Sunday 5 August 2012

Playing critique to I Choose Malaysia video

It's past midnight, weekend...and I got a fever. He came over during buka puasa time, met me downstairs, brought me some Vietnamese soup, chit chat, then went off. Useless fella never even realised I am sick. Since I'm not the mengada-ngada type, I just kept quiet.

Well, never mind, I got some panadol soluble, should be ok. Just that I can't sleep yet. Bloody sore throat and headache.

Went through the blogs and noticed the I Choose Malaysia video advertisment. It features five senior sopo bloggers - Rocky, Big Dog, Apanama, Outsyed the Box and My Anger.

Again, can't provide the link because of my faulty netbook.

Critique - Rocky looks relatively  natural, Big Dog tried to be cute and succeded to a certain extent eventhough I know he is not actually cute at all, Apanama tried too hard to be sweet which he is not as he is actually a lean mean fighting machine, OutsidetheBox struggles to look at ease in front of the camera which I think he finds hard to do as he is no actor, My Anger put up the best performance except that I have not seen his blog for quite a long while.

Anyway, these five guys, their performance in the video clip aside, are indeed a bunch of good fellas. Salute to them for  their efforts.

Yes, I choose Malaysia too....Taiwan came a very distant second though...just in case the no good Pakatan horde took over and wreck this country.

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