Friday 10 August 2012

Pandelela did us proud

Malaysia achieved another olympic milestone last night when diver Pandelela Rinong became our first female medalist winning the 10m platform bronze. She is also the first Malaysian olympic medalist from outside the sports of badminton.

NST reported that "It was a magnificent medal to win, considering the pressure the 19 year old was under after a poor first dive left her in 10th place in the 12-diver field."

The report also stated that, "In fact, had it not been for the first dive - which gave her only 58.50 points, Pandelela could have well won the silver as her final total of 359.20 points was not too far off silver medallist Brittany Broben of Australia's 366.50. China's Chen Ruolin was a runaway winner with 422.30."

Well done Pandelela. Thanks for the cheers.

ps. Please refrain from doing a Manoharan by not commenting that it was only a bronze. Thank you.


  1. Pandelela's bronze should be treated as equivalent to LCW's silver as diving from a height of 10m is no easy feat. Anyone can pick up a racket and play badminton. How many are brave enough to jump from a 10m platform?

  2. You should read what Monyet King's tribute to Pandelela

  3. You dont need bravery lah anon, you need to be trained and enjoy the sports at an early age....typical skewed mentality as usual- always fearing something.