Wednesday 22 August 2012

Of my favorite bird and Pakatan christians

Woke up early morning again. Guess I'm still in bulan ramadan mode of automatically waking up for sahur. Doesn't's always good to be an early bird. In fact I almost named this blog after a bird - the Butcher Bird. They named my favourite Second World War plane after this small bird. Yup, I got weird interests....

Anyway, I always enjoy the cool morning fresh air...though here in KL the air doesn't seem to be fresh at any time of the day...JB's air better lah. Oh, talking about fresh air, the best fresh air I have ever had was during a spring somewhere in Somerset, south western England. The air was so crisp and fresh during that time of the year there. They said it's the wind blowing from the Atlantic Ocean.

Well...what is it that I'm really trying to say in this posting ya? Forgot pulak.... Sometimes I get so easily distracted leh....:-)

Ok, actually I wanted to write about the allegations that the Christian Anglophiles were plotting to take power in this country. Bloggers who had written about it range from the likes of Big Dog to Helen Ang and even the ultra Chinese shuzheng.

Yes, I know, it sounds absurd, especially among the trendy urbanites who celebrate Christmas just to prove how trendy they are. But this perceived threat has been a concern of the Malay muslim community since way back before Merdeka. Conservative Muslim parents back then were wary about sending their children to the missionary schools for fear of their children being converted to Christianity. This fear however subsided over the years and missionary schools these days are more or less the same as any sekolah kebangsaan.

However, reading through my fellow bloggers' writings on the matter, I can't help feeling concerned about how the Pas people are being so accommodating to their Pakatan allies, particularly DAP, which leadership are mostly made up of Anglophile Christians.  Just read the writings of popular Pakatan poster girl Hannah Yeoh to get an idea of how fundamentally christians they are.

Don't get me wrong here, I am not a Christian-hating Muslim person. Some of my closest friends are Christians, and they are mostly Pakatan supporters. My real concern here is on how these particular bunch of christians are using the faith to grab power in this country.

Just look at the way DAP conduct their campaign during the last Sarawak state election. They were clearly banking on using the religion to split the bumiputera votes as Sarawak's indigenous groups have a huge number of Christians. The DAP's tactics of exploiting the christian sentiments however only worked mostly among the Chinese community of Sarawak, causing a split between the mostly Pakatan-supporting Chinese in the urban areas and the BN-supporting bumiputera in the rural areas. The racial polarization of Sarawakians has become very defined since then.

Somehow, it's even more worrying when some churches seem to be supportive of  these Pakatan christian leaders. Some of the churches most senior officials had issued statements to that effect and these had been highlighted several times by the bloggers I mentioned above.

These active political moves by these bunch of christians however seems to worry the traditionalist non-Malays such as Helen more than the Malay Muslims majority. The Pas people seem confident that they will be able to dominate the DAP and PKR Christians once they take over power in Putrajaya. After all, they believe they got the numbers and the jihad spirit. If the christians get overboard, they seem sure they can just wipe these christians out. My bet however is that their christian friends of convenience are not idiots and they have a perfectly good plan on how to subdue these less intelligent Pas people when the time to do so comes along. Even now they seem to be on top of things with the Pas people bending backwards to please them.

As for the traditional Chinese such as Helen and shuzheng, they are right for being concerned about the future of their Chineseness. The christians are slowly but surely chipping away at their traditional way of life and beliefs. Being christians are becoming more fashionable among the young Chinese. For instance, my chinaman, despite being a Taoist, reads the Bible regularly because his friends do so. He however remains a very traditional Chinese and resisted the temptation of adopting one of those funky christian names such as Andy, or Leslie, or Ricky. Oh, and he also celebrates christmas for trendy purposes too, much to my irritation.

And indeed these Christians are more subtle in spreading their faith and way of life. They make themselves so dear and acceptable to you first before proceeding to other things.

Well, I hate to sound like an alarmist, but I do remember a close friend of mine in college making a remark once, about how he wished all the Chinese in this country are christians.

"We could then be a real political force. Right now it is quite difficult with some of these Chinese still praying to the moon la...and believing in all sorts of nonsense," he said. I remember that he said that around Chap Goh Mei time.

Well, I think these days, my friend's wish sounds very viable indeed. If the Pakatan christians continue to play their cards well, there is a possibility that he may get what he wished....or even more....a Crusade war in this country. No kidding ya. You think those crazy Pas people don't wish for their version of the same thing? Go jihad and paradise is guaranteed....and this is the really killing people jihad variety, ok?


