Wednesday 28 March 2012

Sickening government-salaried anti-BN people

I was in Malacca today due to some family matters. The place looks nice. I even got to see the little bit of what's left of the Portuguese fort A Farmosa for the first time. Took a picture there, but had to delete it later. I look fat la in that picture....hehehe

Really. Somehow I always bypassed Malacca on my travels that I do not get to know the State very well.

The last time I was in Malacca was when someone took me to Jonkers Walk about three years ago. It was just a little diversion from our drive south. We just walked around there before settling for a very nice dinner at a Peranakan restaurant. But I didn't get to see more of the place as we need to get back to JB that night. Anyway, it was a pleasantly memorable evening for me.

I am definitely not a fan of Ali Rustam, but I think he's doing well as far as tourism sector is concerned.

Well, when I return to JB this evening, I got a call from a friend inviting me for dinner. Told her that I'm on diet. Can't have dinner, but tea can la. Still I end up having tea....with Pelangi porridge. Can't resist la. Guess I will be breaching 45 kg soon :-(

My friend actually works for Irda. She, however, never reveals anything about the going ons at her workplace. Not even during the peak of my troubles with Irda several months ago.

But this time she did say something about her work place. I guess she can't keep it inside her any more. She was not complaining about Irda per se, but rather the attitude of some of her colleagues.

"I don't understand how can they be such hypocrites," she said.

She said these people earn up to RM25,000 per month for doing so little and yet they bitch endlessly about Barisan Nasional and the government.

My friend, who is an Umno supporter but not a party member insisted that she was not against people having the freedom of choosing which side of the political divide they want to be affiliated to, but in the case of her colleagues, she do not see any reason why they want to go against the government.

 "To just support Pakatan is still ok, but campaigning and bad mouthing against the government during office hours??? That's being too much la. And these people are very well paid and given high ranking position for doing almost nothing and with so little qualifications."

I advised my friend to cool off and explained to her that at least from what I know, Irda CE Ismail Ibrahim have of late improved things in that organisation. He will probably take care of this problem soon.

My sources in Irda had told me that it was less tense in their office now. Of course I do not expect Irda to completely change. But, as long as there is a will to change, that's should already be good enough for starters.

I told my friend to hang on till end of the year and see if those anti-government elements will get their contract renewed or otherwise. Probably Ismail is waiting for their contracts to expire as he do not want to rock the boat too hard. Hopefully it's like that lah....

I also told my friend that for those who are salaried by the government but insisted to go against it, mostly do so because they don't have enough things to do or rather prefer not to do their job properly. They have ample idle time and spending it on fanciful thoughts and meaningless chatters in the vain hope of sounding smarter than the next person.

Last time in the pantry:
"Eh, really you know, Rosmah must be jealous of Najib. That's why she get that girl blown up....bla bla bla."
After that one becoming too ridiculous :
"Tsk tsk tsk, this BN government really useless you know, price of petrol went up again, see, Anwar already said he will cut down the price.....bla bla bla."
And lately :
"Uh uh uh, see see, the government don't care about the environment. Die la people in Kuantan. Najib sure got shares in Lynas. If not, sure Rosmah got one....bla bla bla."

After these, sure got some more.

These people never pause and think how they get to be where they are.

I always of the opinion that these people simply talks just because it's fun to trash talk and sounds oh so important and knowledgeable.

Yes, it's true that there are corruption and abuse of power committed by irresponsible BN people, but are the Pakatan people any better? Well. most of the PKR people are Umno rejects anyway.

How sure are these people that people such as Mat Sabu are holy men? Or whether it's true that Guan Eng and gang really care for all Malaysians instead of just the Chinese and their votes?

Remember ya, DAP supports the extremists in Dong Jong Zong who want to chase out non-Chinese speaking teachers from Chinese schools. That one don't make DAP racists ka? Come, teachers who support Pakatan, please answer that one. Can or not?

These people, are they aware that Guan Eng and the gang (including the mild mannered Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau) called them Nazis who uphold an apartheid-like system in this country? Want to retrench them some more once they got power, because too many civil servants they said.

