Thursday 1 March 2012

DAP's east coast foothold and the blur blur PKR lady

Past midnight and still can't I think I write a bit more on Lynas which my past few postings had attracted the interest of some DAP cybertroopers. Kinda fun reading their comments.

Ok, the whole anti-Lynas demo is purely a DAP show. That I'm certain.

PKR seems to have been elbowed out of it. Not much coverage given to them by the pro-Pakatan media.

Not even their Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh who has been making all sorts of nonsensical noises over the issue got that much space in the Chinese newspapers that day.

Even Guan Eng, doing a little jig on the issue in Penang got more publicity than Fuziah and Anwar Ibrahim combined.

Well, can't really blame the Chinese papers, Fuziah and Anwar are not Chinese. Chinese papers are meant for Chinese audience and therefore need a Chinese star. Guan Eng is indeed a Chinese star and the majority of the anti-Lynas crowd are Chinese. These are facts, ok? Nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, I do suspect that many of you do not even realised that Gebeng which is where the Lynas plant is being built is not even in Fuziah's Kuantan parliamentary area.

It's in Indera Mahkota, the only other Pakatan's parliamentary area in Pahang which MP is Azan Ismail. This guy was Pahang PKR no 2 until he resigned from the post in 2010, citing dissatisfaction with the party's management.

Azan has been quiet for so long. I can't even remember when was the last time he was in the news. The last time I met him was just a few days after he won the election in 2008. He was discussing with several other PKR people about how to get some contract jobs in Selangor.

Apparently, Fuziah is now handling PKR's affairs in both areas.

Now, how did these two PKR clowns won in 2008? 

Bear in mind ya that DAP do not have much base in eastern Pahang. Prior to 2008, DAP represented the opposition in the State with their single rep in Triang. Thats in western Pahang. Now they got another one in Tras, also in western Pahang. Pas meanwhile got two State seats in Beserah and Kuala Semantan in 2008.

In 2008, Fuziah beat Fu Ah Kiow of MCA in Kuantan by getting 52 per cent of the votes, while Azan beat Salamon Ali Rizal Abdul Rahman of Umno in Indera Mahkota by getting 51 per cent of the votes.

In another words, they won by a small margin. Do also bear in mind that Beserah was the only State constituency in the two parliamentary areas which fell to Pakatan.

Clearly, Fuziah and Azan won due to protest votes by BN supporters at that time. My reading was that it was mainly the protest votes of MCA members which did the trick for them. MCA was rocked to the core when it dropped several of their highly influential assemblymen such as then Teruntum assemblyman Ti Lian Ker.

Now, with the Lynas demo being considered as a DAP's success, it would not be far fetched to assume for the party to set its sight on either Kuantan or Indera Mahkota. 

Azan is almost certain to lose his seat based on his lack of performance thus far. However, my bet is that, DAP will prefer to take away Fuziah's Kuantan seat and will try to persuade her to instead move over to contest in Indera Mahkota.

If I'm Guan Eng, I will persuade Anwar to agree based on these arguments -
1. DAP need Kuantan as its foothold in the East Coast
2. Kuantan got a large number of Chinese voters who are now more partial to DAP after the anti-Lynas campaign.
3. Fuziah does not stand much chance without the MCA protest votes if she face a Chinese opponent in Kuantan this time around. Indera Mahkota got more Malays who may be sympathetic to her.
4. Since Fuziah is so keen to be the heroine of anti-Lynas, she should be in Indera Mahkota where the plant is actually located.

Knowing that DAP is now the big brother in Pakatan due to its current influence among the majority of Chinese voters, Anwar will agree to the demand....probably in exchange for DAP's help via its Chinese supporters in other places. Knowing Fuziah's blind loyalty to Anwar, she will happily agree too.

So, there you have it. The blur blur Fuziah will not even notice what's going to hit her. She will not stand much chance in Indera Mahkota as the Malay voters there, like elsewhere are now more BN-friendly.

Yup, Fuziah is that blur. Her character is what the Javanese call "ndablaek", which means she has a single tracked mind where the brain is incapable of accepting any other idea except what she had made up her mind to believe. If you don't believe me, try having a conversation with her about something profound for half an hour and you will know what I'm talking about.

BTW, I'm sticking to my stand that Lynas is really a political and not an environmental issue. I am not going to waste my time and energy trying to present environmental arguments on how safe the Lynas plant is, as I'm not in the business of educating idiots like Fuziah. Anyway, those had already been done by the experts and see lah for yourself how it affects people like Fuziah and those like her.

Totally like pouring water on yam leaves (mencurah air didaun keladi....something like that lah). 


  1. Bigcat,

    Next thing you know, the IAEA will be knocking at our doors.

    Thank you

  2. "If I'm Guan Eng...."

    Kuching Kurap thinking he is Kuching Besar again ?


    1. Ahh, godfarter, why so nasty one...thought we friend friend...well, never mind.

    2. Bro: Since you are such a DAP hater, why use words like "If I'm Guan Eng..." or "If I'm Kit Siang...." There's no way you can get to their level of sacrifice. Not like those leeches in UMNO.


    3. Liow Tiong Lai is now quoted as saying that the government will treat the waste disposal as a Lynas problem i.e. find somewhere other than Malaysia to dispose of the waste. It's an environmental issue, not a political issue. But I don't expect UMNO loyalists to get it.


  3. And the way you thrash Fuziah as an elected MP ? Shame on you lah, you are also blur blur like Najib.


    1. wah! four comments from u already. not even rocky get this sorts of treatment from you. Godfarter, have u been assigned to jaga me? hehehe...oh, btw, fuziah is really blur la. But being blur or an idiot is not a sin. If I really want to thrash her, I would had called her an uncouth bitch or something more vile like that.

    2. Aiya godfarter, u also called BN people worse names what. U think I don't know ka? I said a bit bad only about the blur lady, u already unhappy. What la u.

  4. Oh, we are testy today. Ask UMNO to read "How to win friends and influence people" by Carnagie.Ask them to do it now. That way they can win votes from everyone -- not just the rusted on UMNO supporters. I am sure the DAP, PKR and PAS have.

    Don't believe the Indians will just vote for BN in a big way.UMNO has made too many mistakes and hurt their feelings too many times. But they can be won over with a lot of kindness and sweet talk.

    Little Mat.

  5. Lynas has to check-mate this pain. If they have all the evidence to say Lynas is safe, sue that lady for RM100 million. If you are not sure about safety shut down the plant. That simple. Why all the woo there, wee here. Lynas you are no better than Anwar who has no guts to sue Dato Trio, like there is something amiss about the plant. If you are right and sure, sure the lady till she goes bust.

  6. 3rd force will win kuantan seat next ge. Arab the candidate. Kuantan ppl know him.


  7. Dap goons..if guan eng the moron build moron build lynas in penang...i bet hed be called a genius by these DAP drop outs.....patehtic.