  1. How dumb can you be ? In 20 years' time, the non-Muslims will represent about 20 pct of the population. Of these, less than half are Christians, unless of course the Christians manage to convert the Muslims - which is what the UMNO goons are saying, right ? Because a 5 pct or a 10 pct Christian population cannot make any headway in any country's political structure. So you invent the threat of christianisation of the majority Malays. So you make them worry sick about taking funds or accepting help from Christians.

    Maybe Kuching Besar doesn't know her maths ?

    1. You only blame Jews and Americans for being strong? What about Malaysia? Why Malaysia still in the kampongs and compare to Indon, Pakistan, Burma and never advance but gostan baleK?

    2. you dont need numbers to rule, just a cunning and conniving mind. just like size doesnt matter, as long as u know how to use it. so to anon 21 Aug 21.33... plse dont insult people if u urself are ignorant.

  2. BigCat:

    We don't want to take power in this country. We just want to kick out the corrupt regime. We hope you know the difference.

    In God We Trust

    1. Big Cat - instead of nation building so that everyone has a share, it is nation breaking up. Malaysia can never be united like America or even Sinkapore as we have leaders and followers just thinking of their race and religion. They are leaders and should set examples.
      Talking about allegation of christians trying to take power Big cat is like Hassan Ali - proof - what prooof of polyesting? As usual like talking about Lee Kuan Yew is very sick - again is heresay. I can never imagine the Prophet preaching about differences tahn similarities.

    2. Anon,

      While I agree that Malaya and later Malaysia has been based upon different racial lines since it's independence, the divisions of which have become more obvious now that during the early years of independence; please don't idealise countries such as the United States, where the official policy is one nation, but in reality a racial and religious divide still exists and has gotten mor pronounced of late.

      Over there, anti-discrimination legislation has driven these divisions under the surface but if you look at the various links on aggregation portals such as, you can see the prejudices.

      For example, part of the dislike for President Obama are based on the fact that he's a Black man, as head of state. Also, the recent shooting at a Sikh temple and burning down of a mosque are evidence that such prejudices exist, and also the rising prejudice against immigrants, specially Hispanics, in the United States and Europe.

      This is not good and while I hate to acknowledge it, a clash of civilisations seems to be taking place worldwide, not just in Malaysian.

    3. At least a black man can be the Supreme of the country. Here not even can be DPM even for the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. The silks can build temples but here have to tumpang in rumah kedai. Orang Alsi's religous in Johor was demolished.

    4. You miss the point and you are deaf and blind. I am refering to leaders and those second in command. Here you always hear about my religion, my race and my position. Do you hear that in other conuntries except Zimbabwe, Congo and former South africa. Dumno only go gostan.

  3. Big Cat,

    I don't believe that most Malaysian Christians have any intention to take over Malaysia or even dream of it, though there may be a few political Christians who may fantasise about that.

    What most Christians want is the to be able to establish places or worship without much hassle, which is what they face now. For example, it took about 20 years before the Roman Catholics got the approval to establish the Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam and in an industrial estate.

    However, since Christianity, like Islam are prosyletising religions, each will be making efforts to gain converts, which they regard as their duty to God, and this often offends followers of other religions.

    I'm a Buddhist and have been approached many times by Christian missionaries, especially the evangelicals but I've never been approached to convert to Islam, well so far not yet.

    While there are some Buddhists who've converted to Christianity, people like Helen Ang should ask why. One possibility is the kind of "Buddhism" they have been taught. If it only involves the ritualistic aspects such as praying with candles and a clutch of joss sticks, without a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of Buddhism, then their knowledge and understanding of Buddhism is superficial and it's these people who are most likely to be converted, while those with deeper understanding and knowledge are not so easily swayed.

  4. BTW. It's interesting that a woman would have an interest is the Focke Wulf fighter plane. It was a legendary German fighter during World War II along with the Messerschmidt 109.

    1. It is a Wo Man and not woman.

  5. IT Sheiss:

    Her interest is not in the fighter plane, it's in the symbol at the tail. That's what all DUMNO apologists do - when in doubt, scream to the world that the opponents are fascists. Without realising that the world knows who the true fascists are.

    1. Anon, your mind is really single tracked lah. That's a FW-190D-9 Dora. Very elegant plane, ok? Sheeessshhh...these DAP cybertroopers so difficult liao. Well,whatever lah.