Still, want to support them? What is wrong with all these people?

People salaried by the BN government are mostly Malays. They get to where they are now because of the government's policies. Some grow up being fed by government scholarship because they are from some poor Malay families.

Went to boarding school, send overseas to further studies, get a cosy government job....and then spit on the very government which get them to where they are.....sheeeshhh....don't know lah.

p.s. Please note that as far as I know, Irda's police report against me is still on. So, you all please be careful when leaving your comments on this posting, ok? Thank you.


  1. In Pakatan states, the civil servants salaried by PR governments are free to choose their political leanings.

    After all, if civil servants are professional and impartial why witch-hunt and penalize those who are UMNO supporters...

    Even in Selangor, Kedah, Penang after 4 years, quite many UMNO contractors are still getting state & municipal contracts and jobs to feed their families and staff.

    Only hardcore UMNO/BN will engage in witch-hunt of non-UMNO folks in civil service and government units.

    All the taxes that we paid over the 50+ years of our nation-building is for the benefit of all Malaysians, not just UMNO fellas.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Dear Kluang girl,
      You are back! Good good. I am so happy. Can u take over from that Goatfather as the main troll of my blog. You are really much much more intelligent than him la. Ok, you are right. Should not be witch hunt, but this is not as simple as that. These people talk garbage all the time and not do their work la. Then go around sabotage government projects and programme some more. Some even leaked sensitive information to their favourite Pakatan politicians. So, what to do? I think even the benevolent Guan Eng will kick out these type of pro-BN people in his government. BN people in Guan Eng's government?

    2. Oh, one more thing, I really miss u during the DAP-DJZ Chinese schools hu ha. Why don't u come and kacau me at that time la. Leaving me to deal with that Goatfarter and his stupid comments. Too much la you :)

    3. Kluang girl

      another of your wishful thinking....nice try though.

      haba haba

    4. Kluang Girl: You know how much Kuching Besar misses my postings ? I mean, he has to mention me nowadays in comparison to you as the “classier" DAP supporter. I think Kuching Besar is desperate. He thinks that stealing in broad daylight, squandering our money, gatecrashing Pakatan ceramahs - all require class. Heck, if doing all those require class, then Barisan would have made this country AAA instead of our lawlessness status.


    5. See, that kind of comment where got class one. Goatfather, u sleep ka in class during the DAP cybertrooper boot camp? Ok ok, my fault. I shouldn't layan u at all. After this u can write anything u want n I'm not going to encourage u to become more stupid. Enjoy ya.

    6. Ah, Kuching Kurap, no I did not sleep in class cos our Chinese teachers all very fierce one, not like the UMNO propaganda machine where people like you write nonsense and still get an "A". No wonder standards in government schools sudah jatuh lah.....


    7. Oh oh, this one I need to, u are awake la, that make it even worse...thought u was asleep in class. If u r awake n still make stupid stupid comments like that, than u r indeed just natural born stupid. Hmmm...thought u got excuse of sleeping in class. Eh, DAP cyber trooper boot camp classes employ garang Chinese teachers ka? Send there by Dong Jong Zong ka? No wonder not enough teachers at Chinese schools....hmmmm...

    8. Big cat and God father, why not u two get a room and sort out the differences? u both might actually turn out to be great couple. just beware of kluang girl sabo your relationship. LOL

    9. uh uh kaboom, I rather be a lesbian leh....

    10. Bigcat... Aiyo lesbian ka? Stim oooo


  2. Well everyone bitch at work at some point of their working life, so why pinpoint out civil servants with different political leanings than you.

    In Pakatan states, there's internal sabotage too among some UMNO-linked civil servants that's leaking confidential information, obstruct state/municipal decisions etc. But if we conduct administration professionally and impartially, most the civil servants will follow too.

    So, why witch-hunt UMNO-supporting civil servants and contractors if they can perform the work professionally...
    They have families and staff to take care of too.

