Friday 3 August 2012

Pretty Betty on top again

I read with great interest a story in Star today about Pretty Betty getting prettier of late. Very nice. (Sorry, I can't provide the link as this IT device I'm using will try to give me hernia if I try to do such thing. I'm not kidding. Being an insignificant provincial pro-BN blogger, I have to make do with using faulty and outdated equipment)

According to the report, Chinese newspaper Kwang Wah Yit Poh had noted that Pretty Betty who had previously  used to dress mostly in slacks and shorts to achive that career woman look had changed her style to look more elegant.

Pretty Betty Chewy was said to be seen in stylish dresses, complete with tasteful accessories.

She look nice isn't she? Merry boy Guan Eng must be quite contented now....well, he better be....otherwise bigger things than ashtray may fly his way.

Ok lah, I better not write too much....otherwise all those DAP cybertroopers will start moaning and groaning at this blog.

But really lah, Guan Eng better behave after this. otherwise wasted only Betty's effort at being pretty. You hear or not boy boy?


  1. Aiyo... all the hard work and lots of money spent to please one saggy ball Apek. I'ld find myself a fresh gigolo and have a good time too:)

  2. while betty chewing gum gets prettier, plaster lim reverts to his old apek style

  3. Well good for her. Still need the tummy tuck tho..


  4. Better looking than that fat first lady....

  5. Ah Cheat Gor and his adventure in PD also resulted in Rosie-mah buying handbags and diamonds. But Rosie-mah turns out sooooo FAT.

  6. For an apek, the bini kecik is never about sex, its about love ok. Eat with love, walking with love, hj with love, bj with love and lastly going down on her with love

    Lelaki melayu

    1. Bini kecik is young and hot. Apek forgets that dick down there also ages. Blapa lama mau telan itu pill bilu lor?Bini kecik will have to find satisfaction elsewhere soon - even for money you can tahan the old geezer's smell and fartings only for a while. Hope bini kecik makes a cuckold of him. I know many who have. Lelaki Melayu you better watch out with your binis.

  7. Rosie Rosie Show Me your legs
    show me your legs, show me your legs
    Rosie Rosie show me your legs
    A yard above the knee

    Yuck !

  8. Pretty up a bit ok lah, but don't go overboard with the botox and plastic surgery like "ros" mah,ok?

  9. Anonymous @21.49, why would you want to see 2 stumpy logs? Honestly the croc's would look better.

  10. Too late-lah. It is like the chasing after the wind. All in vain.

  11. joehancl/PRAY, it works5 August 2012 at 16:53

    Hey if you got nothing substantial to write, don't write. You are all empty at the top, S ho.

  12. Pro BN Blogger not laku lah.

  13. jesus christ what u are on about.
    whats wrong with twice married? or even three times marriage? it didnt work out for first then why not second third fourth or even for the infinity time?

    the problem is, u cant in anyway tell for sure who was caught or whether it was PD in the first place. and u want to be funny. a person with such small mind and big mouth cant be funny.

    and the good thing about moslem, u can marry more than one. max 4. of course terms and conditions apply. u should join. be a good moslem.

  14. must be the typical horny never satisfied cheating Malay husband talking. Changing wives and adding in more is like dealing with cattle for him. Over inflated ego, no sense of loyalty and back stabber supremo