    2. We fully believe that you have a keen interest in vintage aircraft. And in a certain historical figure with a funny moustache.

    3. Oh yeah, we see the meow meow emblem on the aircraft. So sori Kuching Besar, you were admiring yourself in that sori....

    4. bigcat, if interested join my page on face book page on aviation art at http://www.facebook.comAvationArtUnlimited
      if you like the 'D-9 Dora' you will surely like the Ta-152 , plenty aviation painting and art hope to see you join the page as Bigcat.

    5. Thanks anon 01:25. I will give it a try. Anyway, the Ta-152 was a better aircraft than the D-9. Kurt Tank actually intended for the D-9 as just a stop gap measure until the introduction of the Ta-152 as Germany's high altitude interceptor. But somehow I prefer the D-9 for its more sleek looks. Well, cheers :-)

    6. Boy! Big Cat,

      You got it right down to the model number. I would not know that myself.

      I was crazy about planes when I was a teenager, spent plenty of time building those Airfix & Revel plastic model planes until my mum commanded me to lock them all up in a glass cupboard until I completed my Form Six, or she would throw them all out.

      Meanwhile, my classmate Leong did a "Bill Gates" and voluntarily stopped out of upper six after being taken on by then Malaysia-Singapore Airlines for pilot training, very shortly before it split into MAS and SIA. Leong was a pilot with SIA and from what I've heard, he became quite a wealthy.

      Did you ever think of becoming a pilot? It pays a heck of a lot more than journalism, which I believe is increasingly not going to pay a living wage as print increasingly moves online. (See my blog)

      Better start a nasi lemak or a char koay teow stall. At least you can continue earning a living if you maintain consistent quality, instead of becoming obsolete.

    7. Well, hger reply below shows that she has a life beyond politics and IT.

      Sayang IT
      Makan IT
      Muntah IT
      Berak IT

      IT. Sheiss is German for "IT.Shit" and sounds like "Eat Shit"

    8. Dear IT.Sheiss,
      It's nice to know a fellow enthusiast. My interest in planes started when I was a teenager too. Two of my brothers are aircraft engineers. It started when one of them bought a model plane for our little brother but he didn't like it. I was instead so facinated by it and end up picking it up as a hobby. My friends at that time thought I was a weirdo :-) And yes, at that time I always dream of flying an aircraft. But it was not to be. The opportunity for it never materialised.

    9. Dear Big Cat,

      I have not had much time to pay close attention to aircraft in the last couple of decades, especially since I've been working on computers and later writing about IT.

      Still the interest is there

    10. Oh yes! I find the Focke Wulf the most elegant-looking and sleek single-engined, WW2 fighter with a radial engine, and the FW 109D is even more elegant, fitted with a Jumo in-line engine for better high-altitude performance.

      The sleekest-looking ones such as the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane and North American P-51 Mustang had in-line engines, while the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, the Change Vought F-4U Corsair and the Mitsubish A6M Zero were radial engined planes, and none are as elegant-looking even as earlier radial-engined Focke Wulf FW 190 models.

  6. How does a 2nd World War plane equate to Pakatan Christians ? If you had no intention to link the two, then you must think we are more stupid than you are.

    1. It doesn't. I just write as I please. I don't charge money for those who want to read what I wrote here. If you think my writings are stupid, then you don't have to read it. I will not cry if no one want to read this blog ;-)

    2. It doesn't but is a much more interesting topic than the now very boring Malaysian politics of continuous finger-pointing, sex scandals, personal attacks and accusations by both sides.

      I am just waiting till the general elections to see the actual outcome, instead of listening to and reading column-cm after column-cm of speculation of the outcome.

      I however predict that Najib will have many more erections before he calls the elections ;)

  7. Dont worry about the Chinese Christian Anglophiles, they wont rule Malaysia 4 sure and they will also miss living in heaven. Jesus was sent for the Jews only. Period.

  8. Dear Zack,

    That's not thinking outside THE box. In fact we tend to think in different boxes depending on our ideology and bias and hardcore PR supporters tend to think within their box, while hardcore BN supporters think within their different box, so we end up with the battle of the different boxes.

    Those who manage to avoid getting trapped in one or another box are able to think outside of ANY box.

  9. Yess, those sooooo traditional Chinese with the 2000-year old traditional Chinese name of Helen, doesn't get more credible than this.