    Nowadays, many people have both UMNO and non-UMNO family members, especially on the cawangan level. So if you are witch-hunting non-UMNO folks, alot of people will be put off by this kezaliman towards their kin...

    As to the recent DJZ rally, what there's to say about this 50+ years old issue. Year in, year out no political will to solve this. Same old announcement, that "we will look into this bla bla...."

    When it suits the UMNO/BN government in the past, DJZ is a friend of MCA. When it also suits the UMNO government this time, DJZ can be repainted as DAP-linked...
    Funny la.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Kezaliman?? Yup, kezaliman indeed to pay RM25k to some useless senior vice-president who spend his entire energy running down the BN government and giving out consultancy contracts to his friends. This one not simply simply la my dear. You think all Pakatan people are good people ka? You think the Bn people are all corrupt and not professional ka? As for theDAP-DJZ nonsense, you don't want to comment because of what u said or is it because the whole thing make DAP-DJZ looks like Chinese extremists?

    2. Kluang girl,

      U need to get the facts correct. DJZ has never been, and never will be friends with MCA. DJZ represented by bunch of chinese dinosaur who proclaims themselves as warriors and want nothing to do with MCA.

      they will never allow anyone to take away their "credit" for what they had done for chinse education in the country

    3. How many Vice President are there in Irda? hm.. sounds like fun. huhu.

  3. Salams
    I think they hate Rosmah cos she doesn"t wear the head scarf like Wan Jijah.


    1. I think Malaysian are not used to extrovert PM wives.

  4. When compared to the days of Ikmal Hijaz and Harun Johari, IRDA is now very bloated and filled with true-bred civil servant. Looking at their faces, I find it difficult to distinguish them from other state department. Don't we have enough state government department already? Do we really need these over-paid government setup when they are actually duplicating other people's job? I don't see them as doing better job than other state department.

    As an outsider, IRDA's catchphrase of Plan-Promote-Facilitate roles sound meaningless to me. All I know is that they constantly announce the meaningless multi-billion investment figures to the press - when on the ground, I'm not sure how many jobs they have actually created.

    By the way, that Khazanah's Medini land, how many IRDA-approved companies have IRDA approved? Why is it so difficult for IRDA to understand that for Iskandar Malaysia to be really attractive, the ISP package must be opened to other parts of Iskandar Malaysia? Why limit it to Medini when there are scandalous transactions happening with the Arabs, with all the buyback and profit guarantee clauses agreement??

    I think Ismail Ibrahim's contract should not be renewed. A new, energetic, someone-who-doesn't-look-like-typical-gomen-servant, marketing-savvy guy should helm IRDA. IRDA needs someone from the corporate world to sell Iskandar Malaysia to the world. Someone with the demure of Ikmal Hijaz but with the energy of Harun Johari. Hiring Ismail Ibrahim has been a mistake.

    1. I actually don't mind Ismail too much. Same only lah, put anyone there. All three Irda CE Macoba boys also what. Everyone got good points and bad points. Let's give the fella a chance first. Last time Ismail told his people to lodge police report against me also I'm not really angry. A bit only la, but I can understand his feelings at that time. His own people said macam-macam about him in this blog. What to do, big boss have to tahan all those nonsense la. Personally, I prefer Harun Johari from last time. Hard working and down to earth fella. Too bad he got all those funny people around him.

  5. Who said goverement school leavers teruk, at least they can speak BM and BI better compared whose who attended Chinese school. i came a cross this chinese struggling to speak english and said to her let speak in malay. I used to come acoss malays having difficultlity speaking in BI now it is the chinese even those chinese in china are better in English and the other this Indonesian girl can speak better in English. So what so great about this Chinese school anyway, it is just a public perrfection that a chinese school is better like chinese is good in math compared which is not longer true. Tops scorere in math and add matah include othe races as well and the numbers increaed every year. same goese other results UPSR,PMR and SPM those SK and SMK did better.

  6. Lol!typical woman,they will delete the picture if they look bigger,but actually it is a fact...hehehe.try snap their picture from behind,it will be like all hell break loose!!! Hahaha.jgn marah ye BC.

