Friday 10 August 2012

Similarities between Lee and Mahathir

Since I'm currently on the subject of former Singapore premier Lee Kuan Yew, I think I may as well write something on his similarities with his equally ageing "nemesis" Malaysian Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Well, I'm choosing to put on record their similarities rather than differences because their differences were already well documented throughout their often stormy relationship over the past decades. Sometimes we are too preoccupied with our differences that we forgot about our similarities which bound us together.

It's just for the record of this blog.

Here are the top ten similarities between the two leaders -

1. They are responsible for what their country are now, currently the two most advanced nations in this region.
2. They are smart, firm and deciplined.
3. They are handsome men who married beautiful intelligent women.

4. They have humble background.
5. They are good husbands and fathers.
6. They are selfless men who love their country.
7. They are accussed of being dictators.
8. They don't really care about accussations against them and believe that what they had done were for the good of their country.
9. Most of the time, they were right.
10. They don't really like each other, despite their similar personal characteristics.


  1. They have no liking for each other because they care for two different countries and their visions of progress do not coincide.

    While one rushes thru like a hare, the other chose a steady pace. Hmmm like the race between the tortoise and the hare.

  2. If I may add another similarity:their superior logic and simple explanation so that their audience understand their logic. NO unnecessary explanation needed.

  3. Dear Kucing Besar,
    Saw in NST a story of the junkard trip by NST hotshots re major renovations to palaces in this southern state of this federation reason being to bring back glory? what glory and whose glory?who funds these works?What glory does this state have if you lose Batu Puteh, the Railway land and also selling millions of unprocessed "silica" to the tiny island republic which we all should despise for its braggart attitude

    1. glory hole kot. Depa ni semua syok sendiri sebab rakyat biasa yg menangung parasites ni sampai ke cicit 7 generasi semua kaki penyakit suka menyembah yg bukan2.

  4. May be, men with these characters don't get along with each other despite the similarities?

  5. What similarities? One forgetting his roots and advocating race and religion resulting in a BIG disunity in the country and the country go gostan still depending on digging the resources like oil, gas . The other has his roots but promoting unity among each other resulting in majullah Sinkapore - no oil, gas and even enough water - but spending millions to build dams, pipelines and treatment plants and hand over them FOC and its currency is 2.5 times bigger like a bullock cart than ringgit.

    1. As Singapore celebrates its birthday, let us all rally All Singaporeans to stand up against pap bullying and down talking with their poorly executed and poorly though policies that are hurting us and Singapore now. Let us all stand up to pap, against their GRC system, the upgrading carrot etc.

    2. One is always add odd with the Western countries.
      One always kowtow.

      One have to deal with multiple races (Malay, Chinese, India, Sikh, Iban, Bidayuh, Kadazan etc..)
      One have to deal with only one race

  6. Anonymous@10 August 2012 02:38 needs to crawl out from under his coconut shell. Please educate yourself at

    1. 10.23

      You are still in the shell. I have crawled out see what Dumno has done. I need not to pay 10% extra for houses, I can go to uni as long as I have good results, no problems in getting a licence to do business and no need to pay kopi o to mata2 and majlis, no need to nag about what religion, race and pendatang. If it is so bad, why they don't migrate north. Just so near just across and can get all the xtras given but have to go Down Under or cold north.

    2. Yo bozo, why migrate at the slightest obstacle? Typical reaction of a spineless retard. Your allegations have to be proven before anyone would believe you.

      Any fool can claim and declare this and that. Have you got the guts to go to court with your infantile charges? Convenient to create fanciful bogeyman for your failures.

      Sheeesshhh ... otak udang, jati sotong!

    3. So it confirm you are still inside the shell and has not come out. The malaysian court can allow a person commiting sex with an underage girl with just a fine? So sex and main with young girl ok? What about in the eyes of the official religion?

  7. one is willing to die for his country, while the other will mati2 die for his race, or rather, his adopted race. one is happy being overseas chinese, while the other desperately hides his Indian origin.