms tak engage local people langsung

  4. Apa nak complain? Zaini dapat komision buat supplement akhbar ke? Seronok saja bodek akhbar Media Prima kat KL selalu dgn si Yati tu yang tak kenal media Johor lngsung.