    1. You sibuk la. I want to be a bit vain also cannot ka...too much la u...:-)

  7. Hey. Kuching Kurap:

    Mamakthir now says that UMNO members got no brains, so are you a member or a hired hand ? Don't blame the bureaucrats for not supporting BN lah - mediocrity begets mediocrity, so I won't be too harsh on these people.

    Godfather aka Cowherder or Goatherder.

  8. Godfather, You like a dog. Got so many faedah from BN government either small or big, still want to bark and bark. Macam anjing la, bagi makan, still want to bite tuannya. What la you. If you really hate the BN government and our Ex Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir, please dont use our highway, please dont drink water and use electricity supply by the government GLC etc etc. Dont say that because of you are a tax payer, you can do, write and speak whatever you like. All these infra and basic amenities developed by BN government with strong support from rakyat rural and urban area. Migrate to other country la, if you thing you can have better future. May be Israel is good for you like your uncle AI. Please learn from your family experience and our country history. How your grandparent or your great grandparent facing lot of difficulties in Darurat, World War, Peristiwa 13 May 1969, communist regime etc and etc. Do you have an experience how Chinese and Malays fight and killing with each other? Do you want that history repeat. Do you know how BN government support by rakyat with keringat and kudrat, changed Penang and Selangor to be developing state, before opposition take over the state government because of some individuals in BN government make blunder. Actually, am fed up with all your nonsense and stupid comments. Talk to much like you knew everything. Belajarlah sedikit bersyukur dan berterima kasih kepada yang memberi. I know la Godfather you came from rich family. You and your family success is also from the BN government program which create lot of business and jobs opportunities and the success in maintaining harmony.

    1. I come from rich family ? If I am rich, I don't have to put up with this nonsense in this country. I am a salaried worker, and every month I pay my taxes through deductions of my salary. You think I should not have any say in how the taxpayers' money is spent ? You folks squander all my money, and you dare tell me (and other taxpayers) to migrate to another country ? This Kuching Kurap fellow writes as though all civil servants should be thankful and loyal to BN - pordah, they should all be thankful to people like me who pay their salaries.

      Like I said in another posting, BN winning the next GE will be a serious setback, but BN winning two-thirds will be a disaster for this country. Maybe then I will migrate to Israel.


  9. Hi Godfather aka anjing kurap, You are the taxpayer ka ? How many percent you pay per year ? How government have to think to give you good salary and better living ? You think you can get it in other country ka ? You ni tin kosong, cakap besar. Pentingkan diri sendiri. Better you get some experience from your grand father or great grand father how the rakyat and BN government facing difficulties because of some nonsense people like you that only think about their your own interest ? Please la godfather si anjing kurap. Dont say that you are a taxpayer, you can ruin our country with your selfish ideology.

  10. Dont try to play racist here. You are DAP people are moron and tupid. Only think about your race and very selfish. May be we are not rich, but we continually support your business and make your business succesful and become rich. Please bare in mind if you become richer and we become poorer, what will happen to this country? Do you think your money and harta benda can protect you. Do you think our situation can be stable. Think carefully. If this country is not stable who will be more suffer. We are the poor people got nothing to loose. You all with so much money, assets and etc etc will facing difficulties to protect all you money and harta.That is why i always remind you please learn some experience with your grandparents or great grandparents on how our coutry led by BN Government with strong support from rakyat - Chinese, Indian and Malays - with keringat and kudrat successfully in developing this country. Please learn from our history. Dont be so stubborn. Pi la baca buku sejarah sekurang-kurangnya boleh jadi pedomaan supaya hang tak buat silap.

  11. Nobody will trigger the nuclear bomb. But you will trigger it yourself?
    Do you really want expereince the history ? For your info, the history start in Batu Pahat.
    Do you know what is the history start at Batu Pahat? If you buta sejarah and cant answer my question, please main jauh jauh. I will not layan the people are so stubborn like you. Fikir fikir dan renung renung kan. Bye Bye