Tuesday 28 August 2012

Mat Sabu being funny with Sin Chew

Pas' super intelligent deputy president Mat Sabu has apparently picked up a fight with the most influential Chinese newspaper in the country, Sin Chew Daily.

Mat Sabu was today quoted by Pas' Harakah as accussing a Sin Chew reporter who interviewed him as "twisting" his words to make it sound as if, he is an evil Taliban who insists on implementing hudud and chopping off heads and limbs.

The offending Sin Chew article had appeared on the newspaper's frontpage on Monday.

Well, the Sin Chew reporter had actually quoted Mat Sabu as saying that Pas will push for the implementation of hudud  in Parliament via constitutional amendment, once Pakatan takes over Putrajaya.

I don't really see anything wrong with such a report. Mat Sabu is technically the second most powerful man in Pas and it is (was?) Pas' aspiration to implement hudud.

So, what was so wrong with the Sin Chew's report that Mat Sabu went to the extent of accussing the highly respected newspaper among Malaysian Chinese as being "unethical"?

Sin Chew's journalists and editors who are known not to be overly fond of the BN government must had been stumped by such harsh judgement of such a senior Pas leader. Has Mat Sabu forgotten all those supportive articles written in Sin Chew about Pakatan?

Well, Sin Chew people, there you have it. These Pakatan leaders are not really sincere la when they talk about upholding freedom of the Press etc. Anything you all report which turn out not to their liking, and you all will have it from them. You all better understand that, ok? If you think BN is not media friendly enough, just wait until Guan Eng and his crazy friends such as Mat Sabu in charge of this country.

Anyway, as for Mat Sabu's outburst, he actually only realised that he was talking to a Sin Chew reporter after the article was published...I think. He must had thought that he was speaking to a Sinar Harian reporter when he said about pushing for hudud. Sinar's Malay muslims audience would probably see Mat Sabu as being so handsome and pious for bravely upholding Islamic laws. Unfortunately, it was Sin Chew and its Chinese audience would not likely appreciate Pas' hudud stance.

To me, this is a case of speaking with too many tongues in front of too many audience. In front of Malays speaks one thing, in front of Chinese, speaks something else. Now Mat  Sabu claimed that his words were twisted by Sin Chew while the truth is, it was him who twisted and turned his own words till he himself was confused by them.


  1. Aiyo Big Cat,

    Your spinning every day is making you mental la.
    Seeing ghost in shadows... Haha

    The Sin Chew editors clarified this evening that Mat Sabu said,
    "Democracy is to govern through ballot box, and change to any policy must be done through Parliament, and two-thirds support (in Parliament) is needed to amend the constitution."

    I can't seem to read anything from the above statement that PAS would push to amend the Federal Constitution to implement hudud. So how can Sin Chew defends its headlined statement as such?

    You are bad at lying la Big Cat.
    Maybe because you are too nice a person.
    Better leave the dirty UMNO spinnings & lies to Big Dog and PapaGomo...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Dear Kluang girl,
      I don't lie one. This is the Sin Chew story -

      吉隆坡27日訊)伊斯蘭黨署理主席莫哈末沙布透露,伊斯蘭黨的意願是一旦執政中央,將尋求國會通過修改憲法,以落實伊斯蘭刑事法(Hudud Law)。







      “伊斯蘭黨相信大馬人民可以支持上述立場。若大多數(議員)都不認同修憲,伊斯蘭黨也會接納多數意見,繼續奉行目前的伊斯蘭法(Syariah Law)。







      In case you are the Anglophile banana type who can't read Chinese, here is the Star report on the Sin Chew report -

      KUALA LUMPUR: PAS will propose Constitutional amendments in Parliament to implement hudud law if it forms the government, said its deputy president Mohamad Sabu.

      This was PAS’ stand and MPs from DAP or other parties, and non-Muslim MPs, could then raise their objections in Parliament, he said.

      Better known as Mat Sabu, he said in an interview with Sin Chew Daily that the party had not discussed the matter as action would only be taken only after Pakatan Rakyat had formed the federal government. The daily ran the front page story on its evening edition yesterday.

      Mat Sabu was commenting on PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s statement that the party would seek to implement hudud law through democratic means.

      He stressed that hudud would only be implemented if it was supported by two-thirds of the MPs.

      “If DAP or non-Muslim MPs disagree (with the law), it is their freedom to do so,” he said.

      This was because one of the religious principles was that “we could not force non-Muslims to believe in the teachings,” he said, adding that if a majority of MPs do not agree to the constitutional amendments, PAS would respect their opinion.

      Contacted later, Mat Sabu made an apparent backtrack and denied saying those things.

      Well, the one you quoted Mat Sabu was not Sin Chew's clarification. It was what Mat Sabu said in Harakah which I think Sin Chew published as his denial.

      I was made to understand that Sin Chew stood by their first report.

      Ok, you satisfied?

    2. aiyoo this DAPigs cybertroopers spinning and liar kluang girl still no shame come here kaa , all her comment are nonsense ... hanya jadi burung kakak tua untuk dynasty Lim sahaja . and now come here accused others for spinning laa , heyy nyonya you can read or not , its so stupid you only read Malaysiakini only maaahh next time read more laa

    3. UMNNO dingos opposed PAS's huduh? UMNO dingos want huduh or not? So Dumno dingos support DAPigs>

  2. haiyaa stupid PAS ever Mat Sabu talking about hudud ??? infront of their lembu , this PAs leader will shout about hudud like forever !! but in different audience they will changed their tone , even Pakatan janji ditaburi dan rakyat dikhianati of Buku Jingga didnt mention about Hudud ..

    The funny thing is who draft the hudud PAS at Kelantan and Terengganu , yeeahhh people !!! is not PAS leader that always think they are more Islamic than others draft that PAS law , that only a person who draft the PAS law and got paid hundred of thousands ringgit , and the funny thing is both draft are not same , this is how PAS playing Islam like a toys . if you dont know his name , its show how stupid youre as a PAS members , thats why i called you a lembu !!!

  3. Bye bye.. :-P
    Orang Melayu sekarang akan jawap "ada aku kesah..."

  4. Indonesia is not the same as Malaysia, but you wouldn't know that would you.
    Good luck for your new life. No one knows what fate has in store abut everyone tries to make a better life.

  5. Anon 07:03,
    Malaysian Sunnis & Malaysian Shites ? What are you talking about? There has never been any serious issues between sunni dan syiah here in this country. If there is a problem, it is more of the 'political' muslims as subscribed by politicians like those in PAS.

    Please get you fact correct about Malaysian muslims here !

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    I aready had expected the tirade but no worries. With my qualification and my three children who are all on the Dean's list and have full AUSTRALIAN scholarship, with one given a COMMONWEALTH doctoral scholarship, frankly I am set up for life.

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